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Blub Ceramic Chain Lube
120ml £11.00

The Blub Ceramic is a curious lube. In its intended temperature range (15-25 degrees) it cures quickly and to a clean, glazed state. I’ve exceeded the relatively modest suggested miles between applications by some margin. In changeable weather, too, meaning It will also double as a reasonably stoical lube for wet, dare I say more wintry contexts. 


Provided of course you’re prepared to leave it curing overnight. Between 2 and 10 degrees, it behaves very much like a middleweight ceramic wet lube and transfers very readily to hands but has stayed put despite some very provocative conditions. Following on from this, it works best on bikes used regularly, ideally a daily driver, since if the bike is laid up longer than 2 days, you’ll need to reapply.


Pros: Clean, almost wax-like in warm, dry weather, economical to apply, more durable than expected in the wet  


Cons:  Needs topping up if bikes are laid up longer than 48 hours, temperature sensitive, long curing times in cooler weather.


Blub describes it as a premium ceramic lube for all kinds of conditions (although interestingly, the ideal temperature range is between 10 and 25 degrees). One made from a wax base with ceramic particles designed to keep things quiet, smooth, and protected from the elements. I can tell you it’s a petrochemical blend with comparable properties but superior durability to PTFE. Oh, and there are 120ml (about 4.06 oz) and 15ml options- one for home, the other for stashing away on the bike, in case you need to replenish mid ride. I’m told the ceramic particles not only serve to reduce friction but theoretically improve staying prowess while also inhibiting corrosion.

Application 3.5/5

This is refreshingly straightforward, though first-time round be sure to get chains surgically clean and then dry with fresh rag. Shake the bottle for a few seconds to ensure everything’s nicely blended, twist the spout and drip into every link.  It pours like a rich cream, so no issues with missing one. That said, applying it on the living room carpet would be inviting trouble. 


Give the cranks a few rotations, wipe any excess from the side plates, jockey wheels etc. and leave curing.  True to claims, between 15 and 25 degrees it turned to a glazy state within 10 minutes and

blub ceramic lube test review

ready to ride, so a very practical choice for multi day rides-touring, backpacking and similar duties. That said, while I’d happily put a drop on cables where they enter the ferrules and guides, there are much better bets for things like fasteners.

test review blub ceramic chain lube bicycle drive train

Performance. 3.75/5 A Tale of Two Lubes

test review chain lube ceramic blub

During a mild and predominantly dry April, from the first few pedal strokes Ursula and Fixed Gear Winter /Trainer’s felt deeply lubricated without any friction or stodginess.  Ursula’s KMC was registering .25 on the chain checker, so hardly worn, shifts in both directions were crisp and silent. Over time, the ceramic showed some wax type traits, tending to migrate to the side plates and the cassette, being reclaimed with shifting, although it hasn’t melted at the higher end of the temperature range. In terms of durability, I’ve cruised way past the 150km per application, returning 280 mixed terrain miles before some faint tinkling kicked in.

test review cycling lube bicycle ceramic

Cleanliness has been impressive too, requiring minimal attention when topping up and transfer to hands has also been in trace territory.  Great news for summer and expensive drivetrains. Interestingly, with bikes lain up for three days, without fail, I’ve needed to replenish before heading out for a ride.  


Now, this isn’t to say the Blub Ceramic won’t handle lower temperatures but doing so will extend the curing times quite considerably. Between 3 and 9 degrees, bargain for 8 hours. At that point, the lubricant will assume a clear, yet discernibly wet state.

Our sample arrived at the fag end of February. A very wet and wintry period that carried through the first couple of weeks in March. Fixed gear winter/trainer and Ursula were the obvious choices (and only members of the fleet that serve year-round). Both feature electroplated chains. 


The Fixed’s KMC Z1 is a less refined than some, though dependable enough. For these reasons, I default to middleweight wet/ceramic blends to keep it serene and happy. Ursula runs a mid-range 10spd KMC staple- reliable and cheap enough to replace regularly. I’d been feeding both Muc-Off Wet and a plant-based wet formula.

cycling shoes mud test review chain lube

As the photos illustrate, I’ve been riding through flooded sections of road, thick, slippery mud and the Blub Ceramic has kept grot and friction at bay, right until the end. The fixed’s chain can sound a little arthritic but the Blub has keep things sweet, silent and taint free including the pins, even when it finally became filmy.

test review cycling bike lube blub ceramic

Given the conditions, I was pleasantly surprised by how little gritty stuff was embedded within the lube, although there was a reasonable amount of mud and organic gunk sitting on the surface. Transfer to hands and clothing is surprisingly easy and despite Blub’s claims, I found soap and water wouldn’t budge it. 

blub ceramic chain lube hand test review

Hot water and a well-known washing up liquid did - with some effort. Pack some “mechanics” or disposable examination gloves in case you need to tackle a flat, or drivetrain issue.


Durability has been the biggest surprise. I wasn’t expecting much, maybe 100 miles given the flooded and muddy conditions. However, I’d returned 220 miles from a single helping. I had also given the bikes two deep cleans in between. 

test review chain frame dirt

In common with waxes and some wet lubes, it’s possible to top up without needing to deep clean to dinner plate standards.


Nonetheless, the side plates, rings, jockey wheels and derailleur cages WILL need a good cat lick, possibly with a rag dipped in solvent, or if you’re a bike packing adventure, something like this Crankalicious K-Wipe .  Taking this route, expect some fling along the chainstay, like Weldtite Ceramic .

Value 3.25/5

£11 for 120ml is competitive, although I wouldn’t go as far as saying the going rate. Juice Lubes Ceramic Juice  is £10.99. I’ve had 400 miles during a very dry summer, although wet weather prowess hasn’t matched the Blub Ceramic. Crankalicious Science Friction Ceramic Chain Lube  is £10 for 100ml and impressed Steve with its blend of lubrication, longevity and convenience. Smoove Universal Chain Lube is £13.99 and has returned 680miles during a dry summer. However, it requires several hours to cure and staying prowess doesn’t rival the Blub in similarly wet, wintry conditions.


Rock N’ Roll Gold LV  is now £9.13 for 4 fluid ounces. I’ve managed 400 miles from a single application in late summer and it runs very cleanly. However, it is messy to apply, PTFE based and requires several hours to cure.  Cheaper still at £6.95 for 100ml, we have Weldtite Ceramic which I still have a fondness for. Performance in harsh weather isn’t far behind the Blub but it doesn’t shed contaminant when the weather becomes drier and warmer.


The Blub Ceramic should be approached as a clean running and durable fair-weather lube The ability to top up and scoot off in a few minutes adds to its charms. I’ve also been surprised by how well its transitioned to cooler, wetter conditions, albeit taking on a different guise. 

There are some minor niggles. Firstly, the very real need to replenish if bikes have been resting 48 hours or so might be a little annoying for some. For these reasons, it wouldn’t be an obvious choice for a weekend best bike. One that rests up during the week, nor is it so useful for ad-hoc corrosion inhibiting duties, say applying a drop to cleat and mudguard hardware, while lubing the chain.

Verdict: 3.75/5 Surprisingly versatile lube but better suited to daily drivers.


Michael Stenning


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