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289g 350x27.2mm Black (as tested) £24.99

Genetic’s Heritage II Seat Post is fundamentally a 27.2mm road seat-post aimed at those who like a classic style. However, there’s no real reason why it should not go on any steel bike with a 27.2mm downtube, and it has some modern touches, too. On the other hand, enthusiasts going back into the seventies, or even mistier times, might want to seek out something with a bit more obvious authenticity.


Pros: Well-executed and good value.


Cons:  A bit more “pimping” would be welcomed by some ‘heritage’ riders.

Genetic Heritage post1 PP.JPG

Materials and manufacture 3.75/5


Single forged shaft and head are designed to give a “smooth, strong seat post” The outer section is round, but the inner oval, to maintain strength whilst reducing weight. Even so, you’ll find lighter, if weight-loss is your bag. 6061 is a hardened aluminium alloy not uncommon in the seat-post community. As you’d expect, the Heritage II is somewhat heavier than Genetic’s race-orientated Syngenic Seat Post equivalent.


The single bolt design is pretty traditional, once we get past the days of the side-fastening systems of days of yore. As ever, it is easy to adjust. The gentle curve of the head will be familiar to many. Such designs were far from the only one’s around in the seventies and eighties, and it is certainly different to the flat platform of the two-part post and head that it replaced Photo below). Nicely, the bolt has some additional horizontal adjustment via slightly elongated slot. Hence, I guess, Genetic’s description of it as “micro-adjust.”

300mm long shaft (not including head) – should be plenty for most frame geometries, let alone a ‘retro’ style Eroica-ready machine. In fact, it virtually disappeared into the down tube of my Carlton Clubman. Some more modern, fiercer geometries, in particular, may need to look for a 400mm post. 

Genetic Heritage post clamp.JPG
seat post saddle bicycle cycl bike

The Heritage II is available in black or silver.


Fitting 3.5/5


Taking the opportunity to give the inside of the downtube a bit of a clean, before adding a bit of grease to the shaft and inserting, kept things smooth and removed the threat of scratches on the nice shiny finish.

seat post bicyle saddle bike cyle genetic heritage

Apart from that, adjustment was simple. That’s more than can be said for some of the curved-head seat-posts I have faffed around with – but that could just be me. Brookes B12 was the chosen saddle.


Of course, there is just one size, so be sure it is the one that you want.


Performance 4/5


Enjoying some pacey bursts around the lanes on the 1976 Carlton Clubman, I’ve found the Genetic Heritage II very secure and suitably stiff when pushing those pedals hard, or swooping round swinging downhills. Of course, that’s what one would hope for, but reassuring none-the-less. Real speedster might prefer to be directly over the bottom bracket.


Once set up, the clamp has proved very sound: four hundred miles – not all of them smooth – and no need to reach for the Allen key.


Keeping up appearances matters, so a bit of care with adjustment – both keeping distance with the adjustable spanner and moving when adjusting – there’s been no sign of scratching that lovely smooth black surface.


On the style front, there’s nothing overly flashy here: craftsmanship and good manufacture, yes, but no big bling effect. Compared to the two-part authentic seventies post it replaced, it is mightily smart, in my opinion. On the other hand, authenticity eagles will seek out originals; those seeking big bling may look to flashier pieces, maybe with pretty fluting. Personally, even back in the day, I preferred to keep water out of the seat tube.


Good weather has limited the need for cleaning, but a wipe over occasionally has kept things dandy.

saddle seat post bicyle cyce bike genetic heritae retro classic

Value 3.75/5


Putting a value on classically-styled stuff is not easy. In some ways, rather like the Genetic Heritage pedals, this is just a very good bit of gear at a decent price. In that sense it is very good value compared to most. On the other hand, some will simply want more bling for their retro pride and joy, whist the hard-core marque fan will always be willing to seek out and pay for an original.




A good value seat-post, that should work well on most conventional frames, although length may be an issue for some. It is smart and stylish – in my opinion – and there’s no doubting the quality of the build and finish. Classic style should suit both retro and contemporary machines, whose owners don’t mind a little extra-weight and want to look good without bashing the wallet.

Verdict 3.75/5 A really nicely made seat-post for contemporary and retro builds, at a nice price.


Steve Dyster




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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