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Mount Case 40g (for iPhone 5/5s as tested)

Mount Case Strap 35g £17.99 if sold separately

Case and Strap sold together £32.99

Mount Case Forward Mount 75g £27.95

The Tiagra Sport mount case and mounts provide assorted options for carrying phones on bikes, or about the person. Being a cycling mag, we’ve concentrated on bike-specific systems. Generally speaking, I’ve been very impressed.

Tigra Mount Case and Strap
Tigra sport Forard mount

Looking for a system to suit your phone as a gps for your bike? The range offered by Tigra Sports is impressive in scope and neatly manufactured. Unlike many budget mounts and cases, which can be bulky, these do not take up much more space than your device, offer good security of tenure and very good protection from the elements.


The Mount Case


This mount case is pretty much what we’d expect. A snug fitting hard plastic base holds phones securely, protecting them against vibration and impact damage. Up top, we have the supple, transparent cover, which ensures devices are easily read. 


Zipless design eliminates the risk of water creeping inside. Not that it’s designed to be waterproof in the submersible sense but ours has remained watertight through thundery downpours and less intense but very soggy day rides. 

Tigra sport Mount Case and Strap
Tigra sport Mount Case and Strap

Talking of which, there is a powerbank case to extend battery life beyond the norm and stronger “armoured” version. These aren’t universal, so check compatibility on the Tigra site (link) or in person, at your local dealer. Thankfully, the Fitclic (Not to be confused with Klikfix) mount is and offers an equally secure grip. The plonk on and twist locking system felt intuitive. Just reverse to remove. When seated securely, a simple twist reorientates the phone. That said; I’d recommend a few dry runs before setting off to prevent potentially expensive mishaps. 


Impervious design does bring some trade-offs, mind. Re-centering maps on the move required practice with the cover in situ and proved something of a non-starter with my full-finger gloves, which may prove a deal-breaker for tecchies who love nothing better than a mid-flight fettle.       



Mount Case Strap


Simply fitted with an Allen Key, using the appropriate rubber strip to hold it in place, or indeed without one, this plastic strap should entertain the full zodiac of bar and stem diameters. As you’d hope, this is similarly dependable. Bombing along pot-holed lanes or rough forest trails have failed to induce any annoying chatter, let alone ejection.   

Mount Case Forward Mount


Once again, you should have no trouble fitting this onto bars of any size. Allen key required and ensure you tighten bolts sequentially.


Length can be adjusted, but the maximum extension from bar to Fitclic mount is six cm, including a dog-leg in the bracket. This should clear most bar bags and the bracket also incorporates an action cam mount but again, it’s well worth checking compatibility before parting with your hard earned - it won’t take my contour, but will son’s Go-Pro imitation. Leach like tenure does not preclude some minor adjustment. Backroad scratching, forest fun and urban assault course - ours hasn’t missed a beat.

There are cheaper ways to keep your phone safe and dry on your bike. Tigra offers a system with numerous options designed specifically for your phone. Strength and manufacture come at a cost and don’t expect the same ease of use, when covered, as you might from your waterproof GPS specific unit. Check out the options.


Verdict: 3.75/5 Well-made and not absurdly pricey given quality and the cost of a smashed up phone. Do check compatibility as not all elements are available for all devices, at present.

Steve Dyster



Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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