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Motorex Joker 440

 500ml £14.99

Motorex Joker 440 is a general-purpose lube and protectant spray. Rather like some other well-known brands, it comes into its own in emergencies when playing the joker should get you out of trouble. Called into action by seized components, fitting new parts, general maintenance, it has found a home in the van for those times when a spot of something is called for but the workshop is many miles away. I like it, and the delivery system is definitely a plus. How far if goes the extra mile beyond some other brands of similar sprays is hard to say. That depends on all kinds of variables, including personal preference. However, when summoned, it has always worked its magic.


Pros: good delivery, genuine all-rounder, clean.


Cons: nothing not to like.

Science bit


Well, you’d not expect the full recipe to be readily available, but Motorex describe Joker440 as a fully synthetic lubricant and corrosion protectant, that is safe on plastics and plastics, leaving a protective film, dispersing moisture, and cleaning, too. It is non-conductive and safe on printed circuit boards, too.


Take sensible precautions when using.


Delivery/Application 4.5/5


Delivery to the desired spot comes courtesy of a narrow tube carried on a hinge that can be raised to a convenient position. Having shaken the can well, just take aim and fire. Accuracy is excellent – and, unlike some rivals, I have never managed to lose the tube. Maybe it is just me, but the latter is a real boon.

joker 440 dispersant protector anti-corrosive spray

Fundamentally, delivery is accurate and economical. Having said that, it is worth being generous in application; harmless too, as this seems to be a pretty clean formula attracting little dirt.


Impact and performance 4/5


Universal in name, it can be used pretty much anywhere and on anything within its remit. Of course, it won’t last as long as a wet chain lube on rainy days out’ nor does it ‘grip’ as well as some specific protectant sprays – but the latter is marginal.


So, how has it done. Following a period of heavy rain showers during which the commuter bike stood unprotected, the poor thing registered protest by producing a distressing grinding sound from the bottom bracket. No problem, a blast from the Joker and the next commute was a silent as the grave – smooth, too. mainteance spray motorex review bicycle cycle
miantenance spray bicycle

Finding a friend in need, despairing of a seized seat post and a pedal that was hanging on grimly, the Joker set-to once again. As with other moisture dispersants it took a good dose and a couple of minutes penetration time to loosen things up. Likewise, a set of seized suspension forks on an a moderately priced but neglected MTB were quickly freed as the first step to repair.


Away from the bike, door-locking mechanisms, hinges and an awkward, metallic, shower control have had arthritic joints rejuvenated. Closer to the bike, I’ve found it good for cleats and associated mechanisms, partly because of its cleanliness.


Back on the bike, mechs, cables, and pivot points have all benefitted from a short blast.


The big question is whether it is more effective than similar sprays. Well, how seized was your seat-post, to start with? It certainly seems to be as effective as any. In fact, it appears o be a bit more viscose than some, so a little less good for a speedy flush-out, but scoring when a slightly longer soak is needed.


Cleanliness 3.75/5


On one front, accuracy of delivery helps cleanliness. More significantly, the potion appears to attract little dirt, largely because of its general protectant qualities, I guess. It may not be scientific, bur the commuter’s rear mech was still largely grime free after two weeks of mixed surface travel.


Value 4/5


You’ll probably find Joker 440 discounted on-line without too much searching. GT85 comes in cheaper, but is, in my experience more wasteful. Equally, Zefal All in One Spray is pricier than the Joker, but it outdoes it as an impromptu chain lube, in my opinion. Boeshield T-9 is even pricier, but is a stronger as a chain lube and as a cleaner.


Juice Lubes JL69 performed well as a workshop potion, and is probably a good comparator for the Joker. It can be found marginally cheaper, too.




Good clean fun for the general mechanic and handyman, regardless of whether you’re a cyclist as well. Handy in the van or the workshop, but there are better ad hoc chain lubes if you want something to carry with you.

Verdict:4/5 Handy and effective.


Steve Dyster




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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