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The VK Bicycle Protective Cover Super is a robust universal cover for solo bicycles when outdoor storage is required. It’s formed effectively over and English winter – a mix of ice, wind, rain, and snow – and for a functional bit of gear, you cannot really ask more than it does the job it sets out to do. Multiple bike owners will find other models to cover more than one bike, or larger versions for a baggier fit or very big frames.


Pros: robust, effective.


Cons: only for single solo bikes.

Spec 3/5


Measuring 210 x 110 cm, with tapered ends to fit around the wheels, the VK Super is manufactured from 2mm woven plastic strips. Inside is a thermal film to make the cover waterproof. Eyelets at each end allow a rope to be passed through to secure it.


It has a ten-year guarantee.


Fit 3.5/5


The cover should give decent protection to most solo bikes; MTB, road, hybrid, sit-up-and-beg, and so on. My venerable Supergalaxy has a twenty-three-inch frame and the cover still all-but reaches the round, for example.


It is easy enough to pull over the bike, although removing panniers makes life easier – and if large it is a necessity. Remember to put your lock on first.

cycle cover bicycle bike VK

I’ve tended to leave the rope in place, ready to tie up. That avoids a bit of a fuss. although I have only needed it in very windy weather.


Protection 3.5/5


Does it keep the rain off? Other precipitation? Yes. On warmer days after cold nights, has it caused condensation? Nothing noticeable. Durability is hard to gauge at this stage. However, deliberate snagging on pedals has not caused any damage. Nor contact with brickwork.

bicycle bike cover cycle protection

Security 4/5


The cover has always stayed in place – even when the bike has been blown over by Storm Billy, or whatever it was called. And that without the rope tied on.


I’ve only used the cover in a relatively secure backyard, so it is not easy to substantiate the manufacturers claim that it enhances security. I can’t imagine that I’d cart the cover around on tour or commute. However, were I on a static, centre-based holiday, it may well find a place on the campsite or outside the holiday cottage. In those circumstances, concealing the machine won’t replace a good lock and chain, but it may help event unwanted attention.


Storage 3.5/5


Folding and placing a brick on top has sufficed for storage. No need for a bag, unless you are transporting it.

bicycle cycle bike cover

Value 3.5/5


The Oxford Aquatex Bicycle Cover is officially £22.99, although I have seen it at a reduced price on a well-known website. It scores over the VK in ems of attractive design, but that may not be important to you.


Halfords offer a model that covers up to four bikes and costs £20. With an elasticated hem and rip-tab closure, it may suit families better, although it’ll give a less snug fit over a single machine.


BTR (£44.99) have a very robust two bike cover, which looks large enough to cover the biggest frames, maybe even with panniers in place.


Bike Parka are a long -standing manufacturer. Their models offer features such as a stuff sack, elasticated elements to grip the wheels.




Sitting toward the lower end of the price range, the VK Super is an effective, functional bike cover. It won’t suit those who want to cover more than one bike, and some will just like a looser fit to cover luggage and such like more easily. Equally, aesthetes may prefer a swisher look. However, with such considerations in mind, he VK Super is well-worth a look for those who want a straightforward bit of gear to do a straightforward job effectively.

Verdict 3.5/5 Functional bit of gear


Steve Dyster




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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