Pro Gold bike wash is another subtle, yet very effective formula only bettered by carbon pro sports heavy duty cleaner when it comes to dissolving drivetrain gloop. Pro Gold wouldn’t give much away but confirmed it’s free of phosphates, dyes, bleach, brighteners, perfume or similarly caustic chemicals, so theoretically safe on hands and garments too.


Price sounded decidedly steep, but I’ve been pleased by its economy. There’s no need for pre-washing - just twist the nozzle open and squirt away. From the nozzle it’s almost indistinguishable from Purple Harry and WD40.


However, given a few gentle strokes, congealed wet lubes literally fell away from rings, cassettes and pedals.


The same went for chains dressed in 10w/40 motor oils, although achieving the same effects on more tenacious petrochemical types demanded a few minutes standing time.


It also topped the others when blitzing ingrained dirt from bar wrap and faux leather palms-the sort that accumulates with roadside punctures/similar mechanicals and spilt energy drinks. Dowdy looking electroluminescent rucksack covers that mustn’t be machine washed responded particularly favourably using the blast, agitate, stand and rinse technique, ditto crusty mountain bike shoes.


Badly soiled skin following thorough strip downs also responded well to the point where I could nip indoors to answer take a phone call or use the toilet without leaving marks on light switches, door handles, or gulp-wallpaper. That said; my hands felt dry afterwards and I’d never dream of sitting down to a meal without a thorough soap and water scrub first.


I drew the line at Gore Tex and other sophisticated two-layer laminates but used it very successfully as a pre-washing agent on careworn winter gloves, polyester commuter and old school condom jackets prior to tours de Zanussi.


Back to bikes and no surprise to learn casual blow-overs are sufficient to strip moderate amounts of generic road spatter. Caked on cocktails of greasy spatter, brake dust, bird poop, mud and similar unmentionables demanded the full three minutes, second helpings - especially around the bottom bracket down and seat tubes.



















Scrubbed gently with a soft brush or jumbo sponge dipped and dunked in tepid water, enamel, 2pack, powder coated, lacquered and anodised finishes literally gleamed. Provocatively extending the standing times by a minute or so didn’t produce unsightly streaking or similar blemishes.


Raw titanium and aluminium alloys posed no problems either. Matt effects are trickier customers- we noticed some minor discoloration on a carrier-quickly addressed using a dedicated polish. Therefore, try a small inconspicuous area first and rinsing promptly.

Michael Stenning


Verdict: 3.5 out of 5; Efficient, versatile and generally gentle cleaning agent but go carefully on matt finishes.





Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH