49g XL/2XL Black (as tested) £21.99

Santini Micro Mesh Gel Mitts are a lightweight, stylish road mitt, well suited to day rides, weekend touring and indoor trainer sessions during the darker months. Materials-wise, they’re what we’ve come to expect from this price point. 


Starting with the backs, these are thin, though relatively sturdy perforated polyester, designed to evict rider generated moisture and drying quickly following a sharp shower. The neoprene cuffs retain a bit of warmth both in the wet should the mercury slide unexpectedly on spring evenings.  White panels, Scotchlite piping and reflective maker's name give some visibility when signalling.


Reinforcement around the thumb and forefinger is reassuring and the Terry thumb wipe perfect for wiping sweaty brows and taming runny noses. I’ve indulged in some forest fun and had them frisked by unfriendly foliage, with no obvious bobbling or similar damage. Nonetheless, I’d stick to road and indoor training service. Look elsewhere if you’re looking to tackle gravel or similar rough stuff duties.


Flipping them over reveals a faux leather palm with subtle perforations and patterning. The latter is designed to enhance grip and has been consistently good with cork and more sophisticated wraps, wet or dry. 


Gel blobs designed to protect the Ulnar nerve have been popular for a decade or so now. However, they’re not universally effective and some can induce precisely the tingling and discomfort they’re intended to alleviate. 

These have been a winner, compressing nicely so I’ve not noticed them on day rides when alternating between tops, hoods and drops. Admittedly, hands felt wearier following long rides on my Eroica bike’s slimline bar tape than my tourer’s double wrapped cork but either way, there’s been no hint of tingling, or more serious discomfort over these distances.   


Sizing is pretty much in line with others I’ve used in the past XL/2XL is my default and no problems here. Friends confirmed they seemed universally accurate, taking the guesswork out of online purchases. Velcro cuffs also enable subtle adjustment and I found the more relaxed fit easier to live with than skin types, although thankfully there’s a tug-tab on the fingers which helps when dragging them off.   


Decent wicking prowess means they haven’t turned particularly whiffy in the past six weeks or so. However, lighter colours sully faster than others, especially when you’ve added roadside mechanicals into the mix. Ours have emerged looking (and smelling!) packet fresh following 30 degree machine washes, though I’ve consciously minimised contact with the drivetrain, especially those dressed in gloopy wet lubes.


Bottom line, I’ve been pleasantly surprised and would recommend a closer look if you’re not looking further than commuting, day riding and less demanding weekend touring.  

Verdict: 3.75/5 Good mitts at a decent price.


Steve Dyster





Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH