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$44.99 (£33.74) 3 month test

The Kinekt Waterproof Saddle Bag is a medium sized wedge pack, designed specifically for the brands’ posts but don’t click away just yet, it’s compatible with other models, too, particularly the Redshift Sports Shockstop Suspension Seatpost and Cane Creek Thudbuster ST G3 and the current G4.

Pros: Rugged, generally well designed, compatible with other suspension posts.

Cons: Fabric waterproof but water can still creep inside through top flap.

saddle bag luggage bicycle bike cycle velo rad

Materials/Specification 3.75/5


Measuring 8.5x5.5 inches (21.5x13.9cm) the bag is made from a laminated 600denier polyester and in any colour you like, so long as its black. The top or “roof” section is more supple, thus compresses to accommodate the suspension components and without fouling and/or inducing premature bag wear. 

bike bag luggage saddle bicycle velo rad

Staying with the outside for a moment, retro-reflective logos and a broad strip are welcome features and there is a hanging point for an LED light. Riding shotgun we have two zippered pockets, which are intended for a phone/cash/similar valuable items. Talking of which, aside from being a piece of luggage, it also protects the post’s suspension components against muck and grit thrown up by the rear wheel.

saddle bag bicycle luggage velo

Access to the main compartment is via a dual zippered panel that opens drawbridge-stylee, so you can extract individual items, without everything rushing out. Zippers are also weather sealed, so aside from the bog snorkeling/ immersion caveat, wet stuff theoretically stays outside. 

Internal capacity is quite generous and useful.  In real terms equates to two/three 700c tubes, Pedros Trixie wrench, traditional multi-tool, spare chain links, patch kit, tyre levers, small bottle of lube, and a few spare screws/fasteners. There are two elasticated side pockets and a key chain to prevent bike lock/house keys going AWOL.

External Side pockets will readily entertain energy bars/similar snacks, if you didn’t fancy trusting your phone/similar tech them. 

Mount 3.75/5


The Kinekt attaches to the post via a nylon strap and resin hook/loop. Two woven nylon straps slide through the saddle rails snap into those on the bag body. Now this setup is very straightforward and makes removal/porting between bikes simple and faff-free - even wearing full-finger, winter-weight gloves.

cycle bag bicycle velo saddle luggae pack
saddle bag
saddle bag

Mounted to the 25.4mm diameter post, I wasn’t surprised by a little sway, when loaded to the capacity described. Crucially undetectable when riding - even tackling battle scarred backroads at speed. Easily remedied using a rubber shim and a moot point altogether on 27.2 diameter posts. Packed sensibly, there’s been no hint of annoying jingle over washboard surfaces, although the damping qualities of the post play a big part.


LED straps can be a mixed bag, especially with heavier models. Quality of clothing clip plays a big part but, ours proved a reliable host to The Ravemen CLO5 and CLO6 and their TR30 and TR50 cousins.

Waterproofing 3.5/5


As I said in my opening paragraph, the materials and zippers are well sealed from the elements and for the most part, soggy, soiled tooling and tubes have been non-issues, even along saturated lanes. 

However, my Trixie tool migrated upwards and lifted the storm flap, allowing some rain to funnel inside, during a wet, gritty January. This is the one weak spot in the otherwise solid design. As a precaution, I slipped everything into a small dry sack but no further issues, having tamed the wayward wrench. 

Not a deal breaker by any means but something to note, especially those of us fond of parking mini pumps in bike mounted luggage.

Durability 3.5/5

bike bicycle saddle bag

Winter is a good test of any products staying power. Thus far, zippers close smoothly and reliably, the fabric though not quite packet fresh is ageing very gracefully. A quick once over with a soft brush dipped in a sudsy bucket has removed any tidemarks induced by salt, derv and related contaminant. No signs of wear/abrasion damage either-not that I would expect so from this price point. It has also done a surprisingly good job of shielding suspension components from potentially damaging muck.  Nonetheless, good practice to remove, inspect and clean at regular intervals-assuming you’re not running full length guards. 


Value 3.5/5

 Kinekt would be the first to justly point out that their design is specifically for suspension posts. £32.74 isn’t outlandish when this and the spec are considered. However, there are other models that I’ve successfully paired, long term, to suspension seatposts.  Ther Dill Pickle Gear model, pictured below, is bespoke, though not suspension specific. 

bike saddle bag velo luggage

UPSO Stirling  will also conform to the post’s shape but stitched construction is a minor weakness, and a single compartment won’t suit everyone.  Topeak Drybag Wedge Large (1.5 litre) comes in at £36 and employs sonically welded seams and a generous storm flap. Again, not suspension post specific, so you’d need to check clearance/compatibility with your intended model.


Some have suggested the Kinekt waterproof saddlebag is a niche product. However, in truth far from, since its compatible with other models and indeed, standard posts. Overall design and performance are good, although I believe a bigger storm flap with Velcro would be a welcome upgrade.  

Verdict: 3.5/5 Well designed wedge pack but bigger storm flap would be welcome.

Michael Stenning

KINEKT Store (





Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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