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99g £12.99

The Genetic Neuron Accessory Bar is a CNC machined extension bracket designed to help de-clutter your bars. Its better made than most I’ve used and can be positioned in several ways. Being picky, I’d like to see a longer,100mm option and stainless fasteners but otherwise, there’s much bang for modest buck.

Pros: Solid, neatly executed accessory mount at a nice price.

Cons: Some accessories will require big shims, 100mm option would be nice.

GENETIC NEURON accessory bar handlebar mount extender cycling bike components

Materials/Specification 3.75/5

The Neuron is made from CNC machined 7075 aluminium alloy throughout, providing a dependable platform. Its also neatly executed, with a sleeker profile than most I’ve used. Detailing, as I’ve come to expect from Genetic is similarly high. From the satin black anodising, through to laser-etched graphics.

The clamp is reminiscent of those found on old school MTB brake levers. Measuring 11mm wide, it can be mounted left/right and above/beneath the bars.Talking of diameters, the standard clamp fits 31.8 bars but an equally nicely machined aluminium shim ensures neat tenure to older, 26.0.


Fasteners use 4mm heads, which is very convenient, permitting T25 Torx, for extra bite. I used wet lube (rather than grease) on the threads, which proved more convenient, if less durable. A drop of oil in the bolt head also prevents corrosion, caused by rain and washing.

Genetic Neuron Accessory handlebar bar extender cycling bike

The accessory bar is 70mm long and 22.2mm diameter, to accommodate traditional computer mounts. There’s no set payload, but I’ve had no problems with 250g, or so.

Organisation/Compatibility 3.5/5

As I said before; the design has an adjustable angle. Level would be the most obvious choice on a traditional road/touring build. I’ve chosen to mount ours beneath for aesthetic and practical reasons.

Now I’m a big fan of big, curvy drops, especially the riser/drop hybrids, which work particularly well on gravel/rough stuff touring and mtb conversions. However, more extreme patterns, such as Soma's Condor 2 Shallow Drop Bars can present hassles when mounting lights, computers/GPS and action cameras. A cluttered look is my main gripe, but these also eat into available hand positions.   

Genetic neuron bar handlebar accesory cyling bike extender

Bigger torch type lights, including this Oxford Ultratorch 2K front light. are non-starters but I’ve had no problems pairing a more traditional, wireless computer and Xeccon Spear 900 front light. Obviously, the latter required rummaging in the bodge box, for a suitable rubber shim.

cycling bike light front ulra torch oxford

Those employing wraparound O-ring and ladder type brackets, including the Ugoe 1000 Headlight and its 2000lumen sibling fit securely, without modification.

Genetic neuron hndlebarbar accessory cycling  bike extender test review

This lower slung positioning enabled me to run them at their higher settings, without dazzling oncoming traffic, when whizzing between semi-rural and unlit roads.

In this instance, there was room for larger computers and/or a thimble type LED, too.  There’s adequate parking space, for this Apeman A80 Action Camera (review to follow shortly).

Apeman action camera

I needed to rotate the Neuron slightly so the weatherproof casing wouldn’t foul some drops.

Apeman Action Camera mount

As before, I needed a beefy rubberised shim, for limpet like tenure. Mid test, I switched to these Genetic D Riser 16 bars (review to follow shortly) which proved an even better union, thanks to the wider, semi-aero top sections.

Genetic d riser bars handlebar cycling bike component accessory

In this instance, the Neuron was a perfect match for my Trelock Dynamo light switch. This is a standard diameter, making fitment  to modern bars, tricky.


General Performance 3.5/5

Even when laden to 250g, the Neuron’s played nicely with a wide range of gizmos and riding contexts. Ported over to my Univega, the Neuron proved ultra-dependable. I toyed with the idea of binding an off cut of Lizard Skins DSP 2.5mm handlebar warp around the Neuron’s accessory bar, for some additional damping. Camera shake and similar interference proved a moot point, although I checked fasteners more frequently.

Value 3.75

£12.99 is very competitive and build quality better than some popular, worthy models. For example, Topeak Bar Xtender is a more universal fit, but has more moving parts, and composites. Minoura SG400 Space Grip is probably the Neuron’s closest comparator. Extremely well made, it has a 30mm advantage, over the Neuron. This might be the clincher, if you’re really seeking to optimise space.


The Genetic Neuron is a very well designed, neat looking, space saving bracket. Solid, aluminium alloy construction, and standards of finish, also set it apart from others at this price-point. 70mm is a sensible length too, although a 100mm option would be a real winner.

Verdict. 3.5/5 Nicely made bracket for lights and other accessories but 100mm option would be welcomed.

Michael Stenning




Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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