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Momum MIC Wax Lube
120ml £13.99

The Momum MIC Wax Lube is available in three sizes (a tour friendly 15ml, 120ml (about 4.06 oz) and 500ml (about 16.91 oz), catering for most contexts, from wedge pack to workshop. Unlike traditional waxes, it cures quickly, is unaffected by higher temperatures and surprisingly durable. I've cruised past the 500-mile mark, from a single application and through a very changeable spring.

Pros: Quick curing, clean, durable lubrication. 

Cons:  Requires surgically clean drivetrains.

Materials/Science bit

Momum were relatively forthcoming when it comes to specification and alchemy. They describe it as a tribolubricant. Say what? Essentially, it’s a hybrid blend of natural waxes, extracted from the Copernicia palm. These are highly prized given the high resistance to wear, hardness and melting point of 85 degrees C. It also employs water and waxes derived from oil and a partially oil-based thickener.  There are also ceramic particles claimed to be 3 microns thick, which supposedly penetrate deeper into the chain.


Application/Curing Times 4.25/5

chain bicycle cycle lube wax oil
wax lube bicycle cycle bottle ripper

OK, in keeping with most modern lubes and wax formulas, get the drivetrain surgically clean throughout-rings, mechs, cages, the whole nine yards. Grab the Momum MIC and give it a good 30 second shake, pop the spout and drizzle into the links.

I’ve kept that clean rag hovering beneath, but the pink wax flows more predictably than most- closer in viscosity to a lighter wet formula - at least in temperatures around 18-20 degrees. Not so much as a peppering along the right-hand chain stay Momum suggest running the chain through your thumb and forefingers, but I’ve never found this necessary. Momum cite curing times as 15 minutes-this may be so, in balmy Mediterranean climes but in this corner of the UK and at 20 degrees, 35minutes. Either way, impressive by wax standards and once it’s assumed a clear glaze, scoot off you may.

bicycle cycle chain cassette

Test machines/contexts 

Being my four seasons, mixed terrain daily driver, Ursula was an obvious choice. The Teenage dream, my bespoke road bike from 1991, my sunny days plaything also got a helping. In this instance, both chains had done a reasonable mileage but were in rude health-less than .5 wear according to my long serving analogue chain-checker. Given the wax’s consistency, I was curious, so applied a little to cleat mechanisms and a drop to cables where inners entered the outers. 

bicycle cycle spd pedal

Friction/Lubrication 4/5

Spinning the cranks, it was immediately obvious the wax had penetrated comprehensively- no flaking, or similarly waxy characteristics. Remarkably similar in fact, to Tru Tension Tungsten Banana Slip All Weather Lube . Less sprightly than a super runny petrochemical summer lube but shifting was very crisp and silent. Pedal engagements/release was similarly refined, ditto brake and shifter cables.

Cleanliness 4/5

finger hand oil dirt

I’m pleased to report the lube’s properties translate impressively to real world, variable British spring conditions. Even with temperatures in the low 70s, it hasn’t softened, let alone melted. Transfer to hands has been minimal. Think slight oily smudge, when tackling a flat, or otherwise handling the chain. Otherwise, rings, cassettes, jockey wheels and cages remarkably clean. 

cycle bicycle rear mech derailleur velo rad

Given 250 miles or so, some had crept to the side plates. However, no impacted gungy mess clinging to jockey wheels and plenty of lubricant protecting the rollers. 

rear mech derailleur cycle bicycle

The lube’s firmness means it doesn’t spread across the cassette and then reclaimed through shifting; it just stays put.

Talking of which, when that subtle metal on metal tinkling strikes, the Momum Mic can simply be topped up, rather than going the strip and re-lube rigmarole. Coupled with the quick curing time, a definite boon on a big tour.

Durability 4/5

cycle bicycle chain

Staying prowess proved particularly impressive. Wax lubes are generally intended for dry and dusty to damp conditions.  I returned 440 miles from a single application on Ursula’s chain, through a very changeable, sometimes very wet May and June.

In common with most waxes, the side plates were showing evidence orange taint-despite the oil-based components. Put into context, The Smoove Universal Chain Lube  managed 480 in comparable conditions, but this was a more generous application than the Momum MIC. The Tru Tension Banana Slip All Weather Lube  managed 325 miles from a single helping.

I wasn’t surprised to find the Teenage Dream’s Sachs chain serenely quiet and clearly lubricated 600 road miles hence.

Value 3.5/5

£13.99 for 120ml is level-pegging with the Smoove, which has impressed during the darker months (although requires more generous helpings and long curing times could well be a turn off.  the Tru Tension Banana Slip Tungsten All Weather Lube  is another quick curing and relatively stoical contender, albeit less so than the Momum and you’re only getting 50ml (about 1.69 oz) for £10.99. Finish Line Ceramic Wax is £9.49 for 120ml. Squirt Long Lasting Dry Chain Lube £12.99 is less stoical than the Momum and indeed, the Tru Tension Banana Slip Tungsten All Weather Chain Lube and takes a few hours to cure. However, provided you’re sticking to spring/summer use, its cleanliness and the lack of petrochemicals are definite plusses.



Riders seeking a wax that’ll cut it in depths of a wet, salty winter (and tolerant of more frequent drivetrain cleaning) might be better served by SKS Lube Your Chain . Otherwise, Momum MIC Wax seems to have all the benefits of a wax lube, without the traditional disadvantages. Far from the cheapest, all-round performance is superior to any wax formula I’ve used to date, at least during a changeable spring/summer. 

Verdict: 4/5 Clean running, quick curing and surprisingly durable wax lube.


Michael Stenning


Momum MIC Wax Chain Lube – oneridecycling




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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