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 Weldtite Rapid Ceramic Shield
250ml £19.99

Weldtite Ceramic Shield is a protectant spray that borrows heavily from the automotive detailing sector but brewed for better compatibility with contemporary bicycles (including e-bikes where it’s shrewd not to be sloshing too much water around). In keeping with their bike wash, it’s been tweaked and thoroughly tested and is designed to prevent mud and other nasties sticking to the frameset and components. Six mucky winter weeks down the line and I reckon it lives up to the hype and has earned a place on my cleaning rack.

Pros: Easy and convenient to apply, light coatings provide lasting and effective protection, safe on all finishes, including matt, cheaper and more convenient than some automotive products.

Cons: Relatively expensive compared with some wax infused waterless cleaner/protectants, some waxes may offer better defence against salts and UV light.


This is another product that has been a long time in the development phase and based upon automotive detailing products that have been around for some time. The team at Weldtite also wanted a very convenient product that had properties commonly associated with waterless washes.  Silicones are a popular ingredient in protectant sprays and have some definite benefits.

Save for a barrier, they will nourish seals, elastomer suspension and similar components. However, they tend to attract grime. Weldtite have gone for Hexagonal Boron Nitride, which in this instance is designed to provide an invisible shield and theoretically plug imperfections in finishes, including lacquers. Aside from cosmetic effect, this should supply a lasting barrier against acids, tree sap, salts, mud and general filth. 

Application/Technique 3.75/5

Rapids Ceramic Shield was designed so it could be used like a waterless wash-say at a race meet, or if you lived in a flat, where accessing water/washing facilities can prove less convenient. On lightly soiled bikes - yes. However, best to go the bike wash and bucket route with bikes that have seen wet lanes and trails. 

spray protectant ceramic welstite cycling bike bicycle

Otherwise (this goes for comparable products and waxes too) grit and similar stuff can get worked into pretty surfaces, causing swirls and scratches. For showroom fresh to lightly soiled bikes, spray a small amount of Rapid Ceramic Shield into a damp microfibre cloth. Work into the frameset and components, swerving saddles, contact points and braking surfaces. Leave a few minutes, then buff to a sheen with a clean, dry soft cloth - done. By contrast, automotive products often require application in stages and though results can be rewarding, it puts the F in Faff.

Test Bikes/Contexts

bicycle bike test rad velo bike
mudguard fender bicycle cycle test protectant

Ours arrived in January, which had been icy, slightly snowy, salty and generally wintry. Perfect testing conditions. I applied a single coating to the fleet. Two in seasonal hibernation and of course, Ursula and the fixed gear winter/trainer that serve year-round. I went the quick squirts into a damp cloth route with the former, bike wash and freshwater rinse route with the working bikes. 

chain set cycle bike bicycle test

So long as bikes aren’t dripping wet, you can just deliver some into your cloth and get busy. Seasonal duties aside, Ursula is a particularly good benchmark. Matt, satin and glossy stuff. The thick cream powder coat finish though brilliantly executed, and durable doesn’t have a lacquer topcoat.

cycling ike test review cables

More prone to collecting light soiling-oily spatter, finger marks etc. Traditionally I’ve given both bikes regular hard paste waxing's, adding a thicker coat around the downtube, bottom bracket, rear triangle and inner fork legs. However, to test Weldtite’s claims I applied a single, moderate coating to both framesets, components and mudguards. 

Performance 4/5

Even with the mercury struggling into single figures, I was impressed at how quick and easy it was to apply. There wasn’t a specific curing time, rather I applied to both bikes and buffed afterwards.

lezyne tech drive pump cycling bike
disc brake fork bike bicycle

Now, most protectants/waxes restore a bike’s bling convincingly, so I wasn’t surprised by crisp results across the board, though carbon components and chrome plastics were particularly glossy.

cycling bicycle ike bottle cage test review

Satins stayed satins and the few matt surfaces remained stealthy. Everything was reassuringly slippery to touch, too. I was particularly taken with Ursula’s unsealed finish but was keen to see how this would fare subjected to a few weeks’ mixed terrain mischief. Indeed, how often I would need to reapply it.

Durability 3.75/5

Durability didn’t disappoint either. The first two weeks were characterised by ice and gritted roads. Conditions that can tax finishes and even eat through anodising, if neglected. Full mudguards obviously play a part but typically Ursula’s bottom bracket shell and chain stays typically show some accumulated/impacted grime. Yes, there's some trace fling along the right hand stay but grot is generally conspicuous by its absence.

Obviously, if you’re navigating boggy trails, bikes will be sporting some gooey stuff and changes are, you’ll need to give bikes a proper wash and reapply. Shifting gloop requires less effort and the Rapid Ceramic will attract less than a silicone-based protectant, or indeed no barrier at all. 

Milder, wetter conditions followed and with it, lanes carpeted in dung. Again, there was some trace spatter as you’d expect but otherwise, things were shiny and remarkably clean. Yes, that’s includes the rear rim. 

bike bicycle chain stay

This was easily wiped away in a couple of strokes using a clean dry cloth and I only decided to reapply using the damp microfibre cloth technique after three weeks and 400 miles. Much the same story with the fixed gear winter trainer and only then, as the otherwise excellent Mud Hugger Gravel Hugger  guards don’t offer the same coverage and protection as a full-length chrome plastic with extended mudflaps.

bicycle cycle bottom bracket dirty test

Value 3/5

£20 for 250ml is on the face of it, quite steep. Especially when compared with sealant type products. Crankalicious Enduro Frame Sealant Spray  is £10 for 500ml and is easily applied. 

However, it’s not for matt finishes and can’t match the Rapid Ceramic for durability either. £26.48 buys M16 Podium Stage System comprising of a bike wash, Pro finish and Helmet and Bike Guard. As the name suggests, these are a system. In my long-term experience they’re effective, albeit more involved to apply and arguably best value if you’ve also a motorcycle or two in your stable. 

The 500ml Pro finish and 250ml Helmet and Bike Guard can be bought separately for £9.98 and £7.98, respectively. However, there are some dearer, bike specific sealants too. Naked Bikes Bike Bling is £12.99 for 500ml and works in very much the same way. However, it employs a small silicone component, which is great for nourishing seals and other rubber components attracts a little more grime.  

Motoverde Waterless Wash & Wax (review to follow) is £12.99 for 500ml and more of a wax than a sealant. I’ve had excellent results but in keeping with the Weldtite Rapid Ceramic and others discussed here, is best applied to lightly soiled bikes. 

Fenwicks’ Professional Protective Coating is £27 for 250ml- a good bit dearer than the Weldtite Rapid Ceramic. It’s a water-based formula and best applied after bikes have been given a proper wash. It’s also compatible with satin and matt finishes. Durability is reckoned to be around the six-month mark. In my experience winter’s frequent washing puts a dent in this, although I’ve also managed a month between reapplications.


While relatively expensive, The Weldtite Rapid Ceramic is easy to apply, and durable. It won’t stop everything sticking but bikes have stayed cleaner for longer. It’s the most effective I’ve found for Ursula’s unsealed cream powder coated finish but proven consistently good on matt, satin, plated, anodised polished surfaces, too. Difficult to say short term, whether protection from salt, UV light, dung and bird droppings rivals wax-based products. However, six wintry weeks down the line, it’s holding out very well.

Verdict: 3.75/5 Impressive detailer offering lasting results but pricey compared with some. 


Michael Stenning







Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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