1122g including shoulder strap (as tested) £50.00

The UPSO Potters Pannier is a tough wearing, “water resistant” rear pannier, made by Carradice. you’d expect a  good deal with that pedigree and I have not been disappointed.

Funkily made from recycled lorry tarps, the UPSO Potters Pannier comes with enviably green credentials - even the machines are solar powered. Loaded with camping gear or shopping, they have seen service on most pf my fleet on the commute, short cycle camping trips and the weekly supermarket run. 


Materials & Construction


Inside, it’s essentially a 21 litre shell, which may alienate tidy freaks but will delight “rat-packers”; Michael in particular. This meant I could bundle summer-weight sleeping bag, sleeping matt and single person tent inside with a bit of extra room to play with. Winter weight sleeping bags will claim the lion’s share of space. Either way, you’ll need a second pannier of some description for hauling lock, tools, tubes, changes of clothes etc. 


Talking of which, the UPSO series are one-offs, getting two truly uniform, matching designs is not guaranteed. A turn off for the most obsessively coordinated but their uniqueness will delight others. Add a bar bag and/or wedge pack, such as the UPSO Stirling, to the picture and you’ve got most bases covered.


I was surprised to learn the seams weren’t taped. Seems Lorry tarps aren’t suited to this. Nonetheless, stitching is uniform and dependable. This coupled with a roll top cover continues the bombproof theme and spells water-resistant in the all but submersible sense. 


Sure, I wouldn’t attempt river riding and lining them with bin bags is another simple, though effective addition. Mind you, this goes for any pannier. Suffice to say, torrential tip downs or persistent day long drizzle has made no impression. 


Bags also bring order, since there are no internal pockets. Again, we come back to weatherproofing, more stitching provides a potential entry-point for wet stuff. It’s a great packhorse for everyday riding, whether I’ve been loading it up with laptops and other delicates; or bunging in my supermarket haul - remembering to keep the weight low.


Mounting kit


This is an adjustable system that caters for most diameters of rack tubing-between 8 and 13mm to be precise. This might be a non-starter for some bespoke, oversized Cro-moly models. You’ll need to use their “reducer” shims on rods at 11mm and 8mm.  


The centrally located, single “Quickclip” quick release lever raised a few doubts initially, probably irrational. They proved completely unfounded. Everything remained rock steady, over varying terrain and at increasing speeds. In fact, I found it more user friendly than the older system on my venerable Carradry panniers. 


 A suitably substantial shoulder strap for porting stuff around sans bike is built to the same standards and does the job very capably.



Ultimately, these are basic, rugged panniers with a really sound attachment system. True, there is a weight penalty compared with some high-tech hell ’n’ high water models complete with welded seams. Those who need pockets will also need to look elsewhere. With these limitations in mind, I reckon the UPSO Potters Pannier are a great option for everyday riding and touring, so long as you’re not counting every gram.

Verdict 4.5/5 Robust, straight-forward, competitively priced, and unique, albeit heavier than some.


Steve Dyster




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH