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Cranklacious Enduro Frame Sealant Spray is essentially a spray on, temporary lacquer, sealing the elements out. This prevents mud, gloop and other spray from adhering in the first place, theoretically extending ride to washing ratios.

Pros: Generally effective and economical

Cons: Not suitable for matt finishes  

Science Bit

In many respects, Crankalicious Enduro Frame Sealant Spray behaves just like a wax based product. However, there are no polymers, or fillers used to achieve the same gloss or hide minor blemishes. Enduro employs a water based carrier, which then evaporates, leaving only the synthetic sealant behind. 


Ensure bikes are essentially clean. If in doubt, go the sudsy bucket wash route and dry thoroughly first. Gloves are a sensible precaution for those of us with sensitive skins but otherwise, it’s just a question of sensible precautions. Don’t ingest it and wash hands thoroughly afterwards, basically. 

Otherwise, spray into a clean, dry, lint-free cloth and work in, avoiding contact with braking surfaces. Obviously, gloss products and matt surfaces are mutually incompatible. Enduro won’t do them any harm but you may have to live with a satin effect for several weeks.


That aside, buff to a sheen and you’re done. Curing is literally in minutes, even when it’s been a few degrees above freezing. 

Theoretically, it needs reapplying after every wash but in my experience, this depends - some bike washes are more powerful than others. 

Test Conditions

I pitted Enduro against furniture polish, and M16 Helmet and Bike Guard   for a period of six weeks, starting in January. Aside from being four seasons working bikes, my fixed gear winter/trainer and Univega rough stuff tourer sport slightly different finishes. 

Cankalicious Enduro Frame Sealant Spray tested


At the end of our maiden ride characterised by waterlogged and often slushy lanes, it was difficult to tell the difference between the products. All sported similar levels of watermarks, especially around the bottom bracket shell and rear triangle. However, though the beeswax polish is pretty effective in the short term and undeniably cheap, these conditions demanded post ride re-applications. Dung, mud and similar mixed terrain gloop also found easier tenure. 


Both the M16 and Enduro were far more stoical. Grotty looking water marks were easily dismissed with a damp cloth and muddy spatter didn’t adhere. A further two weeks spent traversing wet, salty coastal roads, resisting my deep-seated urge to clean and polish.

Crankalicious Enduro Frame Sealant tested
Crankalicious Enduro Frame Sealant tested

Although my beloved fixed looked decidedly crusty, the Enduro was still protecting painted, polished, anodized and lacquered surfaces. This was confirmed by a subsequent sudsy bucket wash. Stroking the tubes, a surprising amount of protectant remained and I only needed to re-apply following a similarly challenging week’s riding and bucket wash. 

Crankalicious Enduro Frame Sealant tested

My Univega is also powder coated but rocks a mix of satin and gloss effects, all sans lacquer. The cream frame tubes also show every finger mark. A week’s mixed terrain riding later and there was a marked reduction in accumulated organic debris, especially around the bottom bracket shell and fork legs. 

Crankalicious Enduro Frame Sealant teste

Tidemarks and lighter spatter were easily dismissed, regardless whether I had tackled them immediately post ride, or a couple of days later. Trail gloop was a bit more tenacious and pervasive. That said, this dropped away with a damp cloth, or gentle hose-down. No brush, or sponge action required. 

Crnakalicious Enduro Frame Sealant, post ride on Univega

Two weeks later and it was a bit grubbier than my fixed (something I put down to the latter’s thick acrylic lacquer). So, if your framesets do not feature clear coats, expect to reapply Enduro every ten days, or so. The M16 helmet and bike guard has a slight edge in this respect.

Although both also work pretty convincingly on plastics, including lids, the M16 boasts a slightly glossier texture, which also rejuvenates chrome plastic mudguards and other, slightly weathered plastics/composites.



The Crankalicious Enduro is a simple and largely effective protectant. A tenner for 500ml isn’t cheap and it won’t keep bikes showroom clean. Nonetheless, it is economical and greatly reduces the effort and frequency require to keep bikes hygienic and protected from the elements. 

Verdict 3.5/5 Effective and reasonably economical protectant for gloss and satin finishes. 

Michael Stenning





Ryton On Dunsmore

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