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Cycology Men’s Summit Lightweight Summer Jersey
198g Large as tested £80

The Cycology Men’s Summit Lightweight Long Sleeve Summer Jersey is a thin but sturdy model designed to offer greater protection from the sun and other elements while still being snug and very temperate. It also arguably bridges the gap between seasons-early spring and late summer primarily.


The pockets are particularly well executed and laden, or otherwise I’ve only noticed it in the most positive sense. There’s also a black and white tattoo version if you prefer but I really liked the “Zebra and contrast” theme, which is very eye catching-especially around dusk.

Pros: Lightweight but sturdy fabric, great airflow, well-designed, deep pockets, excellent fit and cut, SPF50 protection, six print choices and more promised.

Cons: Nothing significant.

test review cycology cycling jersey
test review cycling long sleeve summer jersey light weight


I wasn’t surprised to discover it’s our old friends polyester/elastane (85 and 15%) respectively. As I said in my opening paragraph, the yarn features a UV light blocking part, which is a good feature, particularly given the increasingly hot summers here in the UK. A concealed full-length zipper, with garage and sensibly proportioned tag keeps a sleek narrative, while still facilitating plenty of tuneable airflow (and of course, showing your medallion in that 80’s climber’s style).

Raglan sleeves and four-way stretch promise superior freedom of movement while flatlock seams put an end to annoying tickling mid ride and unsightly branding when it’s time to strip off and dive in the shower.

Round the back we have the traditional three terrace pocket layout with a fourth, zippered annex for change, keys and other valuables coupled with some subtle retro-reflective detailing for added presence. Similarly subtle silicone hems run around the base, sleeves and hips to prevent gathering. Nothing particularly unusual by price point standards but crucially very well executed. Now, I was really taken with the zebra print and bold panel effect. One which reminded me of a certain French marque’s 80’s liveries. The alternative is a mono tattoo print, which I also liked. 

Sizing/fit 4/5

Cyclology’s sizing chart is very comprehensive, taking the guesswork out of online purchases. These days, medium seems my default, but I was a large according to Cycology’s measurements. Either way, it was bang on - just the right length in the sleeves but without drowning me in the torso or leaving me constricted around the chest and shoulders. The cut is, as might be hoped, racy but still affords sufficient room for a middleweight summer base layer- short sleeved, or vest type.

Performance 3.75/5

I immediately felt at home with the Summit. Ours arrived in the second week of March, which has been quite changeable temperature-wise. Our first outing was at balmy 16 degrees and the fabric was incredibly temperate, allowing plenty of air through the fabric-without recourse to dropping the zipper. When temperatures dropped below 12 degrees, I was reaching for a wind and water repelling micro-jacket but that is to be expected. 


Not least since while it dries VERY rapidly following a short, sharp shower, it also saturates much faster than a middleweight summer jersey might. Paired with a decent base and this Leatt Endurance 2.0 jacket, I was comfortable for 2-3 hours riding into blustery headwinds and temperatures hovering between 5 and 8 degrees. 


Not what the jersey was intended for, but conditions can change unexpectedly, especially during spring, late summer and early autumn. Arguably its ideal temperature range is between 15 and 30 degrees. 

test review cycling jersey arm length sleeve

Again, the fabric has allowed plenty of cooling airflow through and I’ve only needed to drop the zipper a few inches (on the rare occasions in late April) when it's reached 20 degrees plus- an easy task, thanks to the sensibly proportioned tag. The snug fit pretty much eliminates drag-inducing flutter when cranking up the pace in breezy conditions. 


The four way stretch fabric and raglan sleeves make for seamless altering of positions, alternating between tops, hoods and drops. One of the most notable improvements over some other thin summer jerseys are the deep and well braced pockets. These will readily swallow a large smart phone, large, super zoom compact cameras and a 750ml trade bottle. 

cycling jersey rear pocket cycology

Cargoes have felt secure, with no bob, bounce or fear of ejection-I’m including off road excursions too. I found the zippered annex pocket a little trickier to access, especially when pulling taut, or wrestling keys free at the end of a ride. However, that says more about my damaged index finger than the zipper design.

cyclogy jersey review zip pocket cycling

As an aside, the lighter fabric tended to entice “thunder bugs” and similar insects mid-ride, although it also improved my visibility to other road users around dusk, and dawn- the contrasting bright colours around the pockets, collar and chest were particularly effective.  Caught in an unexpectedly sharp April shower, a break in the cloud saw me nigh on dry in fifteen minutes, greatly improving my overall comfort, while reducing the likelihood of catching a chill. 


