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Showers Pass Crosspoint Ultra-Light Breathable Waterproof Socks

 M/L 80g £35

The Showers Pass Crosspoint Ultra-Light Breathable Waterproof Socks are the lightest in their range of waterproof socks. They are, specifically designed for outdoor sports with “close fitting footwear” such as cycling. I’ve come to expect a lot from Showers Pass gear, and I have not ben disappointed in this case – on or off the bike.


Pros: light, relatively skinny, comfortable - on and off bike.


Cons; nothing significant.

test review cycling socks waterproof showers pass
showes pass utr light waterproof breathable socks test review


Described as 13% less bulky than their regular lightweight waterproof socks, down to the special padding in the toe area which adds padding and absorbency specifically aimed at the cyclist.


As with all of the range of waterproof socks from Showers Pass, these are a three-layer design. The exterior is a wear-resistant knit, a seamless waterproof “Artex” membrane (which also allows the socks to “ventilate”), and a soft lining. All are subject to a 3-D moulding process for an ergonomic fit. 3-layer construction: Wear resistant knit exterior, a seamless waterproof Artex™ membrane, and a soft, comfortable lining.


However, they also have some additional features designed specifically for the summer cyclist. Firstly, bulk has been kept to a minimum to keep things comfortable in slim-fitting cycling shoes. The toe is Terry looped and reinforced for durability and comfort.


The mixture of ingredients is quite a mouthful, but here goes; staring on the inside - 38% Merino Wool, 38% Acrylic, 15% Polyester, 7% Nylon, 2% Spandex – and the outside - 90% Nylon, 8% Lycra, 2% Spandex. That should be pretty waterproof and stretchy, but with lovely merino wool for that natural comfort and wickability close to the skin. The merino wool element should also help keep down nasty niffs, a real plus if you are touring over several days.

7.5 inches up the calf, is crew length. Should be plenty for tights when it is chilly and little enough for keeping cool on warmer, wet days.


Now these are lightweight socks. Although Showers Pass do not specify a season for them, they are less likely to keep your feet warm in colder weather than some of their weightier weaves, although heftier models are not designed for slim cycling shoes or specifically for cycling.

All is covered by a two year warranty.

Sizing and fit 4.25/5

Sizes range from European 37-48 (5-14 in UK sizes and 6-15.5 in the USA). That is a pretty big range, which should suit any rider. Ours were medium/large. That size copes with up to UK 9.5 – which is, generally, my shoe size. I could have gone up a size, although I was concerned that things might have felt a bit loose. I suspect that I was wrong. If getting another pair, I’d probably risk it - note, that's personal preference.

sock hem aterproof showers pass light breathable

Why? Well, when first pulled on the socks felt a tad tight (cannot blame Showers Pass for that). Once donned and un-donned a few times they began to loosen up and become the perfect fit. The first prolonged outing again felt tight across the instep. However, with wear this has loosened-off and now feels just about right.


They’ve felt comfortable in Shimano SPD shoes – general purpose, trainer-type – as well as old leather touring slippers (although, I rarely use them these days) and Chrome Storm SPD Workboots.


I’ve not had the chance to test them under racier conditions in sporty footwear, but thee seems no reason to believe that they’ll not suit well, given their slimline profile.

tst review showers pass light weight waterproof socks

Care/durability 3.5/5

Care is relatively easy. There’s little to worry about despite the technical fabric. Machine wash at 30C (Cold/Cool) or hand-wash with your usual detergent. Mind you, being a belt-and-braces type, I tend to use a technical wash for gear like this. Unlike some, they can be bunged in the drier – on a low heat – although line drying is just as good. Showers Pass offer a useful hint – turn inside out once the outer is dry or after fifteen minutes in the drier.


Needless to say, line drying can be a lengthy affair: it always is with multi-layer garments: think hours. When arriving home late afternoon after an hour in moderately heavy rain with plenty of surface spray added in, I have found them ready to wear in the morning.


Multiple miles and time off the bike as well, they look as good as new.

Performance 4.25/5

There’s no doubt regarding their waterproof quality. This is enhanced by the snug ankle. Nor is there any doubt that they are a good fit for late spring through to early autumn. I’ve not been able to test in temperatures of 25C and above yet, but between 12C and 24C they have felt very comfortable. Under the Chrome SPD Workboots, they’ve felt good at 5C, but they are not designed to go low. I could not fit a second pair of socks underneath them, although, had I opted to go a size larger (being on the upper cusp), it may have been possible. With a background in cycle touring, I tend to think of how kit can double up when the weather changes! This will be less important to day riders of those riding a road race or having a blast round a trail.

showes pass crosspoint ultra-light waterproof breathable socks

Even so, the slim fit will suit riders with sporty racing shoes as well as old-style tourers pursuing comfort and warmth!


Merino wicks well when riding in warm spells, and it tends to help avoid smelly-sock syndrome.


I’ve already mentioned a little tightness across the instep, but this did not last long and felt very comfortable when pedalling. I noticed none of that crinkly bulkiness that was the case with waterproof socks in days of yore. These are good socks for long rides. No hot spots – although that is a function of shoes and pedals, as much as socks.


Off the bike, in the office, exploring on tour, and relaxing, they’ve felt just as comfy.

Value 4/5

I liked DexShell Waterproof Cycling Socks – a bulkier sock with longer season capability, but very comfortable. Even so, I’d say the Showers Pass Ultra-Lightweight Socks have the edge in fit and comfort.


The 360Dry Blue Ankle Socks also impressed me, especially as a multi-sport sock. Having said that, the DexShell Pro Visibility Cycling Sock is a good choice for long days on the bicycle – and adds a little extra presence after nightfall.


However, as tech and materials continue their relentless march, it seems that for little weight, a very comfortable fit, and a high performing waterproof sock, the Showers Pass Ultra-Light Crosspoint Socks offer very good value for money.


Very good all-round socks for cycling and other activities, offering proof against the rain and spray, a high level of comfort, and the ability to fit into slim shoes. These pretty much hit the sweet spot for lightweight waterproof socks.

Verdict 4.25/5 Excellent all-round waterproof cycling socks, suitable for riders of all kinds when the weather warms up after winter.


Steve Dyster





Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH


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