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32g One Size Black £30

The Showers Pass eVent Cycling Cap is a three-layer breathable and waterproof take on the traditional cycling cap beloved by retro enthusiasts and others. Under the helmet or worn alone, I’ve found it comfortable and very effective. mind you, thirty quid is a good deal of cash and a choice of colours would be nice.


Pros: highly breathable and waterproof.


Cons: a range of clours would be nice. technically not totally waterproof.

Showers Pass Cap cycling bike velo hat head
Head cap hat bicycle bike velo cycling cyclist wear gear

Spec 4/5


One size should fit all. The elastic hem can be worn ‘up’ inside the cap or ‘down’ as you prefer. The style, apart from that, is very traditional; snug fit, narrow peak. Three-layer is pretty much the   ‘trad’ standard for waterproof gear, too. Some claim that eVent runs cooler than some of its rivals. By the way, its all nylon, except for the trims. Well, that may be a personal thing, but its well-established in the world of breathable, waterproof garments. Mind you, the seams are not sealed, so one might argue that its technically water-resistant than waterproof. However, Showers Pass do state that it is the fabric that is waterproof. In any case, these things area a balance between keeping the water out and breathability.


Size/Fit 3.5/5


Well, there’s one size. It should fit heads from 20.5 to 24 inches. Well, the tester is an official big bonce, and the fit is snug: but that is just how it should be. Smaller-headed testers have found it a perfect fit, too.


Care 3.25/5


Hand wash in cool water using a liquid detergent. I’m a bit of a stickler for following laundry instructions, but with £30 at stake I think its worth it. Drying time after a wash is necessarily slow. Drip drying is best, as many technical garments don’t do well with artificial heat. Think eight to ten hours indoors, but much quicker on an outdoor line.


Needless to say, drying times are much quicker on the bike - especially sans helmet. Unless you are very unfortunate, all that rain will be on the outside anyway.


There is some evidence that the qualities of eVent are refreshed by a turn in the tumble drier. However, you may prefer to stick to the manufacturers instructions. Even so, a dose of re-proofing  will be helpful in due course.

cyclist cap
Cycling cap water wet rain drops eVent fabric

Performance 4.25/5


Well, it does the job extremely well. I’ve been impressed by the range of temperatures: comfortably warm at about 4C (including windchill) worn under helmet. whilst at 7C long ascents and attempts at prolonged bursts at 18-20mph have not made things especially sweaty. With temperatures up to 14C, I’ve found some clamminess at higher speeds, but this has been short-lived. the tyesting [eriod has been in November, in the UK, so I’ll look forward to trying things when temperatures get ove the 20C mark in late spring or summer.


OK, come summer I’ll probably keep it for the rainy days, but in low autumn sunshine it has been a boon. Of course, the latter could be said of its competitors.


Although the seams are not sealed, I’ve cycled in heavy rain, cap under helmet, and worn it away from the bike for an hour and a half in moderate rainfall. My hair has remained dry. To all intents and purposes this is waterproof.


Value 3.75/5


Prendas Ciclismo Lisboa Cap comes in around half the price. It is not, in the impervious sense, waterproof, but breathes well. Equally, michael found it most effective in temperatures between 7-21C. Perhaps more suited to temperate climes, warmer weather - or hotter heads - than the Showers Pass Cap. I’d hazard that the latter edges things across the board.


There are a good number of more or less waterproof caps on the market, with fully waterproof ones generally coming in around the £25-£30 mark. In that sense, our Showers Pass model, is competitively priced. I’d exepct it to last, too.




This is a very good cap, although you pay the price. My only gripes would be the inconvenience of hand-washing and the lack of a colour choice. For me, none of this would put me off the purchase. I’ll expect this to tide me over the autumn, winter, and spring, and be a useful addition to the summer touring kit (long descents, occasionally wet and cool days, exploring away from the bike).

Verdict 4/5 Strongly performing cap for colder, wet weather.


Steve Dyster




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH