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Cycology See Me Pink Handlebar Bag 170g £38.00

The Cycology See Me Pink Handlebar Bag is a compact model designed to capture those things you don’t want cluttering up jersey pockets, or just need easy access to. It’s also a smart choice if like me, traditional bar bags create hassles with lighting and other bar mounted tech. 

Pros: Solid construction, easy to fit and remove, no impact upon steering, works well with smaller frames.

Cons: Highly water resistant, rather than waterproof.

cycology bar bag rview test cycling gear


This is constructed to a reassuringly high standard throughout. Measuring 24cmx10 wide, the main fabric is made from a seemingly rugged 900D waterproof polyester. However, we’re told the seams are not taped, or welded, so it’s best thought of as highly weather resistant than proof.

cycology bar bag review test

Ours was the See Me Pink theme, which has a Grafitti vibe, so appealed to me. It also contrasted nicely with Their 8 days Handlebar tape and both my fixed gear winter/trainer and Ursula’s colour schemes. There are four other designs, if it’s not your bag (pun intended).

test review cycling bar bag cycology

Ours was the See Me Pink theme, which has a Grafitti vibe, so appealed to me. It also contrasted nicely with Their 8 days Handlebar tape and both my fixed gear winter/trainer and Ursula’s colour schemes. There are four other designs, if it’s not your bag (pun intended).

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The main compartment is accessed via a similarly rugged and waterproof zipper. Inside, its nicely lined and there’s another zippered pocket built into the fabric- perfect for storing valuables such as notes, change, keys and anything else you wouldn’t want going AWOL. There’s a mesh half pocket on the end and a handy elasticated cargo net at the front designed to capture micro jacket, spare gloves, cap or something else you’d want at a moment’s notice.

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test review handlebar bags

This adjusts by pressing a quick release, allowing the net to be slackened or tightened to suit. 


Finally, there’s a rubberised logo and useful retro reflective detailing - a small but nice touch. 

cyclogy bar bag test review

Fitting 3.75/5

As I hinted in my last paragraph, it’s very straightforward to fit and remove thanks to the Velcro attachments and 130cm carry strap. A small point and not a criticism of the Cycology’s design but just be sure to seal the Velcro straps together when you’ve removed them- I nearly lost the stabiliser strap. I like their inclusion of a stabiliser strap for the stem area, prevents sway off if you’ve been a bit generous with your cargo, or are heading off road. 

Test Bikes/Contexts

test review cycling gear

There’s quite a lot of equipment adorning the Ursula and the fixed gear winter/trainer’s bars. Dynamo lighting, switchgear, computers etc. Subsequently, bigger bar bags have tended to present difficulties, despite both bikes generous bar widths. There’s a lot to recommend these for touring-storing cameras and other sensitive equipment but I tend not to require their capacity and they can have a small influence on handling. Ursula also has a short, stumpy stem. In common with the See Sense Handlebar Bag, I could also mount the bag backwards, ensuring even easier access and without giving a weird aesthetic. 

Performance 3.75/5

Cyclology have designed this little bag extremely well. Internally, it’s swallowed a pencil case (made from recycled inner tube) filled with multi tool, CO2 cartridges, spare (bound and wrapped) tube, tyre levers. A pair of liner gloves, micro jacket and K-Lite twin port charger.

There’s plenty of stretch in the elasticated cargo net, which has also proved very secure. Spare hat and Gore Tex over-mitts were obvious hosts, but I’ve also found it handy for safely stowing letters, cards and other things that I’d want to post mid ride. Same went for the single mesh half pocket.

I’ve found them good stash points for blocks of chocolate wrapped in foil, or zip lock bags-I can just dip in, pluck out and scoff (having peeled the foil, first!) although. It's also been a good host to batteries, small tubes of chain lube that I might not want to rummage for. However, I’ve tended to pop the latter in a zip lock bag to keep them secure and rattle free.

Accessing stuff on the fly proved easier than I was expecting, thanks to the decent quality zipper and beefy tag. However, adding a zip tie made this easier, especially wearing thicker winter wight gloves and navigating icy January roads. (It’s also worth mentioning I have limited feeling in my dominant index fingertip) Need to stuff some overspill into the elasticated cargo net? Press the toggle, slide it inside and pull the toggle tight. An intuitive single-handed action that hasn’t diverted attention from conditions ahead.

On the road, even filled to capacity, I’ve found the bag impeccably behaved- just with the bar straps, but the third proved a welcome, dare I say necessary stabiliser along lumpy lanes, dirt roads and trails. Being picky a serrated clasp, such as that employed on the See Sense would’ve been more secure-I've needed to tether ours tighter during the first few rides. However, this seemed to settle, and no issues since.


Bog snorkelling may say different, but weatherproofing has also impressed in the everyday sense. 2–3-hour outings in persistent, moderate rain failed to make inroads inside- same went for road spray thrown up by larger vehicles. Nothing crept through- including the zipper and I’ve never felt inclined to treat with a temporary waterproofing spray. Same story along boggier trails, when some milder, wetter weather followed the freeze. 

I’ve also left ours in situ when giving bikes a deep clean- three minutes or so with the garden hose hasn’t revealed any obvious vulnerabilities. Lining valuables in a pencil case, or just a simple freezer bag is a sensible practice and something I generally do with bike luggage, outside of testing contexts. 

Care/Durability 3.75/5

The hardy, glossy polyester is extremely practical and low maintenance. Dried muddy spatter, stray droplets of energy drink, the odd potent, phlegmy sneeze have all vanished at the first squirt of bike wash and a damp cloth. The latter for reasons of hygiene but other organic stuff was easily banished with a quick shot of furniture polish and clean rag. 

The fabric’s density means its shrugged at malicious brambles and similarly sneaky foliage.  Common sense prevails when it comes to zippers. I've stuffed ours to (but not beyond) capacity and external and internal have always slid open and shut without catching, or hesitation. Straps, being Velcro are easy to replace should you lose them with something aftermarket (or whisper it, the bodge box). No hint of fraying or similar deterioration at this stage, mind. 

Value 3.5/5

On the face of things, £38 is relatively steep for a 2.4 litre bag, when a few quid more buys a ten-litre model, such as The Zefal Z Adventure F10 Bar Bag or indeed, the Craft Cadence Waterproof Handlebar Bag . However, in some respects, we’re comparing apples with oranges. The See Sense Bar Bag  is 1.9 litres and made from waterproof materials and has similar charms. 

However, the Cycology’s glossy polyester finish makes it easier to clean and the additional capacity, though modest gives it another slight edge.  Scicon Sports Compact Handlebar Bag offers 2.5 litre capacity and similar layout. It’s made from a tear resistant fabric and presently retails at £33 (reduced from £60).  Then, of course, there’s Camel Chops Blimp 2.0. It’s a slightly bigger three litre model custom made to a high standard here in the UK and retails for £40.


On paper at least, there are a few rivals that could give it a run for your hard earned. A longer zipper tag would make access easier still but easily sorted by adding a cable tie Nonetheless, The Cycology See Me Pink Handlebar Bag has proven a practical, user friendly and very solidly made little bag. One particularly suited to smaller framesets. I found the pink graffiti theme pleasantly neutral but if pink’s not your thing, there are several other colourways to choose from.   

Verdict 3.75/5 Nicely executed and very practical compact bar bag.


Michael Stenning


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