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400ml £9.99

The Juice Lubes Frame Juice Frame Polish is designed to lock in a showroom shine and provide a lasting protectant barrier. It does just that and to a decent standard. Safe on plastics, composites and other rubberised components, it has come in unexpectedly handy around the workshop, too.

Pros: Convenient, Reasonably durable glossy finish.

Cons: Only suitable for gloss and satin surfaces.

Science Bit

Ok, so I wasn’t surprised to find it employs silicone and works to much the same science as Muc-Off Silicon Shine . The butane propellant and solvent components make it sprayable, the latter also traffics the product to the desired area, whereupon it evaporates, leaving only the silicone behind.

In common with the Naked Bikes Bike Bling and Muc-Off Silicon Shine, the Frame Juice is designed to stop tar, mud, flies, oily film and similar nasties, sticking, or worse still, becoming a stubborn, impacted mess.

Convenience 3/5

Now, it should go without saying that dirty bikes should be given a good sudsy bucket wash, then dried carefully. That said, in keeping with the competition discussed, you can skip to the polishing phase on very lightly soiled steeds. Obviously, steer clear of saddles, rims and braking points.

If you’re looking for optimal economy, or are working in windy conditions, spay into a clean, dry cloth and then work into the frameset/components.

Spray can polish juice lub

Polishes can be a tricky genre and cover a wide variety of products. For example, T Cut, Crankalicious Mayo Jaune Intensive Frame Cleaner  are cutting compounds. They employ tiny abrasives that cut into dulled and oxidised layers, restoring the finish. However, these should be used infrequently, especially on delicate surfaces and finishes.

Then there are waxes, whether automotive polymer types, or bike specific blends, such as Naked Bikes Pro Wax Special Edition , Velo 21 Ultimate Paintwork Protection , or Crankalicious Crisp Frame Wax .

Then there are silicone types, like the Juice Lubes Frame Juice.

A gentle buff and you’re done. I’ve tended to skip this phase around suspension seals/elastomers, such as the Cane Creek Thudbuster ST Suspension Seatpost , so they can benefit from the lubricant properties. Depends on how speedy you are, but I’ve had my fixed gear winter/trainer gleaming (post bucket wash) sorted in 12 minutes, my Univega 18-20,(allowing for the latter’s more intricate surface area).  No streaks, no fuss.

bicycl;e bike cyle velo stay ligh wheel
disc disk brake dynamo hub bicycle cycl velo bike front wheel
track pump dirty guage


Even with light-moderate application, gloss enamels, 2K, powder coated (lacquered and unsealed) polished, anodised, and plated surfaces looked showroom fresh. Less glossy than Muc-Off Silicon Shine, perhaps-especially on chrome plastic guards, including these SKS Bluemels Shiny Mudguards  but this had a slight edge, in some respects-especially given the mild, and decidedly wet winter.  It’s also restored the lustre to my spare/second track pump.

track pump clea
bike bicycle cycle cycling helmet rear mounted light red

Cleanliness 3.5/5


Unlike waxes, or sealant products, silicones are faintly oily, so you will still attract some light soiling. Crucially, this still provides a decent barrier between contaminant and expensive and sometimes delicate finishes.

Thin to moderate film can simply be dismissed with a clean dry cloth after a few damp rides. I’m also pleased to report areas treated remained that bit cleaner, and easier to spruce than those left untreated.

stem seat post
fork crown

Rain and other wet stuff tend to bead up and roll away. Watermarks/similar filmy stuff can be easily dismissed with a clean, soft cloth. On balance, it attracts slightly less grime than both the Muc-Off Silcon Shine and Naked Bikes Bike Bling, which appear to have a slightly heavier silicone component.

Lubrication 3/5

Though intended primarily as a protectant/beautifier, the lubricant film can be quite useful. Fork, suspension and pump seals can become brittle and ultimately, perish over time. A quick squirt has kept my mini pump and workshop variants happy, ditto plastics. SQR hardware can become a little sticky, especially in winter.

bracket carradice bike cycle bicycle veo

A quick shot on the composite lugs makes bag coupling/release a bit easier. Steering clear of the rotors, ours have silenced a squeaky disc caliper. It’s also helped when mounting stubborn tyres- folding tubeless compatible versions in particular.  

Less effective than the Muc-Off, when retracting brake lever hoods-accessing cables, or recessed Allen bolts. The latter’s richer formula offered black crankarms better protection from shoe rub and other minor abrasion.

Staying Prowess 3.5/5

The frame juice has proved surprisingly durable. I’ve been washing bikes weekly, more frequently when the gritting lorries have been out. Moderate applications have held out for 2-3 bucket washes and garden hose rinses. I’d be inclined to reapply more frequently to bikes doing long/frequent turbo trainer service and in common with other polishes it’s no substitute for periodic hard paste waxing.

Value 2.75/5

A tenner seems the going rate, and for the most part Frame Juice can be used sparingly.   Mind you, Muc-Off is 500ml, though less convenient (If outright speed is your yardstick). Naked Bikes Bike Bling also caters fort matt effects, so could prove much better value, if you’ve a mixed fleet.


When all’s said and done, the Juice Lubes Frame Juice does exactly what it promises in the blurb. A little goes pretty far and it can be quite handy for other little maintenance jobs, too. Muc-Off Silicone shine might prove a better choice if you’re seeking something slightly more generic. The Naked Bikes Bike Bling better value if you want a single product for all finish types.

Verdict: 3.5/5 Convenient and reasonably durable polish for gloss and satin surfaces.


Michael Stenning




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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