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100ml £3.99

The Weldtite TF2 Performance All Weather Lubricant is one of the best budget chain lubes that I've come across, in a very long time. Yes, its TF2 Extreme Wet counterpart will win hands down, when conditions are truly vile. However, the all- weather blend doesn't attract nearly so much dirt, and there's much less friction to boot. 

Pros: Cheap, stoical, relatively clean, versatile and easy to apply.

Cons: A bit more "fling" than thicker wet types.

Science Bit

OK, so it essentially boils down to a blend of highly refined mineral oils, PTFE and some other additives. Nothing particularly exiting perhaps, and some might say, a little old fashioned. 


I can appreciate the concerns of those citing the environmental impact of Teflon, too.  Ours was the standard 100ml bottle but you can also purchase in workshop quantities. Something that may extend the appeal to professional/club mechanics, or riders just looking to get the cheapest prices.

Application 3/5

Application is very straightforward. You might get away with drizzling some straight into a parched chain but otherwise, do the usual chain bath routine first.

Have some clean rag handy, then give the bottle a quick shake, twist the spout and drizzle into every link. I'd describe it as a middleweight consistency. One that flows relatively quickly, hence the rag. 

cycle bicycle lube lubricant oi bottle tf2 weldite

Though it looks black in the bottle, it emerges as a dark green. Unlike the Zefal Pro Wet  the consistency remains unchanged, regardless of air temperature. Wipe off any excess and you're done. Though no need to get neurotic, do this methodically to avoid fling and spatter along chain stay and rear wheel. 

cycle bicycle grime chain stay

We test a lot of lubes here at Seven Day Cyclist. Therefore, during this phase, I tend to run chains almost dry. A lack of lube is very telling on my fixed gear winter/trainer. The Performance all weather literally races to the rollers, restoring serene silence in 30 seconds, and those first few rotations of the cranks. Transmissions are slick, yet not syrupy. 

There's more friction, compared with its summer weight ceramic cousin or a wax, such as Muc-Off Dry Chain Lube , but drive trains feel slick and shifting responsive. This has also felt a touch smoother, when needing to shift under load- an unexpected climb, or nearing the lights in too tall a gear.

Durability 3.75/5 

These qualities last. Several weeks in persistently wet conditions, roads a mix of mulch and dung were an excellent test. Two hundred miles in, superficially my Univega’s chain looked a little filmy in places. However, and in keeping with the Zefal Pro Wet Chain lube, plenty remained. Regular shifting reclaimed spent residue from the cassette, so I wasn’t surprised to hit 400 miles, from a single helping. 

Off road/mixed terrain outings will put a dent in things, but I’ve returned 325 miles, in the latter context. Still very favourable. Especially taking ticket price into the equation.

Cleanliness 2.75/5


Above average but what I'd expect from a middleweight PTFE infused blend. The slippery components tend to float grit and other organic grime to the surface, rather 

cassette chain poe wheel

Expect some moderate contaminant, especially during the changeable months, or if you're riding off-road. Oh, and it does attract dust. 

Fork/frame ends, fasteners etc will also cultivate that familiar patina, which may not look overly fetching but will protect against tarnish.  Transfer to fingers/clothing is moderate. On balance, I’d be packing those latex inspection gloves, when tending a rear flat, or similar roadside tune-up. 


That said; no muckier than Finish Line 1 Step Cleaner and Lubricant , or several others, mind. Talking of which, topping up isn't a drama either. Give the chain a good once-over using clean rag, drizzle in, wipe away any excess, scoot off-simple.


Value 4.25/5

£3.99 for 100ml is right up there on the bargain front. Yes, admittedly the Zefal Pro Wet Chain Lube is 120ml but it’s still £2 dearer. At the mid point, we have Silkolene Premium Everyday  at £7.99 Performance all weather is also available in 1 litre (£15.99) and 5 litre bottles. 

At the other extreme, motor and chainsaw oils cost pennies per application. They're also mucky, so weekly wipe-downs are a must, or they'll evolve into that frighteningly effective grinding paste.


Middleweight chain lubes come in all guises and prices. Some people won’t be overly keen on the old school, petrochemical composition. However, it’s a well- balanced, wallet-friendly lube. One which is hard to fault, for general riding.

Verdict: 3.75/5 Very good lube for general riding and not a lot of money.


Michael Stenning




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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