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154g M (as Tested) £ 55

The Scimitar Eco1 Recycled Cycling Jersey is a lightweight spring/summer model with sharp, timeless looks. The fact it has been made from recycled materials, is a bonus. Despite the figure-hugging cut, the material is very elastic. I’ve had no issues wearing long sleeve base-layer beneath, meaning it’s a credible layered option during the colder, darker months, too.

Pros: Lightweight, yet rugged and very temperate jersey.

Cons:  Cut favours slender riders, bigger zipper tag, please.


Unless you’ve been living off grid, deep in the woods, you’ll have noticed the tidal change from “fast fashion” towards longer lasting sustainable fabrics that can be recycled/reused. Then of course, there’s the abundance of plastic bottles throttling our oceans. The main body is 83% recycled polyester, the collar is 100% recycled polyester “in micro check mesh” offering 130gsm tog weight.

Specification/Features 3.75/5

Specifications and features are pretty much what I’ve come to expect from a contemporary race jersey. Three decent sized “terraced” pockets will swallow larger (6inch) smartphones/multi tools/bottle/banana/inner tube and other essentials.

Then there’s the, increasingly mainstream, fourth zippered pocket for money, keys, or even energy bar wrappers etc.. A concealed full-length zipper allows easy climate control and subtle silver reflective detailing around the chest and neck areas adds some welcome presence in low light. Finally, we have a 1cm silicone hem, promising to keep everything in place.

Short sleeve jersey cycling scimitar top gear clothing
cycling bicycle jersey pockets
cycling top jersey pocket zipper
Scimitar jersey hem gropper silicone
jersey cycling bike hem

Sizing/Fit 3.5/5

Available in sizes from XS to XL, I wasn’t surprised to find our medium felt bespoke for my frame and build. I am relatively short in the torso, so might be worth trying for size, if you’re not.

Performance 4/5

Overall performance has been very good. Worn against the skin, during indoor trainer sessions, the fabric feels slightly synthetic. No more so than modern summer jerseys but may come as culture shock if you’re used to the traditional waffle weave polyesters. 

The stretchy-fabric and raglan sleeve offer unrestrictive movement-brilliant for alternating between hoods, tops and drops. Even hunkered down for long periods, the silicone hem has kept the back in perfect alignment. No bunching or gathering here, or indeed around the sleeves/shoulders.

Given the season, I’ve been assessing its wicking prowess, primarily on the indoor trainer. With the thermostat creeping up to tropical and the zipper fully home, the fabric has kept pace with my own efforts. 


Yes, there’s a slight mistiness around the chest, back and pits after twenty minutes exertion. However, the fibres respond quickly, expelling any wetness and maintaining a temperate inner climate. Otherwise, I’ve worn a long sleeve polyester base-layer beneath and a 2.5 layer laminate technical jacket atop.

This combination has again, proved super temperate between 2 and 13 degrees. The latter is unseasonably warm, for Jan/Feb but save for the slight clamminess while the fibres caught up with my own efforts, I’ve remained arid and fresh. Nor has it turned funky when I’ve deliberately worn it for 3-4 consecutive rides.

Lowering the zipper helps with climate control. This has been a little fiddly, wearing full-finger gloves. That’s no worse than several others in my collection, though. Regardless whether I’ve gone for an hour’s blast, or several hours middle distance reflection.

Even with bike mounted luggage, I’m notorious for cramming stuff in jersey pockets. The Scimitar’s feel quite springy and full 750ml trade bottles did bob around a bit-especially along unmade roads, canal and forest paths. To date, no ejection issues with these, tubes, jailers bunch of keys and ultra-zoom compact cameras. By the same token, freeing snacks and other essentials was no hardship at 20odd mph.

Durability/ Care 3.5/5

Given the season, it’s largely been worn beneath a technical shell of some description. Therefore, difficult to say how well it stands up to ambushing's from thorns and other foliage, let alone (and god forbid) a spill.

That said, I’ve tossed ours in with the household wash at 40 (rather than the recommended 30 degrees) with no shrinkage, or other misshapen mishaps to date. Like most polyesters, it emerges from the drum pretty dry but bargain on 25 minutes on the line, with a stiff breeze, or 40odd, in the airing cupboard.

Value 3.75/5

£55 is pretty much the midpoint, when it comes to jerseys and its worth saying that the Scimitar’s recycled composition sets it slightly apart, from priced matched competitors.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Scimitar Eco1. It’s a well-executed jersey, proving that recycled doesn’t mean expensive. Not everyone will appreciate the racing snakes cut and I’d welcome a bigger zipper tag.


The Scimitar is pretty unique, given it’s made from recycled materials, which also makes like-for-like comparisons tricky. The Ribble Nuovo Short-Sleeved Jersey is the closest comparator (although it’s now heavily discounted) . The Scimitar has deeper pockets and a slightly superior fit, by my reckoning. Altura Icon Odyssey Short Sleeve Jersey boasts similar spec and comes in at £54.99.

Those seeking a more traditional fabric may prefer something like Prendas Ciclismo Bordeaux Paris Short Sleeve Jersey but you’ll be paying nigh on a tenner more.



Bottom line is that I’ve been very impressed by the Scimitar Eco1 Recycled Cycling Jersey. The outer fabric’s distinctly synthetic feel was a little off-putting to begin with, but this is quickly forgotten and for a mid-point garment, performance is excellent. The fact it’s made from recycled fabric is simply a bonus.

Verdict: 3.75/5 Classy looking, well designed jersey. The fact it’s made from recycled materials is a bonus.

Michael Stenning




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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