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Ergon SR All Road Men’s Saddle
350g S/M as tested £69.99

The Ergon SR All Road Men’s Saddle is the base model most obviously aimed at gravel and bike packing audiences, but it makes easy crossover to touring and other endurance duties. It faces stiff competition from other brands offering models with higher “on paper” specification. However, switched between fixed gear winter/trainer and Denise, my budget conscious gravel build these past ten weeks, it's been music to my derriere and lived up to the hype in every respect.


Pros: Well made, supportive and comfortable, choice of widths, gender specific design.


Cons: Pricey relative to the specification, heavier than some.

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test review saddle seat pot ergon exotic

On paper, nothing that might set your Lycra ablaze or pulses racing but don’t click away, there’s a lot to like. The outer cover is a rugged, waterproof faux leather microfibre design with a perineal channel, which is visibly deeper than first glance might suggest. There’s also an interesting rear cutout, which Ergon suggests addresses the problems associated with more conventional styles. 

test review bicycle sadle ergon road mens

This would include, but not limited to, a soggy crotch when hossing along a waterlogged trail, or winter road sans mudguards. Often, it’s what cannot be seen, which has greatest influence. Sandwiched between the micro fibre cover and nylon composite base is BASF Infinergy. 


This is apparently an expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU for short) and is designed for use in everything from footwear to flooring and of course, saddles. It’s a “memory type” foam designed to be temperature stable and offer seamless comfort, energy return, so reducing stress and fatigue, regardless of whether you’re grinding along a winter road in minus 5, or battling a gravel road, sweltering in +30 degrees.  


Hollow Cro-moly rails are very strong and relatively light but require a decent coat of paint. In this instance, it’s a rich, glossy Ed coating, which seems rugged, functional, and smart.  There’s been a trend in recent years for short saddles. Theory goes these are better suited to riders who click into a particular position and hammer, rather than shuffle about. Ergon has gone for a more traditional shufflers stance and ours measured 275mm long. There are two widths- our S/M, designed for sit bones between 9 and 12cm and M/L, for 12-16cm. This translates at 139mm and 152mm respectively. Interestingly Ergon cites a 120kilo rider weight limit, which is impressive and should cater for most folks. Construction is very neat; dare I say Germanic throughout. Scuff bumpers, protecting the saddle from abrasion damage are a big thing of mine, so I was pleased to find some solid examples. I’ve not felt the urge to place a thin patch of gaffer tape around the sides. Screwed construction, though hardly something to get excited about, is again similarly well executed.

Test Bikes & Contexts

bicycle gravel cycling fields bike

I started testing on my fixed gear winter trainer, which is my four seasons road-biased go to. Essentially, it’s a cyclo cross bike with track ends and spacing, so reasonably close to a cross and gravel bike in terms of geometry and bar height, placing a similar amount of increased pressure upon the saddle, compared with a dyed in the wool road trainer. Then of course, there’s Denise, my gravel bike, which is based around a high end 90s mtb frameset, modified to run 700c wheels without doing nasty things to geometry and handling. 

bike bicycle cycle rad velo gravel road

Again, the bar height and geometry also lean toward a gravel, or cross bike and obviously, I built it for unmade roads, gravel and singletrack. Both bikes feature inline seat posts, the fixed a rigid carbon, Denise a USE SX suspension model. Sensible candidates for assessing the saddle’s claims and properties.

Performance 4/5

I gave the game away a little in my opening paragraph, but I’ve found it universally comfortable in all contexts. As we’re always saying any new contact point will different-whether good, or not so during the first few rides and I was very mindful of this. However, I’ve only noticed it in the most positive sense. 


Starting with the channel, this does an excellent job of relieving pressure to the genital area. No tingling, let alone numbness and though I don’t generally feel discomfort from cut out designs and decent shorts, over longer distances, the Ergon SR All Road Comp’s has enjoyed a slight edge on rides past the 5, or 6-hour mark. Something I am attributing to the deeper channel. 


The small rear cutout continued this theme and avoided the soggy crotch area during some decidedly wet spells. It also proved a talking point with some riders, with some laddish comments about it enabling pain and reverb-free mid ride flatulence...The padding is similarly supportive to the sit bones- no sagging, or hot spots, which was particularly obvious (and welcomed) on longer rides, especially those with lanes resembling sections of Paris Roubaix, unmade roads and hardpack trail fun thrown in for good measure. This despite the slightly broader than bike fit ideal width-no soreness or chafing.  

bars bike test review cycling

I’ve concluded I’m still best suited to longer saddles, although I’ve had favourable experiences with slightly shorter models - around the 260mm mark. The Ergon allows plenty of scope for gentle shuffling-say staying seated while climbing. The cover has continued this narrative, providing a useful amount of grip, especially during wet rides, without feeling like I was sat atop a strip of flypaper. Short, or ¾ length finish, or texture had no bearing upon this. 


The rails, though heavier than some manganese and stainless-steel examples I’ve used long term, still offer a decent amount of zing- most obvious on the fixed with its rigid carbon post. Predictably, zing was better still on the Dawes, given its suspension post, although I always dial these to minimal travel. 

Care/Durability 4/5

bicycle cycle bike saddle ergon road mens test review

To date, the Ergon is holding up very well against the usual everyday carelessness- leant against trees, rendered brickwork etc, there’s no sign of scuffing or similar calling cards. Save perhaps for the worn corner logo. I’ve not felt inclined to add a slither of gaffer tape around the edges. Screwed construction is neat and reliable, the rails’ luxuriously thick black plaint isn’t showing any hint of “bite marks” when it’s been switched between cradles. Not that I’d expect otherwise but bodes well longer term. Though less accessible than seamless designs, keeping the underside clean is very straightforward with a sudsy brush (You do clean beneath you saddle…).

Value 3.75/5

£66 is good given the spec and the fact it is made in Europe, not the Far East. However, Ritchey Cabrillo Comp comes in at £53.90 and could give it a good run for your hard earned. It’s a Unisex design with a perinium pressure relieving groove, seamless waterproof upper, Cro-Moly rails and weighs a claimed 266g.  BBB Echelon retails at £76.95 and one I’ve run for several years in similar contexts with good results. 


Another unisex design, it features a more traditional cut out, micro fibre cover, carbon reinforced nylon shell and hollow Cro-Moly rails. Giant Approach SL is another design aimed at gravel and road audiences alike, it follows the longer nose and traditional cut out narrative but features 7mm stainless steel rails, which are more corrosion resistant. By Giant’s scales it has a 110g advantage over the Ergon All Road. 


Ergon have clearly done their homework with the Alm Road. It's not the lightest, or the most exotic out there but it has impressed with its mix of comfort, pressure relief and support. It's also very nicely made and with dare I say, stereotypically Teutonic attention to detail. I was surprised to be so comfortable, especially off road, given at 139mm, it’s 4mm narrower than my bike fit ideal.  

Verdict: 3.75/5 Well executed and very supportive saddle with wider horizons than gravel.


Michael Stenning





Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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