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Pump 89g Bracket 7g Silver (as tested)  €21.95 (£18.52 at time of writing)

Almost as far from their HPX frame pump as can be imagined, the Profil Micro Pump, from Zefal, is a dandy little pump to pop in your jersey pocket (although there is a bracket from frame-mounting) when weight is important or encumbrance is undesirable. No moans and groans, although there’s lots of competition, Steve hopes he never has to use it when out and about (mind you, that applies to pumps of all shales and sizes), but has every confidence in it to serve well for years to come.


Pros: well-made, smart, thoughtful proportions.


Cons: best for solos rather than group duties; care needed when changing valve.

zefal airfil micro pump bicycle cycle bike

Spec 3.5/5


Colour coordination fiends will appreciate the range of silver, blue, yellow, red, and matt black. Ours was shiny silver, which always looks good, in my opinion. The white Zefal logo catches the light, but is pretty unobtrusive.


For those more interested in function, aluminium barrel and handle are not unusual, but combine light-weight with robust goo-looks. Two grooves, and a single ‘o’ ring create locking and pumping positions.


The usual screw-on-cover allows access to the barrel should a touch of lube be required – but be careful to use a something silicon based (such as this one from Muc-Off, or a sympathetic grease). The head has a rubber harness, and similar cover that pops into the valve orifice. Its secured by the cover that holds the familiar Schrader/Presta valve adaptor. The whole lot is finished off with a smart-looking lever to secure pump to valve.


There is a plastic and Velcro mount, of the familiar type, for frame mounting.


165mm length should slip into all but the smallest packs or pockets.


Mount 3.25/5


Clipping the pump to the frame in the mounting bracket is simple, following the familiar format. Indeed, the pump will port to most of the similar types of bracket, which is more than can be said for some stouter girthed mini-pumps. Needless to say, it’s made no bids for freedom.


On the other hand, in my opinion, its natural habitat is the rear pocket of a jersey (standard pockets such as on Chapeau’s Club Thermal Jersey, have held it tight, and even less strongly elasticated versions have kept it secure; or sitting inside a rack pack, all but the smallest wedge-packs, or top-tube bag For me, the mount bracket will inhabit the spares draw.

pump bag bicycle cycle bike saddle seatg

Performance 3.75/5


250 strokes took 700x23/25 Schwalbe Durano tyres to 80psi without bad language. Another 80 got things over the hundred – arms were working harder and fingers were cupped round the rim and valve, but things were by no means Herculean. Mind you, getting things up to the 115 max was a little beyond me. Even so, this is a very decent running pressure for most mortals – especially if they just want to get home. 


310 to 80psi on 700x32c Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tyres. Mind you, things were starting to turn Anglo-Saxon on the way to anything above. Mind you, that’s plenty to get home, and further even when loaded. Mind you, on tour or when lumbered with group responsibilities, I’d be looking for a pump with a bit more oomph.

pump bicycle bike cycle wheel zefal

Chunky 54x559 MTB tyres took a whopping 400 to 65psi, but mini-pumps of this type are best for topping up tyres of this capacity rather than starting from zilch.


Worth noting to avoid loss of internal vitals, is that the bits for flipping from Shrader to Presta or vice-versa, are a bit looser than some. Don’t change things over above the drain cover! However, properly adjusted the head fits tightly over the valve and holds valve stems, long and short, as pressure rises.


In that context too, I’ve noticed no overheating as the number of strokes mounts.

Value 3.5/5


Something depends on your definition of ‘micro’ pump. Lezyne’s Micro Floor Pump – with or without HPG gauge – is only micro in the context of floor/track pumps. It is double the price (even on discounted website) and is much larger. On the other hand, it is more powerful and better suited to group use and higher pressures.


Topeak’s Micro Rocket is slightly shorter, a few grammes lighter, and comes in an aluminium version (Micro Rocket AL). Weight-weenies eyes may light up at this. Those with really high riding pressures may well like its 160psi stated max, too – although I’ve not tested it out. Colleagues suggest that getting to high pressures is a long, tough job. The Profil’s design may appeal to traditionalists more It comes in about the same price as Zefal’s Air Profil Micro (both officially and with discounts). 




Size and weight are definite pluses for summer day rides on the jersey pocket and for rapid bursts. Inflation is less easy than with their trad HPX frame pump – as you’d expect. Overall, I see this as a well-made, good-looker, with practical advantages for topping up pressure and full-inflation when the hawthorn-of-doom strikes on your mid-week evening blast or your speedy day out – especially in conjunction with a CO2 inflator.

pump wheel bicycle cycle bike

Verdict 3.5/5 Very neat little pump, with the inevitable advantages and disadvantages of scale.


Steve Dyster




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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