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761g 700x28c Black (as tested) £17.99 each

Mojo Stamina Tyres from Oxford Products are very much a commuter and road/surfaced cycle track tyre. Nothing wrong with that, and at £17.99, they shouted urban hack and road/cycle track commuter. However, we have added in some gentle leisure riding, including compacted mud tracks, and been pleasantly surprised, with minor grumbles.


Pros: effective tyre at a tempting price.


Cons: no reflective strip.

oxford mojo tyres tires bicycle bike cycle commuter



Initially, tI was put in mind of my much-loved Schwalbe Marathon Supreme touring tyres. Mind you, that’s a thoroughly unfair comparison, though it does give a primarily road, hard-surface orientation.


The Mojo Stamina are aimed at the commuter/leisure rider. Traditional clinchers, they also come in 700x25c for a sportier ride. At 30 threads per inch you’d not expect massive responsiveness or rolling prowess, but you’d hope for durability and strength. That is enhanced by 3mm of puncture protection under the tread.


A pressure range of 80-110 psi takes things quite high for a commuting tyre. However, for road work there’s a welcome top end. Of course, those with more mixed terrain travels will probably stick to the bottom end.


I was a bit surprised that there was no reflective strip. Less so with the lack of a bottle dynamo track.


Fitting 4/5


Fingers and thumbs only were needed to hook this over Mavic 217 and Ryde Sputnik rims. No naughty words, let alone a tyre lever. Bodes very well for roadside repairs when off to appointments or bimbling to the pub.

cycle bike bicycle tires tyres oxford mojo stamina commute

Cleanliness  3/5


On that front, the relatively slick tread sees off much detritus and has spurned grittiness and those smithereens of glass that so often make their home on cycle tracks.


Performance 3.25/5


I have kept these pretty much inflated to 85psi, with only minor concessions when having a long stretch of forest trail and several miles of periodic setts (good old Belgium). At first, they’d felt pretty stiff, but the ride didn’t turn out to as harsh as expected. Mind, all testing employed steel frames and forks, offering a bit more compliance than some materials. 


At max pressure, they roll nicely enough on road, but still, feel rock solid, rain and shine, when braking sharply or adjusting to the vagaries of the motorised brethren. I’ve had one or two moments of insecurity on raised iron-work, but that is far from uncommon with less supple tyres. They maintained stoic confidence on long descents during some leisure rides in the Ardennes. Mind you, at top pressure things did feel pretty stiff, and I certainly felt the bumps.


On the whole, I preferred 80psi for a comfortable ride when the cycle track surface went west, but keeping pressure around 85-90psi increases puncture protection and seemed a decent compromise between rolling and comfort. I tip the scales at 14 stone.


Pushing them, beyond their spec, onto forest trails, they dealt with both, but at a very gentle pace. Even so, a plus given the variable nature of some surfaces masquerading as cycle track in the UK.

tyre bicycle bik cycle tires commute tread

Durability 3/5


As ever, hard to say, but there’s no significant damage after a couple of hundred miles of mixed surface riding. Stick to roads and surfaced cycle paths and things should be even better.


Puncture Protection 2.75/5


The 3mm protective layer under the tread is not unusual with commuting tyres at this kind of price. However, we are yet to spring a leak in two hundred miles mixed surface riding. The protection seems adequate for commuting, unless I was riding an older hub-gear with all that can entail for fixing punctures.


Value 3.25/5


Rubber can be sexy (I am told), but not usually as a bike tyre. The emphasis here is on stamina rather than mojo, but they have shown themselves to be reliable and seem to hit the commuting market pretty much in the bread basket. The Vee Tire Co’s Easy Street add more general riding potential to the Mojo’s commute/leisure bent. They are a bit lighter than the Mojo Stamina and, in my opinion, roll better (not a surprise, given the spec). Of course, they are more expensive.




Oxford claim no more for the Mojo Stamina than they are solid, reliable commuting tyres. I’d agree with Oxford’s assessment. Those seeking a one tyre does all model might find things a bit limited. Even so, for £17.99 a tyre, take a look at Oxford’s Mojo Stamina especially if you have a specific commuting bike in mind.

Verdict 3.25/5 Stoic and competent commuting tyre, nice price.


Steve Dyster




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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