Note: the following is not intended to be patronising; if you find it so you probably do not need to read it!


To read a pdf file you need to have Adobe Reader.


You may well have this installed on your device already.


Please check your system requirements. The landing page from the above link will help you identify these.


Once you have downloaded your copy of Seven Day Cyclist, open it. You may well find that the magazine is too large for the screen. Use the numerical magnification box on tool bar to adjust it to fit the screen of your device. I find 50% right for me, but the choice is yours. You can either use the pre-set magnifications or type in your own.


To enable the magazine to be read as a magazine, click on the View button at the top of the screen above the tool bar.


On the View menu click on Page Display and then, on the next menu, click on Two Up. At the same time as this whilst still in the Page Display menu, ensure that Show Cover During Two Up has been ticked.


Using the large arrows on the tool bar to turn the pages, two pages will appear at a time, as you would expect with a print magazine. The cover and back page appear singly.


You could view pages individually, if you prefer, but the magazine is laid-out as two page spreads and that effect will be lost.


Use the magnification buttons + and – or numerical magnification box to zoom in or out from parts of the page you wish to look at in more detail or to make it easier to read.


I find the easiest way to move around a page when magnified above the size of the screen on my device is to use the Hand Tool. To get this, click on the Tools button at the top of the page. Then click Select and Zoom. Next click on Hand Tool. Use your mouse or the cursor keys to move the hand icon around the page.


To get around the magazine easily you may find it helpful to click on the View button at the top of the screen. Then click on Navigation Panes. If you then click on Pages, miniature versions of each page will appear on the left of the screen. You can then move easily between articles by clicking on the page you wish to view.


Alternatively, clicking on the Tools button, then Select and Zoom followed by Pan & Zoom Window, enables a new, smaller window to open, the arrows on the screen enable easy navigation around the magazine.



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