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Oxford Mint Silicone Detailer


500ml £7.99

Oxford’s Mint range of potions – many for motorcycles as well as the pedal branch of the family – generally provide good value for money and offer a high level of effectiveness. Like its relatives, the Mint Silicone Detailer is not seem as sophisticated as some other potions, but does the job and does it well – and not just as a detailer.


Pros: easy to apply, effective in a number of roles


Cons: set aside some time to get best results.



Oxford describe their silicon Protectant as an “innovative blend of oils which hides minor blemishes on surfaces, reducing the appearance of small cracks and scratches.” You’d not expect a lot more detail from a manufacturer.


The aim is to make the bike look good, but also to create a protective barrier that will to prevent “finger prints and other smudges appearing.” For some, such as I, finger prints and smudges are far down the list of menaces to the paint job. Even so, I’ve been pleasantly surprised, not just by the shine, but by its impact on light dirt and dust from the road or in storage. Needless to say, it offers lubrication, too.


Oxford state that it is safe on paintwork and carbon – and it’ll suit your motorbike, too. It seems to be fine on seals, plastics and rubber.

silicone detailer bike bicycle motorbike cycle protector

Application 3/5


Cleanliness being next to Godliness, ensure the surfaces awaiting the detailer are through cleaned and dry. A good time to apply the detailer is after a thorough degrease and bucket-wash. I opened up with Oxford’s Mint Degreaser, followed by their Mint Bike Wash. Given that this was a one off, I took the opportunity to touch up one or two larger chips from the little pot of paint I bought from Argos Racing Cycles. That took some time, and without it the drying process would have been much quicker. Even so, don’t rush things, if you want the best effect.


Spray a little of detailer onto the surface and work in with a clean cloth. For what it is, he detailer is not especially runny, but you want to be careful not to get it on your discs or other braking surfaces. I have tended to go with a broad approach, on the whole., but for very small areas, try spraying a little detailer onto a clean cloth. The latter can also be recommended when working in windy conditions or when nearing the bottom of the can.


Buff up for a bright finish.

bicycle cycle frame polish chip

Performance 3.5/5


On stove enamelled paint work and powder coating it has brought a really rich shine, revealing the inner soul of the paint job. True, I do tend to go for hearty reds, greens and purples, which helps. On two and four pac, the impact is good, although, in y opinion, more of a revival than a revelation.


What abut he scratches. Remind ourselves that polishes and detailers will not hide deep gashes – superficial damage, on the surface rather than through it. It has to be said, that they do disappear from view amidst the renewed lustre. This was particularly true of my tourers “Flam Violet” finish. However, it also brightened up the old green of the Supergalaxy as it begs for a new paint job.

cycle bicycle fork polis
steerer tube cycle bike icycle polish

I primarily leave my Post Box red single-speed in storage over the winter. Happily, the detailer seemed to do a pretty good job as a general protectant, keeping the paint job nice and tidy for the first warmer day of spring. Nor had the chipped chrome on the cranks deteriorated.


The detailer will revive the paint job, not replace it. Even so, he pretty basic grey on my son’s aluminium machine looked little livelier. Even better, in common with the other winter bikes, dirt seemed less prone to stick. This was especially noticeable on the wife’s white Whyte.


Lustre has not been as strong as some polishes produce, but it is easier to apply if you are pressed for time.


I have not noticed any harm done to seals or other rubber components. Older ones seem to have benefitted from a touch. It has had a good effect on squeaky pump seals, too.


Value 3.5/5


Juice Lubes Frame Polish is a bit more expensive, but may have a slight edge in really wet weather. Likewise, Muc-Off Silicone Shine is pricier, but it is hard to bat when coms to lustre. Of course, our Silicone Detailer in not just a polish, but then neither are the other two.


Naked Bikes Bike Bling comes in a liquid form, although a little pricier, may work out cheaper when one takes the lack of propellant into account.


Then there are wax-type polishes, such as Crankalicious Crisp Fame Wax, but they are a different cup of tea.


It is worth noting that Oxford’s General Protectant is a similar price the Silicone Detailer, and performs similar functions, although with subtle differences.




As ever, Oxford bring you a value for money product that does just what it says on the can. Effective and economical, it may all short in one or two areas compared to some competitors, but not ever cyclist seeks - or spends time looking for – subtle, some might say, minor, differences.

Verdict: 3.5/5 Good, all-round.


Steve Dyster




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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