8ozs (225ml) 257g £10.99

The Carbon Pro Sports Dri-Shine is a sophisticated, waterless cleaner cum detailer, which promises to clean and leave a lasting shine, with spray ’n’ buff simplicity. Used on a wealth of different surfaces and finishes these past few months, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its performance.

There are two sizes of Carbon Sports Dri-Shine available, ours was the 8oz home/consumer pump spray bottle but there’s a 32oz workshop variant available, which works out much cheaper in the longer term - if you’ve lots of bikes, or find yourself being “team mechanic” to everyone else.


I wasn’t surprised to discover Patricia Yanes, Carbon Pro’s CEO, was pretty coy when it came to disclosing the formula’s chemical composition. She would tell me it’s a UV repelling, non-corrosive, biodegradable mix designed to leave a lasting protectant layer. Hmm, not much to go on, then.

A lot of “detailer” products are silicone based, which produce a really deep, glossy sheen to start with but quickly attract anything airborne like a magnet.


This might be fine, say when putting when putting a frameset or bike with lashings of electroplate into seasonal storage, or masking these delicate regions on a pretty workhorse. However, it’s a pain during a dry, dusty or generally changeable weather.


Assuming machines are basically clean, save for some surface, spray/spatter, simply twist the nozzle open and spray directly to the surfaces (keeping it away from saddles, discs and anything else you don’t want slippery!). Then buff with a clean, dry rag. For maximum economy and best results, apply via as cloth and leave twenty seconds before polishing. This also avoids getting any in your eyes on a blustery day- rinse thoroughly with cold water and seek medical advice if redness, or other symptoms persist.




Oily finger marks, watermarks, brake dust and generic filmy gunge vanish at the first hint of a lint free cloth. 

Carbon Pro Dri shine cycle cleaner

More complex spatter, specifically stiff petrochemical ceramic and wet lubes need a second, or in more extreme cases, third helping. 


My Univega is a case in point. It had been enjoying some seasonal rest but the warm weather had encouraged its internal frame preserve to become mobile, dribbling out of the breathe holes. 

This resulted in some unsightly “tea staining” along the chainstay and bottom bracket region. Elsewhere, its forks, though extremely tough gloss black powder coat, did not receive a clear acrylic lacquer. Consequently, they seem to harbour more grime-nothing serious but noticeable.

A couple of quick blasts and subsequent buffing leaves a clean, slippery surface that will last around three to four weeks through a relatively arid Spring/summer.

I’ve treated frame, forks and components a quick softy cloth once over in between when I’ve been tweaking a fasteners, giving control cables a quick shot of PTFE lube etc. It’s much the same story with other paints/finishes. No surprise really, since most carbon/composites are finished in 2pac paints, or heavy duty lacquers.

Results are similarly pleasing on anodized and genuine electroplate. Minor, filmy spatter, just wipes away-without need for reapplication. Bikes in seasonal storage have also emerged pretty much as they went in.


The dri-shine and competitor formulas I’ve tried so far, are not magic bullets. 

Winter roads, wet cross country mountain biking, cyclo cross and are going to demand the bucket, bucket, brushes and sponges. If these are your primary riding diet, then I’d suggest M16 # Podium Stage or Pro Green MX  kits are the way forward. Similarly, if your bike(s) have raw titanium, or matt finishes then you’ll still need a dedicated cleaner/polish.


Detailer products aren’t for everyone. 1litre wash n’ wax formulas, car sponges, bucket and beeswax furniture polish might be all some riders need. However, apples and oranges spring to mind.

£12.99 is quite steep for an 8oz bottle but it is a pump-spray, so you’re not paying for propellant. Overall effects last longer and I’ve needed less of it, compared with some other, specialist detailers.

Verdict: 3.5/5 Decent detailer but pricey compared with some alternatives we’ve tested recently.

Michael Stenning




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH