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Muc-Off MO94 Multi Use Spray

Muc-Off MO94 Multi Use Spray
400ml £7.00

The Muc-Off MO94 multi Use Spray isn’t bike specific, but very bike friendly and equally useful around the home and workshop. It’s been with us for a decade but recently revised, substituting the PTFE part for something less toxic. Judging by the past couple of months, it’s an improvement on the original and a decent staple.

Pros: Does most jobs well, kind to composites, no PTFE, durable and fairly economical.

Cons: Thinner blends better for flushing duties.


In many respects, MO94 is like other synthetic maintenance sprays. It employs a butane propellant, a solvent that makes it sprayable, displacing moisture and indeed, light grot, leaving a filmy protectant/lubricant layer behind. The sort that can be left- say on cables, pivot points, or flushing chains and cassettes, fasteners post wash, sticky lock mechanisms, multi tools and so on. Or it can be wiped to a thin film- electroplated frame tubes, forks etc.

However, I’m assured MO94 is kind to carbons and composites too. Oh, before we go any further, MO94 is basically a reference to 1994, when Muc Off started. The PTFE (which can disrupt electrical connectivity) has been replaced with more of the base oil, meaning it can also be used on battery trays and contacts- lights and computers being obvious bike-related candidates but equally suitable for motorcycle switch gear, corroded workshop strip light switches/contacts etc. 

tst review muc off multi spay cycling bike

In common with several other Muc-Off products, the formula reacts to UV light, so you can assess coverage precisely and add more, if needed. It also comes with an applicator straw for precise delivery and minimal wastage. Its best thought of as a middleweight blend, the sort that is designed to linger but there’s some trade off when it comes to flushing water - say from electrical contacts. 

Application 3.5/5

Though supposedly safe around seals, composites and other rubberised components, the slippery properties mean you’ll want to keep it away from disc rotors, rims and other braking surfaces, contact points, tyres etc. A quick shot of disc brake cleaner should save the day if you’ve overdone it. Multi-use products could be described as jack of all trades, and in reference to the MO94, I say this in the most positive sense. 

Simply give the aerosol a 30 second shake, aim from 15-30 cm and apply to the host area in short bursts and in a well-ventilated area. Used as a water displacer/corrosion inhibitor, say post washing, I’ve plugged in the straw and applied to cables, derailleur pivot points, fasteners, cleat mechanisms, seat collars etc. Up and over garage door rollers, hinges, car locks etc have also been given periodic helpings. Battery connectors for high powered lights have also been given a light squirt to support connectivity and keep damp out.  


Solvent and other chemical strengths vary and can, over time soften waxes, adhesives, and other welcome features. For these reasons, I slip a strip of card beneath exposed cables before spraying here and into the guides. (Cable ferules can wear paint in the guides and corrosion form undetected). 

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Talking of corrosion inhibiting, I have used it to traffic home brewed wax-based preserves around a frame’s inner sanctum, mothballing tools and similar tasks. 

muc off MO94 spray bike cycle

However, I’ve shied away from pump and fork stanchions - a light helping of silicone protectant such as their Silicone Shine is a better choice for these. 

tst review lube protectand cycling bike

I’ve also used it to release sticky cantilevers, V brakes, slightly corroded fasteners and components along. Similarly, though it will offer some helpful protection inside a frameset and will flush moisture out, leaving a light barrier behind.  Technique plays a part too. Most maintenance sprays will have some prowess when it comes to tackling stubborn or “seized” stuff.

However, they will lack the punch of a dedicated penetrant such as Plus Gas, or Motorex Anti Rust Spray. For these reasons, I wrap an old cut down padded envelope around the host- holding it in situ with a zip tie. I give the part a direct blast and then apply a further layer around the bubble wrap so it will work in and marinade. 

Performance 3.75/5

Overall performance is pleasing and MO94 makes an excellent default. Its best described as a middleweight, so lasts longer on cables, mechanisms, electrical contacts and anything else in winter’s firing line. For these reasons, it's more effective at mothballing fasteners, tooling etc compared with lighter blends, including GT85

Through a very wet, grotty winter, I’ve only needed to reapply to stem bolts, brake mount, rack and mudguard hardware every three weeks and three sudsy bucket washes. It’s also kept nickel- plated cleat mechanisms free of taint more convincingly than some household favourites.  Similar story with cables, derailleur springs and jockey wheels.

As a penetrant/release spray, two short blasts around the seat collar were sufficient to loosen a sticky carbon post. It had been given a moderate lick of gripper paste beforehand, which aside from reducing the torque needed, also prevents oxidisation. Left thirty seconds and given a light tap with a rubber mallet freed the post. 

I wiped the residual MO94 with a clean rag, reapplied gripper paste to the post and reinserted. I had the urge to strip and inspect Ursula’s Deore Hollow Tech II crank axle. I’d fed it Peaty’s Speed Grease which has proved surprisingly tenacious but had been untouched for ten months. Several months of wet roads had licked the pinch bolt threads of any grease, so these were given a quick shot of MO94.


Left thirty seconds or so, they released easily when I introduced the 5mm Allen key. The crank was similarly reticent, so I gave the exposed axle a quick shot of MO94. A short, sharp tap with a rubber mallet freed it and revealed a thin but very serviceable layer of Speed Grease clinging to the axle. However, I was due to test another brand, so got busy with some neat Weldtite Bike Cleaner Concentrate  .


I’d also been changing forks and fitting crown races when my crown race setter suddenly became stuck. Two moderate blasts of MO94 around the fork’s steerer tube and it released with a modest tug - no damage to the crown race or other delicate components. Though less invasive than some, I’ve found it effective for removing residual grease from headset bearings and races, when doing some mid-winter inspection.

test review cycling bike spray

Green Oil Eco Spray has an edge if you’re wanting to preserve a metal frame internally, thanks to its waxy, protective seal and has an edge for mothballing paint chips. Nonetheless, MO94 seems effective when applied inside new frames being stored pre-build. Cleanliness is also pleasing. It will attract light, filmy grime but nothing outlandish and makes an effective preserve. Seems to be playing nicely with composites, plastics and seals.

Durability 3.75/5

test review cycling bicycle spray lube

I’ve not needed to replenish too regularly and pushed; I’d say it lasted twice, maybe three times as long as those iconic maintenance sprays in comparable contexts. I’ve defaulted to it around the home, cars and workshop. There’s around 250ml still sloshing around in the tin.

Value 3.5/5

Muc Off MO94 is solid value for money but there are plenty of similarly priced competitors jostling for space on your shelf. Juice Lubes JL69  (now £7.99) is another versatile and seemingly durable synthetic blend with similar pros and indeed cons. Motorex Joker 440 is another synthetic blend that has impressed us with its versatility and staying prowess. However, at £14.99 it’s virtually double the price. Green Oil Eco Spray (Now £10.99) is another favourite. It’s a heavier duty formula, kind to all surfaces and doesn’t contain petrochemicals. It's also more effective as a mothballing agent cum frame preserve. However, its £3 dearer for 400ml.


Maintenance sprays have some limitations-as is the case with any product trying to be all things to all people. However, those seeking a middleweight prep capable of doing most protectant, light lubrication and feeing jobs well will find a lot to like in Muc-Off MO94.

Verdict: 3.75/5 Middleweight maintenance spray that does most jobs well.


Michael Stenning


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