Men’s Large 350g £42.99 Black (as tested)

The Proviz Nightrider Waterproof Trousers are a breathable, light-weight, 100% polyester shell garment, available in gender specific cuts. Aimed primarily at commuting audiences, I’ve found them fine for general riding and even some light touring. 

At a steady ten to twelve mile an hours little undue sweatiness accumulated, though - as with almost any waterproof garment - vigorous seventeen to twenty mph bursts result in that familiar clamminess. That said; this wasn’t noticeable until I removed them and largely attributable to welded seams and lack of rider tuneable ventilation - something I’ve come to expect of polyesters, especially at this price point.


Talking of which, climate control is a lot harder to regulate when touring the moors around the Forest of Bowland with long tights underneath. Mind you, dampness was limited and the cold February south-easterly that drove the rain were locked firmly outside. 


Waterproof - thoroughly; no ingress in hefty showers, lengthy downpours or all-day drizzle. The label says that they are not suitable for use in extreme conditions, but for the generality of UK weather these will keep the elements at bay. 


With sleety spells and patches of ice on the high road along Morridge in the Staffordshire Moorlands, I felt a bit of a chill - again with longs underneath. Not a deal breaker, unless I was battling this for extended periods, or was stuck tending a more serious mechanical.  


At the other extreme, over trousers and shorts are not a combo I’m particularly fond of. When it’s mild enough for shorts, legs dry pretty quickly once the rain relents. However, the nightrider’s  texture against bare skin is infinitely preferable to contracting a nasty cold mid-tour.

Proviz Nightrider waterproof trousers calf zip

Cut and fit are what I’d expect from a cycling specific garment. Draw string waistbands aren’t everyone’s bag but allow easy adjustment and wasn’t something I was conscious of, hunkered low on the drops for long periods, or dismounting cyclo-cross style. A choice of three press studs allows easy tailoring of leg length. I have a very regular (32 inch) inside leg, relative to my height and found the middle set optimal but experimenting with the others didn’t result in bagginess around the ankle.

Saddle tenure is just right-across the spectrum, allowing easy, intentional movement, and I’ve never experienced that annoying tightness on the up-stroke. Velcro calf closures allow effortless tailoring, while keeping bottoms from getting caught in the rings, allowing me to focus upon a tour typical cadence of 85-100rpm.  At this pace, the bold retro-reflective detailing is particularly eye-catching but there’s also a day-glow yellow option for the last word in low-light visibility.


Summing up; well, aside from the slight clamminess, pockets would’ve been welcomed but overall, these are a well-conceived and executed over-trousers with wider horizons than commuting.  

Verdict: 4/5 Adaptable and functional at a decent price. More money may buy a reinforced seat, more tactile touch, pockets and a more rugged fabric.




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH