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500ml £9.99

The Weldtite Jet Blast Degreaser promises to blitz grease and grime in no time and with minimal effort. Now, I’ve tested a fair few grot-stripping master-blaster formulas over the years and for the most part, this lived up to the hype.

That said; it’s most effective on dry to middleweight lubes and saved for those times when you need to get the job done fast e.g., midwinter, when the temperature's tanking. Otherwise, liberal blasting will deplete the can with similar haste.

Pros: Generally quick and effective.

Cons: Expensive if used too liberally/frequently. 


Exact composition is a tightly kept secret but it’s essentially a mix of carefully blended solvents with a butane propellant. The sort you wouldn’t want to inhale, discharge near aquatic/plant life or store close to sources of ignition etc. The Jet Blast works to the same basic science as any other 

weldtite jet blast degreaser can aerosol

aerosol but especially cleaners. Solvents along with the butane propellent make it sprayable, they also strip the gunk on contact before evaporating without trace. 

This isn’t always the case. Some including Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Hero are designed to be agitated and rinsed, which arguably makes them go a bit further but means they’re more time consuming. Jet blast comes with a straw for localised, precision blasting and a wide angle for coverage e.g., gravel/mtb cassettes.

spray aerosol degreaser bike


Some solvents are more aggressive/unkind to seals and similar composites, hence when tackling cassettes, I tend to remove the rear wheel and apply liberally, while angling the cassette toward the ground, so the solvent flows away from the hub. I also minimise their contact with polished and painted surfaces, since this breed of solvents-petrochemical, or otherwise can also dull finishes.  Provisos and warnings aside, it’s a question of giving the Jet Blast a decent 30 second shake, pointing at the offending components and pressing the nozzle. No rinsing, or similar faff.


Performance 3.75/5

For the most part, it is very much blow and go. I wasn’t surprised to find it stripping standard ISO/Teflon oils from cassettes and track sprockets, leaving them dinner plate clean in around 12 seconds.

sprocket cog single speed bike bicycle wheel spokes

A relentless diet of wet, wintry conditions and some minor bottom bracket slop signalled replacement and other preventative maintenance/replacement. I’d instated the UN55 with a generous helping of Park grease, so wasn’t surprised to find everything releasing easily.

A quick squirt of the jet blast and chasing the threads through with some kitchen towel had them primed for fresh grease and a new bottom bracket. Thirty seconds-start to finish. These components reinstated, I decided to finish by repacking the headset. 

Eight months in, the lower race still had a reasonable coating of Park but good “since we’re here” housekeeping and the fact the mercury had plummeted to 3 degrees meant I wanted it freshly loaded, and back together pronto.

Two liberal squirts and a kitchen towel chaser later, cups and bearings were primed for another dollop of stiff grease. Ten minutes later, everything was back together and buttery smooth. Not a moment too soon, since I was bitterly cold, almost to the point of losing dexterity.

Jet Blast also did a decent job of removing congealed lube from chain rings and crank arms. However, because it dries very quickly, Jet Blast can result in unsightly dulling-not permanent, or difficult to address. A quick shot of beeswax furniture polish, buffed with clean rag, should be enough.

spray aerosol degreaser cassette

Performance on hell 'n’ high water ceramics doesn’t rival that of Green Oil Agent Apple Extreme Immersion Degreaser .  Really stout ceramics, such as this Zefal Extra Wet Nano Ceramic Chain Lube proved more challenging. To the Jet Blast’s credit, it did a decent job of dissolving the worst, given three blasts. However, some tenacious slime wouldn’t budge, necessitating a helping of neat citrus cleaner.

paint brush cassette spray aerosol

Applied and agitated with a brush for a couple of minutes, rinsed with tepid water, it dissolved without trace.

cassette chain bike bicycle stays mech derailleur

Value 2.75/5

£9.99 for 500ml is hardly cheap but in line with similar, aerosol degreasers. Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Hero Ultimate Drivetrain Degreaser  comes in at £11.99 for 600ml. However, it requires rinsing with water, so lacks the Jet Blast’s outright convenience. Oxford Products Mint Bike Degreaser is considerably cheaper and very competent. However, it still requires the marinade, tickle and rinse, so again lacks the Jet Blast’s outright convenience. Peaty’s XXX Solvent degreaser is £8.99 for 400ml but also needs the marinate and rinse routine. 


Used carefully, there’s no doubt Weldtite Jet Blast is a worthy addition to the tool shelf For more generic stripping, brush on concentrate formulas, such as Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Super Concentrate Bike Cleaner  or Crankalicious Gumchained Remedy Chain Cleaner  are more cost-effective ways of blitzing a scuzzy drivetrain.

Verdict: 3.5/5 Generally potent prep for when you’re in a rush.


Michael Stenning





Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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