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119g XL Black £52.99 

The Lux gloves offer Italian style and luxurious texture from Tucano Urbano, renowned for motorcycling gear and now moving into cycling. There’s even a little light on the left index finger – though it’s been a matter of debate whether this is more than a bit of a gimmick, especially in countries which drive on the left. They are very much in the commute and leisure ride bracket and don’t look out of place sans bike, though winter trainers and tourers will want a lower temperature threshold.


Pros: very well-made and comfortable, doing very much what it says very well.


Cons: at the top end of the price bracket and the light seems to be of limited value.



Coming in sizes from S to XXL, in black with a single reflective strip along the outside edge, the first thing that struck me about these was the neat stitching, soft sewn-in lining and high cuff. Yet, these are no soft touch, with reinforced leather palm, thumb and fingers. Leather accounts for ten percent of the outer, with polyester making up for the rest – both waterproof and breathable. The inner is 100% polyester.


True, leather will need a little treat every now and again – perhaps with Crankalicious Leather Non-Slip Hide Protectant – but everything else can be cleaned with a good wipe – don’t forget there are electrics in the left-hand glove.


What of that little light on the little finger, powered by a battery and usb charging unit housed in a Velcro pocket on the back of the hand? Well, when driving on the right, it may well give some presence in traffic, however, it’s probably less visible on British and other left-hand drive roads. Could come in handy for checking a map or minor mechanicals? Yes, the former is less important in urban settings, and for longer rides, such as an audax with a route card, I’d be wearing something with padding for the ulnars etc.

Tucano Urbano Lux Gloves cycling commute bike test review
Tucano urbano lux gloves test review cycling mitts bike

Charge time for the light – via a usb – is not quoted and with no indicator its far from easy to know when it is charged and so to test for a run time. Maybe that says enough.


Windproof and waterproof – within the bounds of rain and snowfall – is what I’d expect at this spec and price point. Tucano Urbano give 2C as the lower end of the temperature range.




Even though there’s no padding, I’ve found these comfortable on flats and drops on ten miles commutes and leisure rides of around twenty-five. Even so, all day rides, gravel sprees, and, faster road rides would see me looking for something with more shock-absorbance.


There’s been no issue with the waterproof description. Heavy rain and longer periods of drizzle have got nowhere. I’ve also been impressed by the wind-proofing. Quick rides with a wind-chill of around 0C, have not induced any nippiness in the finger-tips – a little below the 2C, suggested by the manufacturers, as the bottom line. There’s been no nasty clamminess, either, when things have got milder - up to around 8C - at around 15mph. Very much commuting-leisure territory, in my opinion.

tucano urbano cycing bike gloves commute test revew

The extensive cuff- elasticated at the wrist – keeps things warm in combination with both cycling specific jackets and civvies with generally shorter sleeve lengths.


On a techy front, the finger tips give a sound contact and, with a bit of practice are pretty accurate on touch screens. I’ve used my iPhone and Mio’s Cyclo 210.


Fundamentally, the gloves should not be washed – because of the electric gadgetry. A wipe over has kept things clean on the outside.




Very well-made and very comfortable for commuting and lesure when the mercury is just a touch above 0C. Not sure, about the light, which seems to limit other aspects of the glove, which would push its rating higher in my view.

Verdict: 3.75/5 there’s a lot to like, but, in my opinion, the light holds it back.


Steve Dyster




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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