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50g (Large as tested) £20

The Tenn Global GC mitts are “Made for the rigours of the road”. Part of their Eurosport tour standard range; performance lives up to the hype, and the price tag is equally competitive.

Pros: Low maintenance, excellent cut, gel padding works.

Cons: Marginally heavier than the latest generation of skin mitts.

Tenn Global GC Mitt Glove cycl bicyle test review ride


What we have here is the classic Lycra back with adjustable Velcro closure, which allows for a more tailored fit than the latest generation of skin mitts. I was really taken with the turquoise, but the black compliments everything. 

White “Eurosport” logo and detailing features here and on the closure. It also offers some welcome presence in low light. Terry thumb-wipes come in all shapes and sizes. Personally, I’m not fussed, so long as I can tame a runny nose, intuitively.

Amara palms are also typical of this price-point. An “everyman” material in many respects and is super practical. Wear, when it gets too whiffy, bung in the wash, dry, ride, repeat. There are two “tug straps” on the middle fingers but frankly, I’ve slid both sizes on/off with nominal effort.


Gel padding is something most manufacturers have sussed, now. Tenn have gone for three low density shapes, with a big, squishy one, defending the Ulnar nerve. 

There’s a mixture of double and single stitching, uniformly neat and without any hint of fraying/similar wear in 500 miles continuous use, with a couple of washes thrown in. As we would hope, there is further reinforcement, between the thumb and forefinger, to mitigate more rapid, brifter induced wear. 


Now there’s nothing particularly outlandish here, unless you are someone who tends to fall between sizes; or has particularly long/short fingers. We were sent Large (my default) and XL as a comparator. Having ridden comparable distances with both, the XL are fractionally looser, and fingers extended just past my knuckle. 

Test review Tenn Global GC mitt glove cycling bicycle cycle ride

This meant they slid more easily over a pronounced gem stone ring and offered more protection off road. Otherwise, any differences went un-noticed. Calling my own bluff, I went on a couple of 50mile nocturnal rides and could not tell the difference.

Tenn  global mitt glove test tesed review bicyce cycle ride


Though primarily a road mitt, these have performed consistently well, in all contexts. The Lycra backs proved just the right density, ensuring a consistently arid inner climate. Neat cutaways play a contributory role, ramming in some additional cooling airflow.

Tenn global mitt glove cycle bicycle test review

Trace clamminess vanished as quickly as it came, even with the mercury remaining in the high 20s/low 30s. Caught in an isolated, thundery shower, they took about 15minutes to saturate but were more, or less dry within 20minutes.

Ditto when line drying, following a machine wash. True to claims, grip was equally good in the wet-at least with silicone and polymer wraps.


I wore ours continuously for a fortnight. This allowed them to become seriously funky and slightly sullied by sticky treats, residual chain lubes etc. Petrochemical splashes benefitted from a quick, pre-wash squirt ‘n’ scrub of Green Oil Green Clean.

Otherwise a 30degree wash removed all taint.  Talking of which, forest cut throughs and frisking from overgrown brambles haven’t tainted backs, or palms to date, which was another pleasant surprise.

Dexterity and control are everything I’d expect from a mitt and while the latest generation of skin designs have a slight edge, especially on shorter, point to point blasts, or when wielding a multi-tool/tyre lever.

With no bedding in periods, the gel padding density seems optimal for road duties, compressing to offer insulation from low level road shock, instantly conforming to every handlebar pattern.

Despite a compliant carbon fork and pencil thin 531 tubes, my Holdsworth can feel very direct, especially over washboard tarmac. Again, in this context, the Passport crochet back cycling mitts generous palms, had a slight edge. 

The same applied to spirited green lane antics on my Univega. Otherwise, the Tenn have rivalled several models in my collection, some commanding twice the money. No hint of tingling; let alone anything more serious-regardless of distance.


Describing these as “Tour Standard” induced a fair bit of debate. Whether they’d stand up to a season’s pro use, is difficult to say. However, Tenn have certainly turned the quality control dial up a notch, or two, without hiking the price.

Verdict: 4/5 Competent road mitts with a competitive price tag.

Michael Stenning




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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