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Finish Line Easy Pro Five Brush Set 360g £17.99

The Finish Line Easy Pro Five Brush Set is a comprehensive all-in-one bundle for getting bikes gleaming. The big softy is a little large for my taste, but the transmission detailers are superior to most I’ve tested and used long-term - some costing a good deal more.

Pros: Comprehensive, well made, pleasant to use and excellent value.

Cons: Big soft brush a little too large for bike duties.

test review finish line bicycle bike cleaning brush kit

Specification 4/5

What’s in the bundle, then Michael...We have a big soft brush (aka “The No scratch”) which is designed for broad strokes work- cleaning the frameset, mudguards (fenders) and indeed other kit, or, indeed, vehicles, work stands, motorcycles, cars etc. Next there’s the “Wheel” brush- a looped, stiffer brush plot for cleaning the rims, hubs, spokes, and tyres. A “Classic part” is basically a baster-on-steroids designed for working degreaser into steerer tubes, axles e.g., Hollowtech II cranks, cassettes, seat posts etc. 

The “precision part” looks like a bottle brush and is designed for deep cleaning of derailleur cages and similar hard to reach areas, while the “mechanic’s toothbrush” continues this deep purging narrative- jockey wheels, chain rings, crank spiders, chains too-assuming you weren’t going the chain bath route-say for a precautionary cat-lick before topping up the chain lube.  handles are made from sturdy composites (moulded plastic) with soft “scuff bumpers” to prevent accidental damage to surfaces when breezing round the bike, while the bristle plots are nylon.    The kit comes complete with a chain to keep everything neatly together and hung from a hook when not in use. 

Performance 3.75/5

Tested over three very wintry and wet months, they’ve seen a decent amount of service and do their jobs very well-individually and collectively.  In order of appearance, the big soft, no scratch brush covers a large area and does a decent job of lathering up bike washes, covers a large area while the bristle plot holds a decent amount of water during the cleaning/rinsing phase.

finish line bicycle cleaner brush test review bike

Size is a double-edged sword. Good coverage lends it nicely to motorcycles and wider applications. However, its less efficient than some in tighter spaces-down tube, bottom bracket shell and chainstay areas.

Back on the plus side, the bristle plot’s texture doesn’t keep oily, dirty stuff- the sort that can cross contaminate as you go. 

bicycle cleaning kit bike test review

Stiff enough to work degreasers into stubborn lubes, grease and engrained grime, though gentle enough to use on seat posts- just ensure you’ve got them wet enough and carrying plenty of concentrate/degreaser gel. In this guise, it’s been great for trafficking these into the engrained grot hiding behind the rings and crank arms, cassettes/cassette bodies too.

bicycle bike cleaner kit brush test review
test review bike bicycle cleaner brush kit finish line

The precision part is a real boon for reaching deep into derailleur cages, knocking out congealed lubes and other sticky stuff that can turn them temperamental, or accelerate drivetrain wear- really satisfying too, if you’re in the mood.

bike bicycle cleaning brush review

The mechanic’s tooth-bush is nimble-perfect for tickling the crud from jockey wheels, behind and between the chain rings, cleaning headset, hub and bearing races, bottom bracket threads and similar intricate jobs.

Durability/Care 3.5/5

Three months down the line, all are looking in decent shape. I wasn’t surprised by some fraying and splaying of the no scratch bristle plot. Typical of the breed in my experience and price doesn’t seem to be a major determinant in this respect.  The firmer nylon bristle plots are unaffected by warm (but not hot) water, oils, solvents and degreasers- the latter I have often employed to clean them after use. Same goes for the handles and with basic care, I can’t see me retiring them any time soon. 

Value 4/5

£17.99 is incredibly competitive, especially given the precision and mechanic’s toothbrushes aren’t typical-definite selling points in my book.  Juice Lubes 3X Brush and cloth Pack Mixed Bundle is £24.49 and includes of a soft brush for paintwork, a stiff bristled drivetrain brush (remarkably like the classic part) and the “double ender” (same flavour as the wheel brush) and a micro-fibre cloth. Competent in my experience and covers most bases in the broad strokes sense but nothing to match the precision part and mechanic’s type toothbrush.  I’d go for the Finish line and add Oxford Tyre Scrub (£3.99) to the bundle and still have a few quid leftover.

Muc-Off 5 X Premium Brush Set is another five-piece bundle. Handles are a little more refined and there’s a three-in-one cassette, chain and ring scrubber cum claw included, so closer to the Finish Line in that respect but you’re also paying a higher premium for this - £26.00. Oxford Brush & Scrub Set is a four-piece ensemble but without the drivetrain cleaning parts and only a quid cheaper than the Finish Line, at £16.99.


While cleaning brushes might not set pulses racing, they’re an essential bit of kit that will save a bundle in the long run. I’m someone who cultivates their own bespoke toolkits for cleaning and prepping bikes, much in the same fashion I do for roadside adjustment/repair. However, as “off-the-peg" brush sets go, Finish Line have really nailed the brief. It’s well thought out, very comprehensive and represents excellent value.  

Verdict: 4/5 Comprehensive brush set that represents excellent value for money. 


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