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320g L/XL Matt Matt Orange/Black (as tested) £69.99

The Kali Lunati Frenzy Helmet is an off-road Enduro lid with lots of nice touches. Without stepping too far outside its target zone. I’ve used it for general riding, too, including the commute, mixed surface day-trips, and some lengthy touring pace days on the road. To all intents and purposes, I like it, with only minor gripes – and price is definitely not one of them!


Pros: weight and comfort.


Cons: replacement/optional pads would be nice.

cycle bicycle bike mtb mountain off road helmet kali lid

Spec 3.75/5


Polycarbonate shell and EPS padding is reassuring, rather than exceptional at this price point. Likewise, the in-mould build that envelopes inner with shell. A generous 25 vents offer all-around fresh air via an intake-exhaust format, and possibly help to account for the light weight. However, it is only in grams that there’s anything ‘light-weight’ about the Lunati Frenzy. It has a stocky feel, belying its place on the scales, and coverage feels very extensive.


There is a one-piece anti-bacterial pad – removable for a wash – a bug net that covers the front six vents, and a disk-adjust cradle that gives loads of adjustment. The pins that hold the cradle to the inner looked a bit flimsy at first sight, a misleading first impression. However, unlike the Kali Therapy road helmet, there’s only one set of holes to positioning the cradle.


The straps – one of which continues the black and white detailing on the shell, - are broader than on some cheaper helmets, and hold firm with clips that snap reassuringly into place.


A vizor is de riguer fir the trail, but can be removed, if you are conscious of such things when away from the trails. There’s a mount for camera/light in the box, too, whilst the shell has a central moulding for affixing such items to the lid. It even has a depressible button to click things in securely. In the box you’ll find a Go-Pro type bracket and a barrel-shaped bracket. These should allow for a range of items to be ported on the lid. 

hemet mount go pro type cycle bike bicycle lid

European and US safety standards are beaten. In addition, follow the instructions, and it is subject to Kali’s Lifetime Crash Replacement Policy. Further details on their website.

Size and fit 4.25/5


Size feels on the generous side. I have an officially big head, but found myself on the lower side of adjustment on our L/XL model. Having said that, measure your head and the sizing options seem pretty much spot on.


There’s generous adjustment in the cradle. Frankly, comfort is a big feature of this – and, in my opinion – other Kali helmets. This might be personal to some extent, but it is not an uncommon opinion. Certainly, the three folk who have tried our model all agree that it is amongst the most comfortable helmets they have worn.

kli cycle bike bicycle helmet lid cradle pad straps

Performance 4/5


Light-weight, comfortable, with good coverage, make this an ideal helmet for long days, nights, or full-on Enduro events. However, they are also features many cyclists will approve of in other circumstances. Weight-weenie roadsters will find much lighter, discipline specific helmets.


Pushing with some vigour along trails the generous venting is quickly apparent. Of course, you’ll sweat, but there are degrees. We’ve not had many cold mornings, but when the overnight temperature dropped to around 5C I felt nice and cool on lengthy ascents, and was able – thanks to the adjustment – to put on a beanie for the descent.


Away from the trail, a bit of jaunty gravel stuff is certainly not beneath the prowess of the Lunati. Equally, though more the province of the meeker Oxford Metro V or Metro Glo helmet, the Lunati Frenzy is admirably comfortable on the commute. It may look out of place on the Brompton, but who really cares?

Again, away from the MTB orientation, I’ve found the Lunati Frenzy really good for multi-surface rides. Day’s out mixing road, rough tracks, and extensive gravel, I’ve not felt a crick in the neck, but have felt very secure when things have got rough.


The Go-Pro style bracket and the barrel bracket, allow a range of cameras, front light, and blinkies to be worn atop. You may need to adapt things a little. For example, the ‘O’ ring accompanying the Xeccon Zeta front light was too thick for the space between barrel and bracket. Easy to solve with a firkle in the spares box. Having said that, some fixtures – such as the bracket of my Contour Roam camera needs more thought. In the long run, that is not too big a problem. The moulding is not so prominent to prevent use of strap-type mounts.

Value 4.25/5


Comparing something as personal as comfort around the cranium is not easy. Yet, general opinion suggests that the Kali Lunati may cause a fight or two if you let the family near it. In that sense, you get a lot for your money. Nor does good values stop there. There aren’t many helmets at this price point that combine all the features on offer here.

light mount helmet lid bracket go pro kali lunati

The Lazer Roller MIPS helmet adds rotational protection, but is pricier, as is the Endura Singletrack II. Cheaper models are available, which no doubt do a good job, but often have more limited coverage, ventilation, etc.




For comfort and weight the Kali Lunati Frenzy is not easy to beat. Performing very competitively for its intended Enduro/long-trail rider, it is equally good for long recreational days, especially where a good bit of rough-stuff is on the cards.

Verdict 4/5 Highly effective, adaptable, value for money helmet.


Steve Dyster




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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