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210g Large as tested £44.95

The Tenn Global Eurosport GC Jersey is a high performance, mid-range model, well suited to hot, summer riding and with all the features I’ve come to expect of this price point. Sizing is more generous than some mind, so have a double check of their guide, if you’re buying online.


Pros: Competent and well-designed jersey with an equally competitive price.

Cons:  Zipper tag would make mid ride fine tuning that bit easier.

Tenn Eurosport Global GC cycling bicycle jersey test review


Specification is pretty much what I ‘d expect from a performance jersey and this price point. First up, its 100% polyester. pretty standard for this end of the market. However, like any other material, price dictates quality.

This weave is impregnated with anti-bacterial, odour-eating components. Unlike the shorts, Tenn cites a SPF rating of 50 protection, welcomed here and perfect for long steady summer miles. Mesh pit panels are another nice touch, providing some welcome airflow to this region. Talking of which, most manufacturers recognise the importance of a decent quality zipper. 

This one’s a full length, YKK for optimal climate control. A tag would make mid-ride tuning that bit easier -  I modified ours with a white cable tie, which didn’t look out of place but something stock would be welcomed.

Silicone grippers around the sleeves and waist by contrast struck the perfect balance between tenure and tactility.


Again, most manufacturers have these sussed now but some narrower strips, can gather slightly, resulting in pinching.  

Subtle reflective detailing looks classy and keep things from getting too stealthy around dusk. Round the back, we have the increasingly standard four pocket terrace, with a side entry zipper for change/other valuables, or indeed rubbish. 

Tenn Global eurosport GC cyclin bicycle jersey shirt test review relfective

The others are sensibly proportioned, will swallow 750ml trade bottles, bananas, energy bars, 5inch smart phones, compact cameras etc. Cut and elasticated tops rule out ejection in most contexts-at least, this has been a moot point over the past 500 mixed terrain miles.

It's also available in blue, turquoise, and line pattern. Women's equivalents available, too.


Regular readers will know I am proportionately shorter in the torso and broader than my height and build would suggest. Traditionally large has been my default, although in recent years, most brand’s mediums have been fine. Again, I’ve almost fallen between medium and large, judging by our large sample.


This was a little longer in the body and arms than ideal but perfect around the shoulders and not something that impaired performance, or my enjoyment for that matter. Simply a matter of measuring tape and double checking the sizing chart, if you’re buying online. 



The bulk of testing has been done with the mercury swinging between high 20s and low 30s, which is a pretty good test of any technical fabric, although there’s been a few showery/stormy interludes thrown in for good measure.

Against the skin, the fabric, in keeping with competitors feels very synthetic to begin with and is quickly forgotten. Similarly, the fibres must reach a certain temperature before wicking commences, 15-20minutes exertion and there’s that familiar clamminess around the lower back, chest and pits. Credit where its due, the mesh pits seem to temper this, quite effectively.

Tenn global eurosport GC cycling bicycle jersey shirt test review

The Raglan cut affords optimal movement, no sense of restriction when swapping between drops, tops and hoods, Sure, this is standard spec these days, although quite apparent when I alternate between this and some 20year old designs, in my collection.

Though rain has generally been in short supply, I’ve been caught out in some short but squally showers. Given twenty minutes, or so, the fibres became quite damp, although I was still drier than others, of similar calibre.

On the flip side, drying took a few minutes longer. Most of us will have packed a gilet, or micro jacket during changeable conditions but something to consider, if you’ve decided to chance it, on a shorter ride.

Assuming you haven’t given matters a helping hand and dropped the zipper, bargain on another 10minutes, or so before the inner climate assumes a faint but consistently misty feel. This is as damp as I’ve got, even after several hours at 20mph, and in the midday sun.

On some rides, around the 50mile mark, I was conscious of a sticky, salty residue when it was time to strip off and I’d forfeited a base layer. This was more a reflection of hydration levels, or whether I was carrying a Back Bottle in the centre pocket.

Talking of which there’s enough scope for a long sleeve, should you fancy running it during the cooler months and weren’t overly keen on Lycra arm warmers. Thanks to those generous silicone grippers, there’s seamless and reliable overlap too.

Ease of Care/Durability

Polyesters are easy to live with, provided you don’t ruin them with fabric softeners, or excessive heat. I’ve bunged ours in, with the civilian wash load at 30/40degrees and they’ve emerged blemish and whiff-free. Mixed terrain duties and the inevitable encounters with brambles haven’t snagged the stitching; or scarred the fabric. Short of a nasty spill, I can’t see durability being an issue.



Ultimately, the Tenn Global Eurosport GC Jersey is a very competent, capable design and sensibly priced. However, this applies to a wealth of others. Although, an excellent choice for general road riding, I would look towards something thinner, if you are someone who does a fair bit of turbo training, during the winter months. 


Verdict: 3.75/5  Competent, reasonably priced jersey for general road riding. 


Michael Stenning




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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