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Momum Mic Dry Oil Lube
120ml £13.99

The Momum MIC Dry Oil Lube is a biodegradable synthetic blend, reminiscent of the traditional summer weight formulas, saved for when it's dry, hot and dusty. However, following the narrative of their wax, it's reckoned to be more durable than traditional dry formulas. Though not the friskiest of summer lubes, transmissions feel well lubricated and shifting light. Better still, it’s stayed put in showery to wet conditions and cures quickly, too. 


Pros: Low friction, quick curing, durable.


Cons: Pricier than some dry lubes, runny, so apply outside and keep a rag handy.

Specification/Science Bit 


Produced in Spain, It’s available in three sizes (15ml, 120ml and 500ml) catering for touring, home and workshop contexts. Momum describe it as a “biodegradable synthetic powered with ceramic particles of less than 3 microns”. 

The low micron count denotes an invasive formula that penetrates deep and therefore, comprehensively. When the lube is reaching that filmy trace-state, the ceramics cling on and do their thing, so in theory, performance shouldn’t wane before you’ve had chance to replenish. 

Reckoned to offer excellent protection from oxidisation, the Mic Dry is claimed highly resistant to extremes of temperature (–195 degrees to 1.400 Celsius, which should cater for most riding conditions I can think of). This also factors metal-on-metal, component generated heat into the equation. 

Application/Curing Times 3.5/5

Start by giving recipient chains and drivetrain components a seriously deep purge, using your stripper of choice. Give them a clean rag once-over to remove any residual water, or solvents, which could prevent the Moment MIC adhering properly. Keep said textile handy since you’ll need to collect (and possibly redistribute) any overspill. In the interests of investigative journalism, I allowed some overspill to cure on the legs of my work stand. 

oil lube bottle momum
oil spill lube

This cured, leaving a tangible trail. Removal required moderate effort with a medium stiff brush, dipped in degreaser. Not what you’d want on pretty flooring but reassuring for chains.

Give the bottle a vigorous 30 second shake to mix the chemicals, pop the spout and drizzle into each link. Emerging as a light, pastel pink emulsion, it’s easy to keep track of thirsty links. 

bicycle cycle bike chain lube oil

Flow is fast. Less so, than Zefal Pro Dry Lube and can also be redistributed within the chain, pivot points, cleat mechanisms, jockey wheels-using that clean rag. Spin the cranks a couple of times, to encourage penetration and leave curing. Momum MIC suggest 15 minutes, but in practice 25-30minutes, in temperatures between 17 and 23 degrees. Either way, it’ll assume a clear, slightly cloudy state.

Test Contexts

chain crank ring drive bicyclebile rad velo

I’ve tested ours between May and July. My fixed gear/winter trainer, Holdsworth (pared to the essentials fixed gear TT build) and of course, Ursula, my four seasons rough stuff tourer with 1x10 derailleur setup (to assess shifting performance and cleanliness off road). Most overspill was reclaimed and applied to cleat mechanisms, pivot points, inner cables, electroplated fasteners and in Ursula’s case, derailleur jockey wheels.

Lubrication 3.75/5

Once cured, turning the cranks confirmed it had penetrated the chain’s inner sanctums. Out on the fixed gear builds friction was palpably lower than middleweight lubes, though lacked the razor sharpness of  Zefal Pro Dry Lube. Noise was also reduced on the fixed gear trainer’s budget KMC, but the Momum MIC Wax afforded more refinement. 

Curing period aside, both lubricants seem unaffected by temperature variance-neither become messy, or oily. Ursula’s 1x10 drivetrain was similarly silent. Shifts were quick and light, regardless of whether I was cruising, or crawling up the climbs and hastily dropping down the cassette. Entry/exits from cleat mechanisms were similarly snappy. No hint of freckling, or similar superficial corrosion, even when it had assumed the thinnest of films. 

Cleanliness   3.75/5

single fixed cog chainbike bicycle cycle

The Momum MIC dry doesn’t collect much contaminant- I've been hustling along dry, dusty tails, soggy dung strewn lanes and all things in between and there’s only been a light freckling in 620 miles.

momum dry oil chanin lube dirt finger

Transfer to skin, is minimal. Not likely to brand you calves, if carrying the bike and I’ve not needed examination gloves when tackling a roadside flat, or drivetrain related mechanical.

Durability 4/5


Staying prowess has impressed me, especially by dry lube standards and rivalled Rock n’ Roll Absolute Dry. Starting out, given the blurb, I’d bargained on getting at least 400 from a single application. Cruised past this point quite comfortably, and in varied conditions. It was 580 miles before the faint tinkling struck. Cleat mechanisms were still slick at this point, ditto cables. By contrast, more traditional dry lubes, such as Zefal Pro Dry needed replenishment at 225 miles, dropping to 165 when things turn showery/changeable. It’s worth pointing out, the Momum MIC is markedly pricier than the Rock n’ Roll and Zefal.

Value 3.25/5

£13.99 for 120ml is on the steeper side, for a dry lube. Rock n’ Roll Absolute Dry LV Chain Lube is now £8.29 and affords good miles per application. However, long curing times won’t suit everyone. Pro Gold Pro Link Chain Lube is £7.99 and is off the pour 'n’ go convenient type. Its relatively clean but much closer to Zefal Pro Dry in terms of durability. Peaty’s Link Lube Dry  is £9.99 and closer to a wax formula, but clean and relatively stoical. However, four hour curing times aren’t the most convenient.  Oxford Mint Dry Lube is £7.99 for 150ml and is another wax-like formula. Steve was impressed with its cleanliness and quick curing times. Durability is good, by genre standards, too. 


There are a lot of cheaper dry lubes, but few rival the Momum MIC Dry Chain Lube in terms of staying prowess, especially when things turn damp and changeable. Rock N’ Roll Absolute Dry will match it, and is also available in workshop sizes, making it cheaper still. However, it requires several hours curing, while the Momum MIC Dry is ready to go within 30 minutes.

Verdict: 3.75/5 Durable, clean running dry lube with three seasons’ promise.

Michael Stenning 

ONE RIDE Cycling – oneridecycling




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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