Talking of which the cuffs form a great seal with gloves. I’ve been defaulting to the Madison Rom, which bridge the gap between winter weight and mitts very effectively. No breeze, or rain found their way inside. Wicking is a marked improvement over similar blends, due largely to the thin but rugged material. 


No lag and I’ve only started to feel faintly misty around the pits, chest and lower back after 45 minutes at a steady 23mph. This has also evaporated as promptly as it arrived. Even allowing for the SPF50 factor (which is very welcome) on particularly hot days, when the UV index is high, I’d be inclined to slap on some sunscreen beneath, at least on rides of a few hours plus. Being so thin, it will also double as a highly effective base layer, say worn beneath a softshell jacket where I’ve wanted more carrying capacity but without the bulk.

Durability/Care 3.75/5

I’ve used ours for everything, from fast blasts on my TT bike through to mixed terrain and forest fun abord Ursula. Despite being thin, the fabric has proved rugged and resistant to the usual everyday carelessness. Not so much as a bobble, despite being snagged on the occasional thorn. Thus far at least, its washed beautifully at 30 degrees and dried (ready to wear) in around 25 minutes or so, on the line. 


Longer indoors and following a hand washing. The latter extends its horizons to bike packing and weekend (or possibly longer) touring.  I’ve stuck steadfastly to 30-degree machine washes but interestingly, the garment says hand wash in cold water. Cycology told me they recognise that most folks realise technical kit responds very well to minimal detergent, 30-degree machine (or luke warm) hand washing. However, they were concerned newbies might be tempted to put on too hot a cycle and damage occur.     


The sleeves are easily pulled up, say when tackling a flat, or similar mechanical, reducing the inevitability of a grimy patina- it's also handy for very warm rides, where you might want a little more cooling air ... Either way, with the usual basic care it washes and wears beautifully. Full disclosure, I’d performed a post ride, bike build wearing it. Some inevitable oily transfer, which had me thinking uh-oh but all vanished in the wash.  Ultimately, if the design was too extrovert for your tastes (or you are prone to getting oily patina on your kit) its tattoo themed stablemate may prove an even better fit.

Value 3.5/5

£80 is arguably mid-point for this genre of jersey. Those on a tight budget might find Van Rysel Men’s Long Sleeved Cycling Summer Jersey Racer Ultra-Light £44.99 a better fit. It is lightweight, very breathable and has pockets designed for easier mid ride access. However, it’s a racer’s fit, which might require going a size larger than usual. 


There are a fair bit dearer, too. I’ve had good experiences with the Pedla Classic Long Sleeve Jersey Monochrome. It’s another very lightweight, versatile, highly breathable, summer specific model featuring SF50 protection, a similarly snug fit and tipping the scales at 148g. It's also a little thicker, keeping a little extra warmth should the temperature dip unexpectedly. However, it’s also £132 and doesn’t feature a zippered valuables pocket.  Assos Mille GT Long Sleeve Summer Jersey £135. Available in a choice of three colours and made from a 45%Polyamide 39%Polyester 16%Elastane mix with a two-year warrantee and crash replacement policy. However, while the sleeves are SPF50, the body is a more modest SPF15


Dearer still at £175 comes MAAP Orbit Air Pro Air LS Jersey. Made from recycled Polyester/Elastane and designed for temperatures between 20 and 40 degrees, its available in a choice of three colours and sizes between XS and XXL.


The Cycology Men's Summit Long Sleeve Summer Jersey has done exactly what its promised in their blurb. The fit, cut and detailing translate into a temperate long sleeve jersey for warmer conditions not forgetting protection from the sun and indeed, wind burn too. The cut, though snug isn’t as ruthless as some but still avoids flutter and similarly annoying drag. It’s snug enough top double as a base layer, during the cooler months, too. If the colour scheme  isn't to your taste, there are, at present, five others to choose from.

Verdict: 3.75/5 Well designed warm weather jersey with nice features. 


Michael Stenning


Summit Men's White Long Sleeve Summer Cycling Jersey | Cycology UK – Cycology Clothing UK (





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