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The Passport Frequent Flyer Seat Pack wedge pack is reckoned to be ideal for a short sportive and we’d generally agree. I’ve found it perfect for clutter-phobic TT, cyclo cross and, cross country mountain bike builds. It’s also a great pannier partner if you want to keep tools, keys, tubes and other essentials segregated, yet within easy reach. 

Passport frequent flyer wedge pack bicycle cycle tool saddle

The pack itself is made from a semi rigid 600 denier nylon. This feels reassuringly solid and maintains its shape, which is useful when you’re wanting to make a quick getaway, or retrieve tube and tools following a flat. 


LED parking is courtesy of a semi-rigid plastic panel integrated within the rear flap. Being picky, this feels slightly brittle but has so far, proved a welcoming host to some fairly beefy blinkies - without any hint of ejection/failure.

There is also a subtle day-glow orange tab and some retro-reflective spatter on the zipper tag. This also delightful to use, even in full-finger gloves and a hinged type flap offers unhampered access, without everything rushing out! 

Staying with zippers a moment, this is water resistant rather than proof. More than adequate in the everyday sense, given it’s sheltered by the saddle but I did notice some ingress during my three minute garden hose test.

A hinged type flap aids access, yet prevents everything rushing out! I reckon it’s worth popping kit in a re-sealable bag, if you’re heading out on your ‘crosser for a wet, mucky blast, or tackling really wet roads sans guards. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother.

There is small, meshed comportment that will swallow change, keys, or even some compact, ten function multi-tools. The main internal compartment has a day-glow yellow lining, designed to make locating stuff a cinch.

Capacity isn’t quoted in litres but with efficient packing, I’ve managed two 700x23/25c (one 700x28-35c) tubes, compact folding tool, two tyre levers, a more minimalist CO2 inflator kit and glue-less patches. Thanks to sensible padding density, there’s been no hint of annoying tool kit jingle across washboard surfaces and only very occasional, minor “tinkle” off road.

The profile slots unobtrusively beneath most saddles. Thanks to the sensibly proportioned three Velcro straps, which tether to the saddle rails and post, sway has also been a moot point. Even when the pack’s stuffed to the gills and I’ve been honking up a climb … some have suggested these lack the convenience of quick release brackets.

Hmm, can see the point, say if needing to lock up in the street. Otherwise, I disagree, especially if you’re porting between bikes. It’s as universal a fit as any and to my surprise, proved fully compatible with this Cane Creek Thudbuster ST seat post.

Summing up, these days, it seems you can pay as little, or as much as you want for wedge packs. The frequent flyer faces stiff competition from some store brands offering two year warrantees and potentially, higher spec. However, it’s intelligently designed, competitively priced and made to a decent standard. 

Verdict: 3.5/5 Sensibly priced compact wedge pack for riding essentials.

Michael Stenning 




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH