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100ml £9.99

The Weldtite TF2 Advanced Ceramic Chain Wax was developed specifically, for the Aqua Blue Sport race team and performance is claimed “unparalleled by any other lube on the market."

A very bold claim and one begging to be refuted. Its certainly one of the most stoical wax-based formulas I’ve used, to date and will hold its own in dry to moderately damp conditions. Pricing is competitive, relative to the competition but its 10 hour curing period is the longest I’m aware of.

Pros: Low friction reasonably clean, stoical by wax standards.

Cons: Quite pricey, long curing times. 

Science bit

Little surprise that Weldtite were decidedly tight-lipped about its chemical alchemy. I can tell you it’s a petrochemical formula that works to very much the same science as other, ceramic products. 

The ceramic additives within the wax, are designed to minimise heat build-up between components, while the wax serves as a lubricant. This pairing, coats the chain cassette at a molecular level, providing a barrier to contaminant and corrosion. 



Same drill as the TF2 Ultra Dry Wax , Smoove Universal Chain Lubricant and several others we’ve reviewed. Take this opportunity to get your drivetrain surgically clean-chain, cassette, ring(s) mech(s). 

I basted Crankalicious Gum Chained Remedy into my fixed gear trainer’s transmission, using an old paint brush. My tubby tourer’s existing potion, with Green Oil Chain Degreaser Jelly.

TF2 Advamced ceramic chain wax

Give the Advanced ceramic chain wax, a good shake, to mix the contents, grab an old rag and drizzle into every link. Coating them evenly, while turning the cranks. I treated both to two, generous layers before wiping the excess from jockey wheels, rings and outer plates. 

Weldtite Tf2 Advanced Ceramic Chain Wax Test Review

It is runny. These lubes need to be, if they’re going to penetrate so pervasively. The advanced ceramic’s flow rate is slower and with marginally less fling than competitor blends.

The grey emulsion consistency, rather like those disclosure tablets the dentist used to supply makes it easy to check even coverage. Left unchecked, spatter/overspill will assume a stubborn, waxy consistency. So give chainstays, work stands a clean rag cat-lick, afterwards. 

The upside to its very pedestrian curing times, is the ability to reclaim and redistribute. Cables, pivot points, jockey wheels and cleat mechanisms being the most obvious recipients.

However, this also doubles as a very effective masking agent for metal frame/fork ends; especially chrome and polished alloys.

Even when applied during the much-hyped heatwave, curing required the full ten hours. You’re good to go, when When your chain has assumed a clear, waxy glaze. 

Wedltite TF2 Advanced ceramic chain wax test review seven day cyclist


Formative miles suggested formulas, such as TF2 ultra dry wax, offers marginally lighter, crisper shifting, although I found this reassuring, suggesting the advanced ceramic would stick around.

Shifting was slick, light and serene, During the first two hundred miles, the waxy component seemed to melt deeper into the links’ pins and rollers.

I was surprised to discover little had transferred to the outer plates, cages, or jockey wheels. Similarly, though tacky to touch, transference was minimal, although I’d still give hands a verge side wipe down, following a puncture/similar roadside mechanical.

Compared with other waxy formulas, it seemed to adhere better to my fixed gear winter/trainer’s notoriously slippery stainless-steel chain. Cleat entry/exits were also refreshingly precise. 

Cleanliness/Staying Prowess

Rural lanes are extremely industrious during late August and dust, straw/similar contaminant began cultivating a faint patina within the top layer. As I’d expected this didn’t become impacted further and remained noticeably cleaner than Smoove Universal, even when the rains came. 

Weldtite TF2 Advaced Ceramic Chain Wax

Grit and other trace elements eventually scabbed away, and the lubricant component redistributed across the cassette/behind the fixed sprocket. This was particularly welcome on my tubby tourer, since the electro-plating seems prone to that freckly orange taint. Especially on the largest, 28-tooth sprocket. 

I was impressed with the Ultra Dry Wax in damp weather and the gene has generally become shower resistant, in the real-world sense. However, even heavy, intermittent showers made negligible impression. 


On the fixed, I’ve cruised past the 400mile mark and there’s plenty of lube evident. Mixed terrain mileage, comprising of wet roads and damp trails had more impact and the ghostly metal on metal tinkling crept in, five weeks and 425 miles in.    



Ten quid or so seems the going rate for more sophisticated lubes, these days. It sits slap bang in the middle of the brands ultra-dry wax, and Smoove Universal chain lube. This appears to have been reflected in the miles-per application ratio. 



When all’s said and done, the Advanced ceramic wax does exactly what it says in the blurb, to a decent standard. Though relatively expensive, pricing compares well with similar lubes.


Horses for courses, springs to mind. Test rigs aside, I’d justify the price more readily, on a pretty Audax, race or best bike sporting an Ultegra, or similarly prestigious group.  On the flip side, there are plenty of decent dry lubes - including Rock 'n’ Roll Absolute Dry. These run slightly cleaner and would get my money, if you were seeking a single dry lube, for workhorse and thoroughbred alike.   

Verdict 3.75/5 Competent, clean running wax lube for long miles on “best” bikes.

Michael Stenning




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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