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three month harsh weather test 125ml £5.99

Weldtite TF2 Extreme Wet Lubricant is an old school wet lube with a little less muck and more bite, which is an obvious choice for mountain biking and cyclo cross. It’s a good bet for general riding too, just apply sparingly.

ISO oils are a tried and tested petrochemical option, often blended with PTFE. In Weldtite's TF2 Extreme Wet Chain Lubricant “specialist additives” are employed to prevent it being dismissed and supposedly cleaner running than more basic, though still worthy store branded versions.

Talking hygiene, its good practice to strip recipient chains of any pre-existing lube but unlike some really sophisticated brews, these don’t need to be surgically clean. 

Flow rate is nearer a three season ISO/PTFE middleweight, so can be drizzled in and penetrates all moving parts very convincingly.


No hanging around waiting for it to cure but the key (for road duties, at least) lies in the clean-up. Spin the cranks a few times. Catch any drips with some clean rag, then wipe the links and side-plates carefully.

A trace in recessed fasteners, such as cleats, stems, mudguard mounts and jockey wheels is sufficient to keep that unsightly orange taint from creeping in after a few very wet rides.

Weldtite TF2 Extreme Wet Chain Lube Lubricant Oil bicycle cycle

With the Univega undergoing a makeover and January roads licking my ‘cross inspired fixed gear trainer’s chain bare in a matter of sixty miles, I wasted no time in switching over to the Extreme Wet. Not knowing just how it would fare along the waterlogged, salty lanes, I was less fastidious in my clean up. 

Obviously anodised, painted and plated finishes take a beating in these conditions, so I washed and waxed these thoroughly and rinsed every few rides. The drivetrain however, was left to its own devices for a fortnight or so.

Despite the harsh conditions, I could definitely feel the lube, offering a slick, protective barrier but wasn’t surprised by the scuzzy, sludge that adorned the fixed sprocket, side plates and ring.

Thankfully, given ten minutes with a clean rag, the congealed mess was easily dismissed, leaving a stout and very obvious layer lubricant behind. 

Applied to mountain bikes and heading for forest fun, this gritty, contaminated theme continued over a series of wet boggy blasts embedding all sorts of stuff in the chain, rings and jockey wheels. Post ride purging is a must if you don’t want it becoming a very effective grinding paste.

Nonetheless, we’re still talking 150 miles, long grass, mud and salty coastal causeways before a light top up was needed. Back on the fixed and as the wettest weather largely relented, I literally churned away on the original helping until Easter and almost 1,000 miles.

A thin, though wet-to-touch layer was pretty much optimal, providing the sort of friction I’d associate with the PTFE infused types, yet with the tenacity close to some iconic wet lubes that have remained largely unchanged in 20 odd years. 

Ultimately, the subject of chain lubes is one of those topics that tends to ignite fierce debate and intense feeling among riders. Used through a moderately challenging winter/early spring, the extreme wet’s cost per mile should satisfy most riders. Weldtite also offers a smaller 75ml version, which slips unobtrusively into bike luggage, extending its horizons to very big tours. 

That said; extreme wet doesn’t quite rival an iconic favourite when subjected to hell 'n’ high water trail riding and in common with similarly stocky potions, shifts lack the frisky zip of more sophisticated and cleaner running exotica. Otherwise, a very worthy, wallet friendly choice.

Verdict: 3.75/5 Durable and inexpensive wet lube ideally suited to harsh conditions.

Michael Stenning




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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