Seven Day Cyclist is a website for those who love to ride but don’t necessarily want to achive a new personal best every time the bike comes out of the shed. Perhaps you’re a lifelong enthusiast with an eclectic fleet, a returnee keen on tackling sportives, taking the family out to share the joy of the open road or have just discovered the joy of two wheels.


Whatever your experience or ability we’re here with a mix of features, products/bike tests, news, rides and grass roots events to captivate and inspire.


Seven Day Cyclist is a for people who enjoy riding bicycles of all sorts for all reasons, but would probably put the fact that it is fun pretty high up the list. It aims to be grassroots and to take cycling for all seriously, but not too seriously. It looks at cycling from the perspective of the participant, be they riding a challenging audax, a long tour, having a weekend camping trip with the kids, visiting a castle or going to the beach, sitting in the café or riding home from work.

Inclusivity and openness are its watchwords, cycling the message and intelligent writing and good-humour the tone.


The website is owned by Steve Dyster and Michael Stenning.

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 A bit about .....


Michael Stenning 


Michael Stenning is a freelance writer/product tester with over twenty-eight years riding experience, the last twelve (120,000 miles) spent putting bikes and kit through their paces for a variety of publications. Citing Richard Ballantine and an Au Pair amongst his earliest cycling influences, he has a passion for most genres of riding and sound understanding of frame building practice.


Steve Dyster 


In an effort to combine work and enthusiasm, Steve left teaching in 2005 to have a go at writing but, instead, became a “geriatric” Dad. He performed freelance editorial and copy-writing services for cycling and other magazines as well as doing other bits of writing in order to bring in extra cash. Many years of experience in cycling, with and without family, and an interest in grassroots riding, makes Seven Day Cyclist an exciting prospect. He firmly believes that there is much “more to cycling than riding a bike” and has a love travel by bicycle, cycling’s history and cycling’s future.

He worked part-time for Sustrans, working with schools, but was made redundant in 2016. In what remains of his time he rides bikes with his family, goes for walks with the family and the dog and is attempting to get a few books written. in fact his first collection of short-stories was published in 2017. And not a bike in it.

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