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Mirano Gents Pro Short Sleeve Jersey
Black 120g Medium £49.99

The Funkier Mirano Gents Pro Short Sleeve Jersey in Black is a lightweight jersey reckoned to set a new standard for cycle training. Though the same racer elite cut as the Ixara Elite reviewed recently, it feels just a fraction looser, which is no bad thing. Overall performance is reassuringly good, but I would’ve preferred slightly deeper pockets and bigger zipper tags.


Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, nice cut, good detailing.

Cons:  Zipper tags could be bigger, pockets shallower than some.

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It’s a thin but sturdy polyester weave with UV protection - it'll block 50% of all rays, which is welcome, although a high factor sunscreen is advisable on exposed areas of skin. Save for a few team jerseys from my late teens, I long ago tired of trade tops, so I found the 3D mountain effect refreshingly different. In common with the Ixara Elite, it features a low collar, complete with inscription inside, full length front zipper and relatively generous set-sleeves- for unrestricted movement. These also feature tactile grippers. 


Longer sleeves have been increasingly mainstream and aside from offering increased protection from the sun, they also ensure decent overlap and therefore, improved comfort with arm warmers. Perfect for extended summer evenings, or indeed cooler spring mornings.  


Vented side and inner sleeve panels promise excellent moisture transfer and bodes well for sessions on the indoor trainer.   

Round the back, there are four pockets-the classic three open terrace and a fourth, with zipper integrated within the middle. 

cycling jersey pocket gear

Round the back, there are four pockets-the classic three open terrace and a fourth, with zipper integrated within the middle. 


Then of course, there’s the elasticated hem to keep everything in situ.  Oh, and if black’s not your thing, it also comes in a fetching blue.

hem cycling gear bicycle jersey

Sizing/Cut 3.75/5

At 1m81 and 70 odd kilos, I’m a medium by most brands’ size charts these days.  Ours fitted and flattered reassuringly well, allowing for the fact I’m much broader across the shoulder and shorter in the torso than my height and build might imply.  Despite the snug fit, there’s sufficient scope for thin, vest-type base layers and I’d agree with Funkier’s claims that the Mirano could double as a base layer during winter, given the cut.  Layering up on some early spring mornings, no issues with bunching, or at the other extreme, flutter with the Oxford Venture Gilet, or Oxford Venture Jackets worn atop.

Performance 3.75/5


I quickly warmed to the Mirano. In common with the Ixara, the snug fit and lightweight fabric mean its only obvious in the most positive sense. I’ve worn ours in temperatures between 8 and 23 degrees. At the upper end, exerting myself aboard my 90’s road bike, I’ve remained perfectly temperate for two hours at a steady 20mph. In common with most polyesters, I wasn’t surprised by some faint misting around the chest and back, but this quickly evaporated, and those vented panels certainly aren’t decorative.

jersey bicycle cycle bars TT

I’d be inclined to whip the zipper to half-mast on the indoor trainer but on the road (even after 2-3 hours at 22 degrees), I've never felt inclined to draw it lower than a few inches. I’m regularly out before dawn and as with the Ixara, with the mercury struggling to 6 degrees, I’ve been perfectly temperate with light to middleweight arm warmers and the Oxford Venture Windproof Gilet .


Now, what about those pockets, Michael...First the good news... the zippered pocket is perfect for change, keys and similar valuables. The pocket tops are also more accommodating of bigger LED lights than the Ixara.

The main terrace is a little shallower than typical and indeed, compared with the Ixara. No issues with android smart phone, but I’ve had a few uneasy moments wrestling my superzoom compact camera free and if you’re determined to carry bottles, don’t go bigger than 600ml and I’ve not been inclined to toss a mini pump in, either. 

No issues with tightly packed 700x25-32C tube and CO2 inflators and aside from being a little trickier to command, especially in thin, full finger, liner-type gloves, such as these specialized, or indeed, the Oxford Products North Shore Gloves.

Comfort/Moisture Management 3.75/5 


Moisture management is very efficient, so no issues with overheating, or indeed, running the cold gauntlet on longer rides. Besides, there’s the full-length zipper for rapid cooling Got caught in a shower and couldn’t be arsed with the micro jacket-bargain on being basically dry in 20 minutes or so, with a break in the cloud and a moderate breeze.  Much the same story, line drying following a machine wash.

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Talking of which, the yarn does a decent job of repelling nasty niffs. Though not good practice per se, in the interests of testing, I’ve worn ours for a week without washing. Admittedly, by the close there was some subtle funk but certainly not in wallpaper stripping territory.  Oh, for the record, I’ve paired ours with both Merino blend and run-of-the-mill polyester base layers. When I’ve stripped off and hopped in the shower, flat seams have ensured branding has been a moot point.

Durability/Care 3.75/5

Though intended as a road jersey, I’ve thrown some bridlepath bombing and similar gravel-esque antics into the mix. To date, no hint, direct hits from overhanging foliage haven’t induced bobbling, fraying, or similar superficial injury. Ours has also done the odd, unintentional 40-degree machine wash with no problems. However, wherever possible, stick to the 30-degree, minimal detergent rule. Zippers can be a weak spot but aside from my tag-size frustrations, no issues in this respect and I have no reason to think it shouldn’t live a long and productive life.

Value 3.25/5

£49.99 is competitive, but even so, there are a few models that could give the Mirano a run for your hard-earned. Scimitar ECO1 Recycled Short Sleeved Cycling Jersey is presently retailing at £49.99. Van Rysel Racer Short Sleeve Summer Jersey Yellow Team is £5 cheaper, has a similar cut, pocket configuration but lacks the UV component. 

Then of course, there’s the Galiber  Regale Ultralight Jersey, which tips the scales at a mere 90g, features SPF30 protection but lacks a zippered valuables pocket. Sundried Endo Cycling Jersey is £45.00 features a similar cut, ventilated panels and three rear pockets. 


Aside from my minor grumbles about zipper tag sizing and slightly shallower pockets, the Funkier Mirano Jersey is a versatile, wallet friendly option. Both for warmer days and during the darker months, indoor trainer slavery.

Verdict: 3.75/5 Great value warm weather jersey but bigger pockets and zipper tags would be welcomed.

Michael Stenning

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