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100ml £6.99

Weldtite Ceramic Lube is described as “an all-weather lubricant using ceramic technology to improve shifting and minimise metal on metal friction”. Quicker and easier to reapply than some other ceramic formulas, I’ve found it a more practical choice for everyday riding.

Pros: Quick to apply, low friction, performs well in most contexts.

Cons: Attracts more dirt and contaminant than some.

Science Bit

Weldtite Ceramic Lube is a petrochemical blend with comparable properties to other wet blends I’ve used and tested in recent years. We’re talking “high quality base oils” and hexagonal boron nitride-a popular polymorph that’s been around for many years. A reliable pairing unaffected by jumps in temperature. Arguably an obvious choice for a middleweight chain lube, bridging the gap between dry and hell n’ high water wet lubes.

Application 2.75/5


Typical of most lubes really. First time round, get chains gleaming, using your favourite stripping agent, round up some old clean rag and ideally, pop bikes outside. Give the bottle a quick shake, pop the spout, and add a drop to every link, holding the rag beneath to catch any overspill. 

It emerges from the long spout, relatively runny, so penetrates rollers and other moving parts quickly. This also lends it nicely to lubricating cables, cleat mechanisms, jockey wheels, trailer hitches etc. Ceramic is bit too stodgy for pivot points,

bottle plastic nozzle dripper lube
stays lube bicycle bike oil

but a couple of drops will prevent cleat hardware from seizing, or tainting. A faintly golden hue means thirsty links are easily spotted. Topping up doesn’t require a deep clean, just remove any residual lube and contaminant first.

There’s no official curing time and it seems genuinely temperature stable (I’ve used ours in temperatures between –7 and 12 degrees). That said; while you can scoot off in a couple of minutes, leaving it a few hours, or indeed, overnight improved staying prowess.

Lubrication 3.5/5


From the outset, chains feel thoroughly lubricated and friction minimal. Not on par with a barely-there blend, such as Zefal Pro Dry, or indeed, Rock 'n’ Roll Gold LV . Nonetheless, chains feel slick but without the stodginess of syrupy wet lubes and mirrored Juice Lube Ceramic Juice . This was particularly obvious when grinding up climbs on the fixed, though equally appreciated on my geared builds.

Last minutes shifts, say on an unexpectedly steep gradient, or approaching a red light feel crisp and responsive. I’d recently upgraded the Univega’s drivetrain and didn’t want performance upgrades stifled by a gooey wet formula and found the Weldtite ceramic a good default.

These characteristics were similarly welcome on cleat mechanisms, when gunslinger quick dab downs were the difference between remaining upright or going rubber up. Temperature made negligible impression upon its viscosity. Muc-Off-50degree Chain Lube  and Weldtite TF2 Performance All Weather Lubricant  are condition specific, so had a slight edge in these bitterly cold, snowy contexts.

Durability 3/5


Left curing 4-8 hours, I’ve returned 220 miles from a single application in cold but changeable contexts-including some bridle path and green lane deviations. 250 road miles has been the best through a middling March. To my surprise, navigating snowy lanes, I've managed 180 miles before the familiar metal on metal tinkling crept in. 50 miles more than Smoove Universal Chain Lube  and close to Juice Lubes Ceramic Juice.

Chains with highly polished electroplated/coatings tended to traffic the ceramic to the outer plates and unlike wax formulas (including Smoove Universal Chain Lube) isn’t reclaimed from the cassette.  The 100ml bottle is pannier or bike packing practical, so has stowed away in the Topeak Midloader Frame Bag  on longer rides. Ideally bring a big of rag too, to remove any scuzz before topping up. However, the ability to reapply and scoot off is a definite plus. 

bike bicycle chain cassette
chain ring raval eliptical oval bike bicycle rad velo

Cleanliness 2.75/5


In common with its TF2 Performance all weather counterpart, the Juice Lubes Ceramic and Muc Off-50, the Ceramic remains oily to touch, so will transfer quite readily to fingers/gloves should you need to tackle a flat, or similar mechanical. Not a major hassle-carry a set of disposable examination gloves, or a pair that pack down small like these Muc-Off Mechanics Gloves. However, this also means chains will attract moderate amounts of gritty, dusty contaminant. 

bike bicycle cycle cassette whell rear

Much tends to collect along the side plates. A periodic (every ten days during our test period) clean rag cat-lick keeps this in check.

Value 3.25/5

£6.99 is a nice price point but there are a few capable of giving it a good run for your hard earned. Juice Lubes Ceramic Juice is £10.99 but you’re getting a good 30% more, so levels out. The Juice Lubes Ceramic Juice’s curing time may be another turn off. If these aren’t, Rock 'n’ Roll Gold LV is low friction, durable and moreover clean running middleweight.


However, the super runny solvent component means its trickier to apply. Needing greater tenacity and don’t mind a bit more clean-up?  Weldtite TF2 Performance All Weather Lubricant might top the Ceramic. Finish Line Ceramic Wet Lube is another solid choice, if you are happy with a more traditional wet formula. (£9.49 for 120ml).


Weldtite Ceramic is a decent middleweight staple for everyday riding and while best suited to dry to moist conditions, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its performance in more extreme, wintry conditions.

Verdict: 3.25/5 Convenient and relatively stoical lube for less extreme riding contexts.


Michael Stenning





Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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