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The Altura Attack One 80 shorts are designed with trail audiences in mind but are less extreme than some mtb baggies, so lend themselves nicely to touring, too. Since we’re talking size, according to Altura’s sizing chart, large was bang on for my 92cm (36 inch) waist - without the Velcro closures being fully relaxed. Button and zip fly continue this civilian theme, meaning they double up for service off the bike.

Our test pair were black, which is the most versatile option but there’s red should you prefer. Detailing is good and no less than we’d expect from this price point. Made from a lightweight, yet rugged spring/summer weight polyester, which repels light to moderate rainfall and worst case scenario, dries pretty quickly with a stiff breeze. 


Frisking from fierce foliage has played some gruesome tunes but otherwise, no rips, tears or bobbling. They’re a doddle to machine wash, too - in with the household load, 30 degree cycle-done and room dry in 20 minutes.  


Ventilated mesh panels can be opened or closed to suit via two zippers, subtly identified by reflective detailing hat also adds some welcome presence at night/low light. There are four pockets in total - two sets either side. Less plentiful than messenger knickers but sensibly engineered. One set zippered for keys/small wallets. Thinner road mitts may also fit without signs of indigestion, or bunching but that’s your lot - bulges as Ed reminds me, are not cool!


Cut, as I suggested earlier, seems narrower than many a classic trail short, which looks more commonplace on the tourer and means they haven’t fluttered like a builder’s tarp along blustery descents - and there were some savage ones on a recent trip to the Ardennes. 


There’s plenty of protection around the lower back too when cruising on the tops for long periods. However, if you’re looking at a more aggressive touring stance; their Altura Cadence cousins are a better bet. 


Similarly the fabric’s texture allows for some slight shuffling but without the annoying surfing that can strike on highly polished traditional leather saddles. More leisurely escapes on the mountain bike confirm they’ll deliver here and I’ve never snagged them on the saddle’s nose during some swift split-second dismounts either. 


Overall, I wasn’t surprised that the Attack One 80 are a decent trail short but I have been quite impressed with their ability to cross over to touring and more leisurely pottering.

Verdict: 3.75/5 Well made, with neat features; a competitive garment with wider-range of uses than might first be apparent.


Steve Dyster 

shorts cycling
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shorts cycling




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