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UGOE 2000 LUMEN HEADLIGHT 337g £99.99

The Ugoe 2000 lumen headlight is a wallet friendly, high power unit. More than adequate for navigating back roads at 27-30mph plus. There’s reasonable trail potential too, to around 20mph. At the other extreme, its 500 lumen constant option keeps things civilised and practical, for more general road riding.

Pros: Powerful, tried and tested design, with sensible power options and run times.

Cons: External battery pack, No SOS mode.

Ugoe 2000 lumen headlight lamp bicycle cycle trail road



In common with its 1000 lumen little brother, the shell is made from CNC machined aircraft grade aluminium alloy. Rugged, this also conducts heat very effectively. Inside live two Cree diodes, reckoned to enjoy 50,000 hour lifespans. Consequently, the shell, though compact, is proportionately much bigger than the Ugoe 1000. Both use polycarbonate lenses with collimator technology, ensuring a focused beam.  

Ugoe 2000 lumen 1000 headlight light lamp bicycle cycle road trail


The rubberised switch is sensibly proportioned, positive, yet easily commanded by gloved thumbs, even mid ride. There are four modes and no memory function. Hardly a deal-breaker, given the asking price but be mindful that it defaults to the full 2000 lumens. Next up, 1000lumens, prod again for 500. Another press unleashes strobing, which is also 1000 lumens. This and it’s low (500 lumen) steady option, are allegedly good for 12 hours. Favourable for city limits commuting and less intense road riding.

Ugoe 2000 lumen headligh lamp light bicycle test review cycle bicycle bike

Again, the integral battery life indicator is a little basic - blue indicates a full charge, when reserves dip to 20% it’ll turn red. In real terms, you’ve got approximately 20 minutes. After that it’ll power down, without further warning, to protect the battery from damaging discharge. 


Mounting Options


It attaches to the bars, via a rubber, ladder-type strap, which is secure, albeit a little fiddly-something to consider, if you’re porting between bars of different diameters. However, it accepts the doughnut type readily enough.

There’s also the Go-Pro helmet option, should you fancy combining it with a bar mounted big gun, on the trails. Since we’re on the subject, the 7.4V, 6000mAh Li-pol battery is a bit bulkier, so slightly more intrusive, when stowed in a jersey pocket. Cabling is sensibly long and the ends mate securely via the same threaded closure. 

Another small point, but I would’ve preferred a neoprene monocoque design, like that used, by the 1000 and Xeccon Zeta 1300 . That’s not to say the woven nylon sack with Velcro straps isn’t up to the job, and it doesn’t sway like the proverbial big dog’s testicles, when hanging from the bike’s top tube. OEM batteries aren’t presently available but there are plenty of inexpensive replacements available online - I’ve tried some.

ugoe 2000 1000 lumen headlight lamp light bike bicycle cycle test review


I ride long distances along unlit B roads and lanes. Though competent, I found the Ugoe 1000 slightly underpowered for serious speed-work, especially when a little coastal mist was thrown into the mix. Unleashing the full 2000 made the difference I was hoping for. 

Given the price point and specification, I wasn’t surprised to find the purity slightly behind Moon Meteor Storm Pro at 1700 lumens, though there was ample warning of potholes and less destructive debris. Similarly, the Ugoe is vastly superior to an auction site special, boasting comparable output.

The Ugoe kept pace with my efforts. No problem at 25mph along the winding back doubles and I was able to scream along my favourite 1in7 at 35mph. I could’ve pushed things harder still, were it not for the limits of a 79inch fixed gear. Another huge surprise was despite the relatively fierce output, when angled correctly, this was assertive, rather than aggressive. Most oncoming traffic, SUVs included dipped at around 35 metres, but no one flashed their lights, or otherwise indicated they were being dazzled. The odd kamikaze squirrel and rabbit were a little confused, resulting in a spirited tango, or two. Common sense applies, drop to the 1000 (or indeed, lower) when environment allows.


Relying on the full 2000, I’ve had 2hrs 53 from a fully charged cell and in temperatures ranging between 2 and 12 degrees.  About charging; a full charge requires 5 hours, which is on par with other lights of comparable output. However, unlike the latest generation of torch types, its mains only. A consideration, even if workplace refuelling isn’t frowned upon.

I was expecting medium (1000 lumens) to be indistinguishable from the smaller Ugoe. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover quality of useable light is slightly superior. This meant I could still cope, along the twists - up to around 23/24mph, with a pretty clear view of conditions and potential hazards. Although we are talking clear nights. Anything murkier demands an upward shift.

5hrs 53 (6 quoted) from a full charge is pretty good. Easily enough for a week’s middle - distance commuting and post work playtimes afterward. 500 lumens are certainly adequate for being seen and navigating better lit, semi-rural sections. Overkill in town perhaps but again, inoffensive at close quarters.

A few minutes shy of the full twelve hours, between charges isn’t to be sniffed at either. As for the flashing. Well, 1000 lumens aren’t that uncommon these days and its unmistakable in bright daylight, let alone overcast winter afternoons.

Other traffic picked me out at a good 120 metres, 90 through town, although too fierce for the stop-go stuff.  A week, playing backing singer to my Trelock dynamo lamp along semi/rural sections suggests it was visible at 200 metres, further on clear nights. Fantastic for those concealed junctions and a potential life saver, should situations dictate. Again, within 4 minutes of the 12 hours cited, which only the most pedantic will moan about.



The Ugoe 2000 is for those riders who, primarily navigate pitch black roads, but still want to scoot round town, without frying retinas. Some would describe the Ugoe as basic, slightly old fashioned. 

On some levels, I agree.

Those wanting a dedicated trail lamp and/or needing greater tunability, will need to spend more. Nonetheless, decent output; run times and user-friendly design keep it relevant, for road and less intense trail work. 

Verdict: 3.75/5 Old school design but decent output and sensible run times keep it relevant. 

Michael Stenning 



Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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