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45g One size £14.99

Keeping your head warm and dry in winter is pretty much a must. Proviso's Reflect360 Helmet Cover has done a good job, on the whole, though I’ve one our two niggles with it. Even so, one can’t doubt that it has kept the water out, heat in and as for reflecting …. well, what does one say.

Proviz Refelect360 waterproof helmet cover

Aimed primarily at the commuter, the Proviz Reflect360 Helmet Cover, takes its place amongst they legendary range of reflective gear used by cyclists and runners, though runners are less likely to be interested in this one.


Size and materials


The Proviz Reflect360 Helmet Cover is 100% polyester, waterproof, design coming in one size to fit all. The Reflect360 technology is pretty much established now as one of the most aggressive attention-seekers in the cycling wardrobe; fans will know what to expect. An elasticated draw-string pulls things tight around your lid, and is secured at the rear by a toggle. The hem is sealed for extra protection from the elements.


It is intended to fit all standard helmet sizes and styles.


If you want a bit more colour in your helmet-life, with similar properties, Proviz also make the Reflect360 CRS Helmet Cover - a mere fiver more.




Testing has taken place during the bleak midwinter when frosty winds make moan around a cyclist’s head. On all but the coolest days and most rapid descents, I’ve not felt winter’s chill too much. Combining to with Proviz’s Classic Skullcap, has meant toastiness with a windchill well below zero. When balmy double figures have been approached it has been more than sufficient on its own. 

Steady commuting at twelve to fifteen mph hasn’t seen too much sweating during the colder months, but I can see there being dilemmas regarding to don or get a wet head during summer storms. Faster paced bursts have seen a rapid rise in dampness, but you’d expect this.


My venerable Gore Bikewear helmet is fully breathable, but an equivalent comes in at almost double the price. Having said that, its subtle reflective detail is less likely to wake a dreaming driver form semi-slumber. The role of reflective is a matter of debate amongst cyclists, but those who want to stick out like a lighthouse can’t do better than Reflect360 from Proviz.

Waterproof is what to is described as and this seems to be spot on. Persistent rain and a good dousing under the shower have not seen any ingress.


Fitting is pretty easy. One size and an elasticated drawstring seem to cope with most helmets. Stretching over a peak/visor has not been a problem. More aggressive road helmets have been fine, too.


Actually the more stretched the better, in my opinion. Here’s a little gripe. I find the polyester a lot less tactile than my Gore Bikewear. Fine for my regular ten miles into the city centre, but not so ideal when I’m off to a different venue double the distance. This, of course, is mitigated when the Classic skullcap is in use, too. for me , it is not a deal-breaker, but more sensitive souls might feel differently.


The other minor gripe is that the toggle gets in the way of the adjuster/rear light on some helmets. Fiddly nuisance rather than anything more, I have found it well-worth the time to get things sorted out neatly to avoid irritation at the back of the head.




This is a good commuter hemet cover, which will keep you warm and dry. Minor gripes aside, it has distinct strengths in terms of visibility, though you can get more breathability and, in my view, a more comfortable fit, for a similar price, for longer rides.

Verdict 3.5/5 Minor gripes, but effective and well-made.


Steve Dyster



Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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