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120ml £15.99

Peaty’s Link Lube Premium All Weather  is a more refined version of their All Weather Lube. As such, you’d expect more, and you’ll not be disappointed. Of course, all weather lubes can be a bit of a compromise, but they suit daily drivers and tourers in unreliable climates particularly well. This is no exception, but it has a bit more about it than some.


Pros: clean and durable.


Cons: at the pricier end of the market.

Science Bit


Peaty’s Link Lube Premium All Weather possesses the same properties as their Link Lube All-Weather Lube – although they claim that it will go for thirty percent longer, everything being equal. This comes courtesy of ramped up ingredients, including a blend of oils, waxes, and non-toxic nano-particles.


Peaty’s point out the cleaning properties of the lube, which does not make it unique, but can be useful. On that front, don’t be surprised if, having thoroughly cleaned the chain pre-application, you find that, on application, another surge of dirt emerges from the rollers. Don’t feel guilty. I’m a bit negligent on the cleaning, too, and what appears to be a pristine chain often humiliates me with a wave of deeply engrained, discoloured fluid proving how wrong I was.

Application 3.75/5


As ever, give the chain a good clean. Whilst not requiring the surgical sterility that wax application likes, getting rid of the previous tenant is well worth it. Having said that, I had a little experiment and found that Peaty’s Premium did a pretty good job of removing ingrained dirt. Mind you, you’d expect that from the solvents that deploy the lubricant and I’d not be wasting nigh on sixteen pounds worth of Link Lube on cleaning.

The nozzle is similar to that on Silkolene’s Premium Lubes. Rather than unscrew, you just turn it to open it up. The lube that emerges is clear, and quickly merges with the chain, so keep an eye on coverage as missing links are not obvious. It is also quite runny, so avoid squeezing too hard.


I gave the pedals four rotations, continuing without adding more lube for another ten seconds, as recommended. So, fourteen revolutions in all. Peaty’s suggest that the additional ten seconds encourages penetration. Given there’s no curing time – the opposite, in fact – this seems like a good idea. Peaty’s say, just ride!

peaty'e link lube oil bicycle chain bottle dripper

That’s a boon for the rise, shine, and ride cyclist. Rotation is important, so if you are on an, Peaty’s suggest putting it on a  stand and rotating the chain forwards. I wiped away obvious spillage, and gave the chain a gentle wipe over, to ensure full coverage. To be honest, there was little wastage, but I did err on the side of caution during application.

oil lube chain bicycle cycle bike

Friction 4/5


Getting going, with no curing time, there’s no sign of any gremlins. Even better, as things get less bright and shiny as the miles pass, things do not deteriorate for a long, long way. First time round, after standing the bike in torrential rain for a couple of hours, I added a quick refreshing does, which maintained smooth running. In the long run, I’d not put friction protection as high as Muc-Off Hydrodynamic, but certainly well-above average.


On a 300 mile four day tour, things ran smoothly throughout, although speeds were not high – except on the downhills. On faster blasts closer to home, I’ve found the refinements of the potion more noticeable.


Cleanliness 4.5/5


Mixed surface commuting and touring have left the chain stays spattered with mud, but the chain remained remarkably clean. That can be a real plus when performing roadside maintenance or keeping clothes clean for the office or with little prospect of cleaning chain-gunge.

dirt stays frame bike bicycle chain clean lube oil

Strangely, the chain looked so clean that I found it hard to resist the urge to add more lube. Yet, the ride proved that the this was just cleanliness and not a dry chain. Again, there are other clean running lubes, but this is a very good one.


Adding a refresher coating has helped clean ingrained muck, so do not apply indoors, especially on the parquet flooring. However, you can store indoors more confidently when residue has gone.


Durability 4/5


Peaty’s reckon on a little under 500 miles – following many miles of testing in the “real world.” Of course, there are many variables, so this is a ball park figure. Our test took place in a UK summer, so there was a dose of dry and hot, with cool and wet, and very wet. I’ve commuted, ridden for utility, and for fun, and taken it on a couple of tours, over mixed-surfaces – including the Wayfarer track in the Berwyn Mountains in Wales.

I’d find the five hundred mark difficult to disagree with. I had 530 miles over a period of several weeks commuting and general riding. The tours were a bit wetter, although mainly with steady drizzle, rather than heavy rain showers. There were some sections of flooded road and plenty of surface spray. On those tours, I managed 475. After all this is an all-weather lube, so you’d expect a good deal of stickability. True, Muc-Off’s Hydrodynamic Lube has gone well beyond this – although testing conditions were probably more favourable. Equally, Chain L High Mileage Formula is a real mile-muncher for al-year use (and it is not quite as filthy as some claim, in my opinion).


Value 3.5


Why not just pay a little less and het Peaty’s Link Lube All-Weather? Well, you get more miles and plenty of refinement in running and gear changing. Great for those who like to ride rather than fettle and head for a cold beer as opposed to the oily rag for post-ride fulfilment. Equally, for single bike owners, it adds cleanliness, making it all-round a very effective lube.

chain jockey wheel rear mech derailleur lube oil chain

It is toward the top end of the price range, the same price as Muc-Off’s Hydrodynamic Lube. A bit pricier, but very clean and very durable is Tru Tension All Weather Chain Lube.


An all-weather lube, with all-round qualities, Peaty’s Link Lube All-Weather Premium will give very good service across the riding spectrum. Of course, all-weather is always a bit of a compromise. Yet that’s not a bad thing for those who cycle every day, especially in unreliable climates, such as the UK. For me, it will be ideal on the commuter and the touring bike, with its cleaning potential ideal when I get back to multi-week trips. Having said that, it has been used by endurance and racing cyclists, so it clearly has applications across the board.

Verdict: 4/5 Top end price, but refined and adaptable.


Steve Dyster




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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