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BLUB Chain Lube

450ml £9.99

BLUB Chain Lube – “Bike Race Quality Lubricant” – is an aerosol spray-on chain lube recommended for use in all-weather conditions: so sayeth the can. Spray-on chain lubes may not generally be as durable as more viscose weather specific potions dripped onto the links, but they generically have useful properties. The BLUB Chain Lube has proved very useful, come in very handy, and seems to out-perform some of the spray-on chain lubes I have used before.


Pros: easy to use, clean and, seemingly, durable.


Cons: nothing significant.


Blub is a Barcelona-based company producing a range of cycling potions and lubes covering most maintenance needs. They state that this is a synthetic lubricant, with Teflon (PTFE) for “optimum transmission performance.” As 

Test review BLUB Lube chain oild bicycle

with all lubes it is described as being good for reducing friction, eliminating noise, and improving transmission, but promises “smoothest” shifting, too.


Highly flammable and likely to cause irritation to the skin – serious irritation to the eyes – there are dire warnings about keeping it away from children and long-term toxic impact on aquatic life. The latter may well be of significance to the eco-minded cyclist or might suggest road use rather than gravel or off-roading through streams. Be careful around the garden, too.


As is usual, there’s a plastic straw taped to the can; unusually I have not managed to lose it.

Application 3.75/5

New lubes are best applied to a surgically clean chain, although it seems to matter more to some than others. BLUB say to clean the chain and the rest of the transmission first and be sure to let it dry. Mission accomplished, give the can a shake and spray away.

test review chain lube oil spray

The propellant foams away, making it easy to spot the bits that have been missed. Wipe away excess. Overall, it does not seem unusually profligate and there is, as one would expect from this genre, no curing time.

Cleanliness 3.5/5

The plan is that when the propellant evaporates a thin film of lube remains; light enough not to be a muck magnet, thick enough to keep things quiet and smooth. Cleanliness has turned out to be pretty good. February and early March have brought pretty mixed weather, added to mixed surfaces riding and trails cattle and tractors splattering the lanes, this has made for a decent challenge. The outcome? Well, I’ve not need to flick lumps of muck away and a wipe of the chain has sufficed before reapplication (I was in a rush, honest, not just lazy). The black coating of grime came away easily, and, as is generally the case with spray-ons, the new coating helped dissolve the remnants of grime.

bicycle chain lube test review

Chain leaping off on a section of lumpy cycle track, the escapee was returned to captivity with a grubby mark on the finger tips. Happily, this just wiped away on some grass, no need for soap and water. That augers well for commuting trousers and socks.

chain lube test review

However, weekend exploring in the tail-end of winter is bound to lead to a dirty chain. Good news? Well a wipe allowed another light application as an convenient stitch in time before the Monday morning commute. Time later for a clinical clan and proper re-application.

chain lube test review bicycle bike

Durability 3.75/5

With a first dose of lube facing a primarily wet period of riding along country lanes, dirt-pack towpath, gravel and all sorts of other things – as well as the pot-holed city streets – I was more than pleased with the 180 miles it managed before the death knell sounded. That’s more than I’ve got out of most spray lubes. A number of flooded country lanes lessened life, no doubt, but at the time did not strip the lube completely lading to a rattly ride home.

Drier weather over the second period added another thirty miles of worthwhile life. Even better, and suggesting even better results over summer (ok, this is the UK, so summer might not be all beautiful sunshine).


I’ve rated the BLUB against other spray-on lubes I’ve used, rather than against all lubes: there are many mile munchers out there who will admire the stickability of Chain L Lube or Muc-Off Hydrodynamic, but they are hardly fair comparitors.

Performance 4/5

Changing has been smooth and easy, although probably not noticeably better than other PTFE formulas – faster riders may notice more of a difference. Likewise, you’d expect a lube to keep things quiet, and this has done so admirably. Slick changing and smooth running are maintained, even as the lube begins to wear or accumulates grime.


I’ve used it as an emergency cleaner to flush dirt and grime off Mrs. Steve’s bike’s transmission – given a bit of agitation. Handy, although not the primary function. On that note, it has done a decent job on SPD mechanisms and cleats which can get gungy over winter. So, it’ll do as a stand-in general lube, but do wipe away residue.

Value 3.75/5

PTFE spray lubes are a handy staple in the workshop or when out and about – perhaps at the trail-head or in the van when taking the family fleet out for a spin. In many ways, BLUB Chain Lube sticks to the script. However, it does seem to be more durable than some, for example Dirt Doc Chain Lube – although that comes in nearly three pounds cheaper.


Of course, there are sprays such as Green Oil Eco Spray that are more adaptable as general sprays but probably less effective as chain-specific lubes, but the Green Oil version would satisfy the eco-conscious conscience.


Teflon has gone a little out of fashion in recent years, but other synthetics are available, such as Muc-Off All-Weather Chain Lube – more expensive at £8.50for 250ml. 


In the long run dropper bottles deliver better value as you are no paying for propellant, but aerosols offer greater convenience.


BLUB Chain Lube is described as a “Race Quality Lube” and I can see this in the track or time-triallists kit bag. More durable than some, it would seem to have application at the trail-head, too – although environmental considerations may count against it there. If you are one of those tourists who is not bothered about bulky goods, it would do well on a long tour, too – especially given its generic effectiveness as a multi-purpose spray and its durability. You could just keep it in the workshop, too. So, it is a good all-rounder that scores over some of its rivals in some areas.

Verdict 4/5 Traditional PTFE spray lube, but with that little bit extra.


Steve Dyster





Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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