124g (bottle and bracket) Bracket: black

Bottles: transparent or smoke grey 600ml capacity

Bottle and holder £29.99 

The Fidlock Bottle Twist mounts bottle onto frame via a magnetic bracket which fixes to the frame on traditional bottle bosses. Not cheap, but well made from high quality materials with some distinct selling points.



Either transparent or an opaque smoke grey, the 600ml Fidlock bottle should fit on all but the tiniest frames. BPA free, tainted drinks should not be a problem. Dishwasher proof, according to the manufacturer, I’ve tended to wash it manually to avoid damaging the attached adaptor. On the subject of the adaptor, it can be removed, so bottles are transferable to trad bottle cages - side entry or old school. Of course, things do not work out the other way round. Forgetful folk who leave their bottle in hostel kitchens - that’s me - need to take care.


Neat chevrons aid grip when grabbing a swig on the fly; pretty much non-slip. A very traditional sport bottle top fits snugly, so no leakage.

Fidlock bottle twist magnetic bottle holder and bottle

Bottle holder


Easily fitted to your usual bottle bosses, you may need to dig a longer bolt out of the odds and ends tin if you run a pump mount on the bottle boss.


A reassuring click signals the magnets have done their job. A quick clockwise twist of the wrist frees up the bottle. A tad’s practice will make release perfect. Returning to tenure is easy once you get used to roughly aligning the adaptor and brackets - magnetic force pulls it into place with he reassurance of an airlock on a spaceship. Really smooth.


Much as I have tried to ramp up the vibration over gravel tracks and forest trails, the best I have managed is to slosh the water about in the bottle. No danger of eviction, though I’d still prefer back-pack hydration for rougher MTB rides. Pot-holed country lanes have been equally ineffective in breaking the magnetic force.

The system


Together the bottle and holder shape up well, with the magnets maintaining solid tenure. In my experience losing bottles mid-ride is extremely rare with either cages or these magnets.


Removing the bracket allows the bottle to fit tightly into side entry cages, such as my son’s Lezyne Flow Cage SL. On the same bike - small adult size, so small frame dimensions - the Fidlock bottle is easily passed from holder to lips. This is an area where the Fidlock holder and bottle scores well.




Well-made, a bit of a talking point and ideal for smaller frames, this is not the cheap option. Seems to me that a decent set of side-entry bottle cages could be got for less, even more so the old school cages beloved on my old tourer. Even so, this is a solid system, and easy to get used to, and is, as the packaging says, “Safe, Secure and Lightweight.” Certainly not a gimmick, if push comes to shove, I’d happily use these - especially for blasts on the road. On the other hand traditional bottle cages on the tourer offer more flexibility for multi-day trips.



3.5/5 Well made, but not the budget option by a long chalk; good to use, but not easy to chop and change across the stable. Convenient and compact will suit some, but not necessary for all.

Steve Dyster




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH