long term (12 month) Test  397g (pr) £79.99 (£49.99 without EZY) 

MKS Urban Platform Pedals are a beefy set of platforms ideally suited to half toe clips for scooting around town in soft soled shoes, or with full clips and straps for more vigorous riding. Tank-like build quality and buttery smooth, weather-sealed bearings mean they’re up to rough stuff touring, too. 

MKS Urban Platform Pedal bicycle bike

How broad? Well, those highly-polished aluminium bodies measure 70x80mm, which caters for stiff soled sports touring slippers through to safety shoes with toe-caps. Look closely and at the back, you’ll notice an equally beefy flip tab. Like the name suggests, a quick dab spins the body round so feet align perfectly with the clips for smooth, coordinated getaways.


Painted or anodized finishes are the norm these days and offer decent protection from the elements. However, these are left bare. Run year round, these have retained their lustre with a periodic lick of polymer wax. Left unchecked, heaped road salt left some small tell-tale white fur but this was easily polished away without resorting to Autosol.


Similarly stout Cro-moly axles and cartridge bearings are nothing less than we’d expect from this end of the market and are super refined. Long, gruelling climbs with my full weight dancing on the bodies hasn’t cajoled any creaks or blancmange tendencies.

Despite exposure to flooded causeways, green lane and bridle paths, bearings remain deliciously refined. Though there’s a good case for yearly stripping and re-greasing, there’s been no cause thus far.

Ported between my fleet and the odd test bike, ground clearance shouldn’t be a problem during enthused cornering sessions, even on traditional tourers with low slung bottom brackets and 175mm cranks.

Speaking of porting, ours are the EZY model, which refers to a specialist quick release adaptor. This allows the pedals to be removed from the cranks without tools. Just like the pedals, it’s beautifully engineered and intuitive to use. On balance, I’d be inclined to go for the standard pedals (£49.99) but a boon when preparing bikes for travel, or when storage space is tight.


Some road fixed gear conversions with172mm cranks presented a few nervous moments when making sharp turns, so double check before parting with your hard earned, or go for something cheaper that you won’t mind sporting a few battle-scars

Fully compatible with full and half clips, I’ve tended to default to the reinforced nylon type with big leather straps for longer distance and general riding. That said; at £21.99 and 119g, these MKS half clip steel deep with leather are more than just decorative bling.

Beefier than the pair Steve tested recently, the mirror polished stainless steel shows no hint of tarnish and though I’ve been quick to rub some leather preserve into the cowhide, it remains supple and youthful looking.

Better still, they cope much better with broader toe boxes and will protect swanky dress shoes from scuffing.  

Summing up, SPD and similar step-in competition have been my defaults for over 20 years. However, I’ve been suitably impressed, dare I say seduced by the urban platform's refinement and versatility.

Verdict: 4.25/5 Delightful pedals with superb refinement and tank-like build quality.

Michael Stenning




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH