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500ml £9.99

Muc-Off’s Bio Degreaser is a water-soluble, biodegradable, degreasing spray, designed for use on all surfaces. “Biodegradable” will attract some with green cred – whilst others will be attracted by its convenience and effectiveness. Mind you, there are a lot of degreasers about, both old school and environmentally friendly.


Pros: convenient and effective.


Cons: strong, out there are stronger potions around.

Science bit


“Removes oil, grease and grime” says the label. And, so it does, but, more importantly, it should be safe on metal, plastic, rubber, and seals. It also states that it is safe on carbon fibre. It is water-soluble. And biodegradable. Beyond that publicly available information, you’d not expected Muc-Off to go very far.


However, they say that the surfactants are water soluble, making it easy to rinse away with fresh water.


Application 3.5/5


Shake and spray, is about it. Typically, aerosol-type sprays can seem a bit wasteful. I got as close as I could to the offending nooks, crannies, and surfaces.

Leave for a while …. up to five minutes, but don’t rely on leaving longer making for more penetration on really deep grime. Agitate, and give it a second dose, if necessary.

spray degreaser bike clean maintenance spray cycling

You should take sensible precautions. Whilst these are much in-line with most degreasers and a host of other potions, its especially important to remember that Biodegradable does not mean meek and mild.


Muc-Off also remind us not to use it on hot surfaces. Beyond that, it should be safe on all surfaces. Even so, an element of care is always worthwhile around rubber seals and on smart or unusual finishes. Try on an obscure spot, if unsure.


Performance 4.25/5

Gunk coated cassettes needed a couple of doses and agitation. Dirt dripped away as opposed to the melting effect achieved by some potions. Action was still pretty rapid, but needed a wipe over after rinsing. A bit less convenient than some? Maybe, when it comes to rapidity, but marginal and not, in my view, a deal-breaker by any means.

Having said that, giving a  chain-ring an in-situ cleansing was handily done with three sprays and couple of good agitations with a brush – not to mention a rinse. OK, some stubborn patches of gunge clung fast to some teeth. They were the remnants of compressed accumulations, and just need a firm brush with a toothbrush.


It quickly removed lumpy grease from jockey wheels and rear mech. Which just need a wipe with a cloth, before rinsing. Impact on chains has been impressive. A good spray and a thorough rub over. Rinse and wipe with a clean cloth and things were really looking very good. Ideal for trail head use, or when out and about. These were not especially dirty examples. They were reserved for a chain bath.


With a dash of dilution in the chain bath, it rapidly took off the worst of a winter wet lube. With a bit of attention to remnants of gunge clinging on between the links, followed by a wipe over, things looked more than respectable and ready for a re-lube.

bike bicycle velo rad cassette hub
chain ring bicycle bike cycle velo rad

Stripped down bearing races, ready for a post winter service, were left clean and ready for re-loading, in a few minutes.


Value 3.75


All general degreasing tests passed easily. On the other hand, it is not the only potion to do this. In my opinion, Oxford Mint Degreaser has the edge for pure power on really ingrained grot. Likewise, in the chain bath, I’d say Crankalicious Limon Velo is more economical and stronger. The first is significantly cheaper; the latter more expensive. Neither have the green credential of Muc-Off Bio Degreaser.

True Tension Drivetrain Cleaner, is a very effective potion, at £10 per 500ml.

Solvent based, but without the need for a rinse and fast action is Weldtite Jet Blast.

chain ring bike bicycle cycle
chain bath degreaser
chain bicycle bike cycle
cycle bike jockey wheel mech
mech rear derailleur bike bicycle cycle



Many find sprays ideal for use away from the workshop – as well as fine for fettling at home. Concentrates and jellies may be best for soaking off deep-gunge, but sprays can act rapidly when time is tight. Muc-Off Biodegreaser is a quality product in a competitive market. Perhaps ideal for multiple-bike use, especially when working in the garden or out and about in nature.

Verdict 4/5 Well-performing spray for workshop or field.


Steve Dyster




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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