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637g 25.4 420mm as tested £239.99

The Kinekt 2.1 Aluminium Suspension Seatpost is a sprung/elastomer design that is highly tunable and very effective, if a little on the hefty side. Gravel/adventure riders are the obvious audiences. However, it’s a good bet for tandem stokers and the 25.4 option means (with a shim) it’s also a viable choice for older, mid-upper end cross country mountain bikes.

Pros: Highly tunable, refined, progressive action, good range of sizes.

Cons: Relatively expensive and hefty.

seatpost bicycle cycle cycling saddle suspension gear component

Materials/Specification 4/5

There are two versions, the 6061 aluminium alloy version here, and a carbon fibre option (Any diameter you like, so long as it’s 27.2 and either 330, or 380mm long). Both share the same suspension technology. Aside from the powder coated steel springs, the Kinekt runs on Igus bushings and urethane elastomers. As we’d expect, fasteners are stainless steel. 

seat post susoension bicycle cycle bike component mechanism

There are three spring options, based upon rider weight; small (100-150lbs), medium (150-200lbs), large (200-240lbs). Saddle setback is 12mm and travel is tunable to 35mm. The 6061 version is shot peened and anodised for durability. There are two lengths (350 and 420mm) and four diameters (25.4, 27.2, 30.9, 31. 6) which, when suitable shims are factored into the equation, covers most configurations and particularly welcome, if you’re running a classic steel mountain bike frame, or want to port the post between bikes. The 6061 version is sandblasted and features a black anodized finish.

bicycle cycle suspension seat post bike springs

After-market springs are available for the last word in customisation and switches are straightforard. Look closely and you’ll notice a lot of laser-etched numbers around the lower assembly. This is your guide to stiffness and you simply turn the pre-load bolt in/out to adjust travel.

Fitment & Setup 3/5

To some extent, this is as simple, or complex as you want to make things. Aside from dialing in the travel, and ensuring your saddle alignment’s right, simply insert a centimetre or so higher than usual to compensate for sag. The post has laser-etched height marks, for easy reference, but I’m inclined to mark the insert point with a zip-tie. I dialled ours to 2 and found it perfect for my 70-kilo frame and riding style.

Test Bikes/Considerations

seat post bicycle cycle bike bag saddle pack

I had originally gone for 25.4, since it meant I could run it on my rough stuff tourer aka “The Univega”. New readers may be interested to know it’s based around a late 90s mountain bike frameset and with a 26.6 seat-tube. (Ergo the 25.4 and shim combo I was referring to in my opening paragraph). I also acquired a 25.4-27.2 shim, so I could run it on my fixed gear winter trainer, for comparison. If you are going the shim route, don’t skimp on quality and length. These 100mm Cane Creek seem both nicely machined and finished. Either way, be sure your seat tube has been reamed properly, especially following a re-spray for my gravel bike on a budget.

biks flood puddle rough stuff off road
Cane Creek Seat Post cycling bicycle velo rad

In common with similar bouncy posts, luggage is another thing to bear in mind. No issues with this Altura Aeropost pack, bigger wedge packs, such as this Axiom Grand Fondo and bike packing luggage, including the Passport Cycles Bikepacking Seat Pack.

seat pack saddle bag luggage bicycle cycle bike rad velo

Kinekt also offer a waterproof, post hugging design, which doubles as a protectant for the moving components. They also offer a “sock”; to do this latter job, say if you were running panniers, or frame mounted luggage.


Performance 4.25/5

Overall, I’ve been very impressed. Hopping aboard, there’s some very gentle sag but otherwise, I’ve only noticed its movements in the most positive sense. It reacts very progressively, taming washboard tarmac without robbing power. It has improved traction, when grinding along steeper, slippery climbs - especially riding the fixed.

Bigger bumps along pitch black rural backwaters proved similarly predictable and progressive (although I avoid these, or at least take my weight off the saddle, wherever possible. Suspension posts relieve the rider, but wheels still get a spanking). Talking of which, my lower back has felt much fresher after several hours mixed terrain riding on my beloved tubby tourer.  

Like the Redshift Sports Suspension Seatpost, travel is more responsive than the Cane Creek Thudbuster ST (generation 3 and 4) but most movement is noticed at the top of the stroke. No issues with bottoming out, or unwelcome, distracting bounce.

Given the mechanical similarities with its Suspension stem, I was surprised to find ours completely silent and maintenance-free in 500 very wet, filthy miles on my fixed. Mind you, bigger wedge packs shielded components from the lion’s share of mucky stuff.

I’ve never needed to adjust ours either but given everything’s accessible road/trailside fine tuning is more convenient compared with the Redshift, and arguably the elastomer damped Thud Busters, too.


In common with the competitors discussed the finish has proven very durable, with no hint of marking, or scratching despite being passed between bikes and potential tan lines, resultant from wet, gritty luggage straps.

Value 3/5

At £239, it’s a tenner steeper and 92g heavier than the Redshift Shockstop Suspension Post and the Cane Creek Thudbuster ST G4, which both tip the scales at 545g.  In terms of specification and performance, there is little separating the Kinekt and Redshift Sports Shockstop Post. Arguably the latter has a slightly less obviously industrial aesthetic. The Cane Creek Thudbuster is slightly different but gives 50mm of travel and enough change for a nice saddle/finishing kit (if you’re feeling thrifty or needing to watch the budget on a complete bike build).


I’ve been wowed by the Kinekt 2.1’s performance first, aesthetic second. Its super-refined, well-made and very precise. I also love the fact it’s friendly to older framesets, such as my beloved rough stuff tourer. Needing to save cash and grams, I’d plump for the Cane Creek Thudbuster G4 (although I’m not completely sold on its single cradle bolt).

Verdict: 3.75/5 Plush, tunable and refined suspension post but weight and price might be a turn off. 


Michael Stenning


Kinekt 2.1 Seatpost – KINEKT Store (




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